2012 Other Award Winners

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Hydro One-Energy Ambassador Award

  Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (159NGIN) The Zinc-Iron Battery: Ecological & Economical
        Student: Darshan Parmar
        School: Cameron Heights C.I.

University of Ontario Insitute of Technology Innovation Awards

  First Award - Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (008NGSN) Electricity from Fluorescent Proteins Solar Cells
        Students: Ronald Vuong , Ian Rodgers
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

OAML Awards

  Certificate ($100 cash)
    (003BTSN) Nanocrystalline Cellulose: A Renewable Antioxidant
        Student: Janelle Tam
        School: Waterloo C.I.

Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation Stepping Stone Award

  Cash and Certificate ($100 cash)
    (167LSJR) Optical Illusions-Does colour effect an illusion?
        Students: Nikhil Patil , Andrew Ilyas
        School: Centennial P.S. - Congregated Class