2016 Special Award Winners

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Stephen J. Little Award for Science Presentation

  Trophy and Chapters Gift Card
    (118NGJ) Flora Filter
        Student: Ashna Jain
        School: John Galt Public School

Best Written Report

  Junior - Trophy
    (122PSJ) It's Cooler with a Blind
        Student: Amy Praetzel
        School: Individual Entry

    (118NGJ) Flora Filter
        Student: Ashna Jain
        School: John Galt Public School

    (151LSJ) The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Memory
        Student: Adi Peetush
        School: Laurelwood P.S.

    (032NGJ) A.H.A. (Adaptable Home Automation)
        Student: Kevin Hu
        School: K.W. Bilingual School

    (074PSJ) The Dirt on Germs
        Student: Hayley McCormick
        School: Wm. G. Davis P.S. - Congregated Class

  Intermediate - Trophy
    (107LSI) Superbug
        Student: Saihaj Dhillon
        School: St. John's-Kilmarnock School

  Senior - Trophy
    (095LSS) The Cardiometabolic Effects of Dietary Probiotics
        Student: Arjun Pandey
        School: Waterloo C.I. - Geotechnology

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Junior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (124PSJ) What's for Lunch?
        Student: Rachael Young
        School: John McCrae P.S.

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Intermediate

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (172PSI) Infrared Sensory Augmentation and Spatiotemporal P
        Students: Atif Mahmud , Zachary Trefler
        School: Waterloo C.I. - Science

Sir Isaac Newton Award - Senior

  Chapters Gift Certificate
    (052PSS) DBM and Dipyridine Co-Crystallines: A Study
        Students: Janan Shojadoost , Mahwish Khan
        School: Centennial C. & V.I.

Chem 13 Award

  One year subscription to Scientific American or another scientific journal deemed suitable for the level of the recipient.
    (120PSI) Looking @ Lactose
        Student: Advait Maybhate
        School: Sir John A. Macdonald S.S.