2012 Special Award Winners

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Best Written Report

  Junior - Trophy
    (233LSJR) The Fault With Road Salt
        Student: Daniel Labach
        School: K.W. Bilingual School

    (204PSJR) Taking The Oil Out Of Soil
        Student: Taylor Frost
        School: St. John's-Kilmarnock School

    (094PSJR) Hot or Cold
        Students: Michael DeGanis , Jeff Talbot
        School: St. Jacobs P.S.

    (074PSJR) Crustaceans Crumbling
        Student: Han Xie
        School: Westheights P.S.

    (030NGJR) Geodesic Domes
        Students: Ethan Paddock , Josh Budimlic
        School: St. Andrew's P.S.

  Intermediate - Trophy
    (192NGIN) Solar Energy: A Bright Idea
        Student: Katie Newton
        School: St. John's-Kilmarnock School

  Senior - Trophy
    (051BTSN) Antioxi vs Cancer: Cured by Sword, Caused by Sword
        Student: Linda Lu
        School: Waterloo C.I.

Stephen J. Little Award for Science Presentation

  Trophy and Chapters Gift Card
    (060PSJR) A Little too Close
        Student: Katia Shatalova
        School: Westheights P.S.

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Junior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (044PSJR) Let's Make Some Noise ... Or Not!
        Student: Juliana Gallas
        School: Forest Glen P.S.

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Intermediate

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (222PSIN) Nuking Fluids
        Students: Jim Zhang , Billy Jin
        School: Waterloo C.I.

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Senior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (072PSSN) Effect of light and humic substances on AgNP
        Student: Zach Elgood
        School: Cameron Heights C.I.

Chem 13 Award

  One year subscription to Scientific American or another scientific journal deemed suitable for the level of the recipient.
    (134PSSN) How do I change thee? A study of reaction rates
        Student: Chad Kirkham
        School: Jacob Hespeler S.S.