2011 Other Award Winners

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Hydro One-Energy Ambassador Award

  Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (087BTSN) Improving Plant Microbial Fuel Cells
        Students: Frank Gao , Cody Tian
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

Ontario Ministry of Environment - Environmental Innovator Award

  Cash Award and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (066ESSN) Flooding in New Hamburg - A Soils and GIS Analys
        Students: Julie Van de Valk , Kayla Strong
        School: Waterloo C.I.

University of Ontario Insitute of Technology Innovation Awards

  First Award - Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (032NGSN) Cavitation Hydrophobia
        Student: Paul Albert-Lebrun
        School: Pere-Rene-de-Galinee High School

OAML Awards

  Certificate ($100 cash)
    (065BTSN) The Effect of Flavonoids in Ovarian Cancer
        Student: Mathew Kirby
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation Stepping Stone Award

  Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (001LSJR) Stimuli In = Action Out?
        Student: John Hinch
        School: Forest Glen P.S.