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YearProject Title
2015A Huge Impact Due To A Small Quantity!
2015A Novel Approach to Bioenergy Production Using Primary Effluent and Coal
2015A Possible Solution for Ionic Pollution
2015A Race to the Next Generation
2015Ancient Solutions
2015Are you Losing Energy Down the Drain?
2015Biochar Filtration of Phosphorous
2015Breathable Rock: A Novel Approach to Isolating Oxygen in CaSO4 H2O for on Mars
2015Bubbling with Energy
2015Building a Better Black Box
2015Can We Improve the Quality of Water in Developing and Third World Countries?
2015Can We Prepare? Altering Innate Behaviour & Preparing for Invasive Fish Species
2015Can you Drink Wastewater?
2015Concentrated Solar Water Purifier with Capillary Feeder and Heat Recuperator
2015Crudely Corrosive: The Effect of Light & Heavy Crude Oils on Pipeline Corrosion
2015Dead Zones
2015Development of a low voltage UV-LED device for water disinfection
2015Do Cell Phones Inhibit Growth?
2015Don't Cry Over Spilled Oil
2015Driven By Fast Food
2015Driving our Cars on Wood and Water
2015Filtering Estrogenic Substances from Liquid Waste at the Household Level
2015Finding A Natural Fertilizer
2015Game On! Winning the Battle Over Pain
2015Green Oil: Improving the Extraction Efficiency of Bitumen from the Oil Sands
2015How Do You Like Them Apples?
2015How Fast Does Ice Melt? Extent and Implications of Glacial Retreat in the Skeena
2015Influence of animal and plant hormone to increase Algae biomass production
2015Ingenious Tri-Kayak Rack
2015Inhibiting Pathogenic Infections: A Polyphenol and Carotenoid Based Approach
2015Inmeshtigation: comparison of water vapour collection of 3 mesh sizes
2015Is PET the right BET?
2015Is the Grass Always Greener when the Water’s Cleaner?
2015Is Vaccinating an Udder Misteak?
2015Lead it Go: Purifying Lead Contaminated Water with Common Seashells
2015Lignin Adsorption: An Innovative Approach to Water Purification
2015Love that Dirty Water
2015Micro Hydro - Do a Lot, With a little
2015Multi-Hydrocarbon Based Approach to Water Retention Technologies
2015NOGOS: A Novel Nano-Oligosaccharide Doped Graphene Sand Composite Water Filter
2015Off Your Dock, Into Your Garden
2015Overview of Mexico's City Rivers
2015Poo is Cool
2015Resilience and Recovery
2015Small But Mighty-The Environmental Impact of Microbeads
2015The 3rd Wheel
2015The ABC's of Mouthwash
2015The Oil Eater
2015The S.S. Power
2015The Water Wheel Cart Plus - Improving the Quality of Life in Developing Nations
2015Ultrasound Flaw Detection in Underground Power Cables
2015Water for the Thirsty World
2015Water Quality
2015Watercress Cleans Toxic Chemicals From Waterways
2015Watt a Waste: Boundary Layer Effect + Axial Flux Generator = Clean Energy
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