Online Registration

The online registration system opens February 13th, 2015!  

Welcome to the online registration and management system for the Wood Buffalo Regional Science Fair. Please use the links on the upper left of the page to view important information about the Fair and to register as either a Participant, Judge or Volunteer.

Participants: If you have not already done so, please visit our website ( to view our Information Page, Fair Rules, Safety Regulations, and Human Subject and Animal Use Guidelines. Participants and their parents must read these documents before beginning the online registration process.  Participants performing experiments or studies which include research with human subjects, animals (including embryos and isolated cells or tissues), animal viruses, potential pathogens or recombinant or human DNA will not be allowed to complete the registration process until their project proposal has been approved by the WBRSF Safety and Ethics Committee. Approval must be granted to these participants before they begin their project. To submit a project for approval, please complete an Application to Perform Research with DNA, Biological Agents or Animals or an Application to Perform Research with Human Subjects. All of these forms can be found here.

Students participating in a school science fair must be selected as a finalist by their school in order to register for the Wood Buffalo Regional Science Fair.

Each project must be registered using a single, unique email address. Partners register their project together under one account and submit a single signature form. Do not register under multiple accounts!

Divisions: When completing the Project portion of your online registration, you will be asked to choose a Division (i.e. discipline) from a drop down list of options. You will not be judged by division, although this information may be used by the WBRSF to help identify projects for Special Awards judging. Please choose the option which best describes your project.

 Please note that if you do not receive an automated email containing your password within ten minutes of creating a new account you have either mistyped your email, your email account is full, or the response has been blocked as spam by your email server. (If this has occurred, please check your email settings and try again).


Judges and Volunteers: Please visit our website ( for eligibility details. Interested individuals are asked to contact us to receive a registration password. Please register using only one email address. Each account may have more than one role (i.e. you may register as a judge and a volunteer using the same email) - please do not register under multiple accounts.

If you are a new judge try using the password wbrsf2014

 If you are a teacher at a local school, please provide the name of your school when completing the "organization" box of the online registration (teachers who serve as judges will not be assigned projects from their own school). If you are a parent or mentor of a participant, or feel that it would be in any way unethical for you to judge a particular project, please contact us by email with this information so that we do not include this project in your judging assignment.

Teachers and School Fair Organizers: You may use the "School Login" link to edit your school's contact information and leave feedback. If you require a login password, please contact us and we will provide you with one.