2014 Special Award Winners

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Best Written Report

  Junior - Trophy
    (164PSJ) To Freeze or Not To Freeze
        Student: Seungmin Yu
        School: John McCrae P.S.

    (092PSJ) Don't Put A Cork In It
        Students: Yehia Fahmy , Brian Zapp
        School: Centennial P.S.

    (166NGJ) Now uSEE Me
        Students: Sajeev Kohli , Travis Mammoliti
        School: K.W. Bilingual School

    (013LSJ) Are you Hydrated?
        Student: Calvin Fogler
        School: John McCrae P.S.

    (090PSJ) How to Find a Prime Number
        Student: Michael Lu
        School: Northlake Woods P.S.

  Intermediate - Trophy
    (010NGI) Little Missed Sunshine
        Student: Leela Keshav
        School: Waterloo C.I.

  Senior - Trophy
    (105ESS) Soil Erosion in Veracruz, Mexico
        Students: Julie Vuong , Megan Smith
        School: Waterloo C.I.

Stephen J. Little Award for Science Presentation

  Trophy and Chapters Gift Card
    (189BTS) Treatment of S.aureus with Manuka Honey
        Students: Isaac Thevathasan , Anit Bhattacharyya
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Junior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (192PSJ) Trendsetter
        Student: Parker Hoyes
        School: St. John's-Kilmarnock School

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Intermediate

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (032PSI) The Digestion Question
        School: St. John's-Kilmarnock School

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Senior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (084PSS) Lighting up the Night with Waste Heat
        Students: Yota Ohashi , Zhenle Cao
        School: Waterloo C.I.

Chem 13 Award

  One year subscription to Scientific American or another scientific journal deemed suitable for the level of the recipient.
    (060PSJ) Let's see vitamin C
        Student: Advait Maybhate
        School: Edna Staebler P.S.