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2021Test project
2020A Corrosion Comparison of Beet Juice and Road Salt
2020A novel evaluation of the mutagenicity of e-cig liquid and vapour on yeast cells
2020Age vs. Learning Ability
2020Catching Zzzzzzzz's
2020Colour Vs Memory
2020Cool By Nature
2020Coronavirus: Calculated Risks
2020Design, implementation and assessment of HEALIT
2020Does Seaweed Help Reduce Mold Growth in Bread Rolls?
2020Good Vibrations
2020Growing with Gas
2020Human Fibrocartilage Transplantation for Articular Cartilage Defects
2020Indigenous Astronomy
2020Inspecting How Light Impacts Bacterial Counts in Sauerkraut
2020Is Bioplastic our Future?
2020Keeping It Fresh: Cellulose Nano-Crystal Coated Packaging Effect on Shelf Life
2020Liquid Optics
2020Lori's Test Project
2020Memory in Males Aged 12-14
2020Microplastic in Lake Fishes of Southern Yukon and Northern Stikine: A Baseline
2020Mind the gAIt: Deciphering Gait Patterns With AI Powered Machine Learning
2020Peter Pan's Project
2020Preen Oil vs Mites - The Effect of Chicken Uropygial Oil on Red Mites
2020Reni's Test Project
2020The Benefits of Gardening
2020Which material conducts sound the best?
20193D Bio-Fabrication of Schwann-Cell-Laden Scaffolds for Nerve Tissue Regeneration
2019A (Not So) Hard Pill to Swallow
2019A Comparison of Frustration Reactions
2019A Fibonacci Solution – Mitigating Landslides and Avalanches (v2)
2019A Flexible TEG Prototype (FlexiTEG) for Wearable Electronics
2019A Hand for Hope
2019A Is for Activities
2019A Non-Pharmaceutical Treatment for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome III
2019A Novel Approach to Alleviate Oxidative Stress in Daphnia magna by D-limonene
2019A Novel Approach to Diagnose Glioblastoma
2019A Novel Artificial Intelligence-Based Approach to Dynamic Traffic Management for Smart Cities
2019A Novel Dielectrophoretic-Based Separation System for Cell Identification
2019A Novel DSSC Using Bio-Photosensitizer Pigments and Diatom Frustules
2019A Novel Neuropsychiatric Wearable System Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
2019A Pineapple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – It’s Not So Difficile
2019A Pollution Solution
2019A Predictive Diagnosis for Parkinson’s Disease Through Machine Learning
2019A Quantitative Analysis of Microplastics in Shellfish
2019A Safer Alternative
2019A Screen Time Solution
2019A Taphonomic Comparison of Two Ordovician Fossil Assemblages
2019A.T.L.A.S.T: Auto Temperature Live Alert System Thermometer
2019Activating Insulin Receptors in Fruit Fly Larvae Decreases Movement
2019Adaptable Invaders
2019Adolescent Anxiety and Social Media
2019AeroTronics – A High Pressure Aeroponics System for Sustainable Indoor Agriculture
2019AirTree: Power Through Purification
2019Algae Meets Fungi: Microalgae-Fungi Co-Pelletization for Biofuel Production
2019Algae-Based Carbon Capture System: Modelling Photosynthesis for CO2 Reduction
2019Algae-Mania: Fun with Green Scum
2019Amoxicillin and Vitamin C Working Together
2019An Eco-Friendly Method to Remove Oil and Other Contaminants Using Fruit Peels
2019An Economically Plausible Reduction of Food Wastage in Kenya
2019An Innovative Flood Prediction System Using Improved Machine Learning Approach
2019An Integrated Glucose Meter Using Sweat Diagnostic Technology for Diabetics
2019An Interpretation of Life Through Vibration Motors
2019An Investigation of the Antibacterial Abilities of Allicin
2019Analysis of Canine Musculoskeletal Injuries from Sled Dog Harness Designs
2019Anthocyanins: A Natural Deterrent to Carcinogenesis
2019Antibacterial Properties of Different Kinds of Honey
2019Antibiotics and Antioxidants: Allies in Combating Antibiotic Resistance
2019Aortic Dissection Detection
2019Appealing Limonene
2019Are Pesticide Formulations Genotoxic?
2019Are ‘Eco-Friendly’ Detergents Really More Eco-Friendly?
2019ARim : un nouvel outil d’aide pour le diagnostic de la rétinopathie diabétique
2019Aspirer le passé et creuser le futur
2019Automated MAC Spoofer
2019Automating the Detection and Probability of Wildfires – Tapio
2019AutoParkade: Could this solve long parking wait times?
2019Aww Shucks, Let’s Talk About Oysters
2019B-ALL Leukemia Treatment: Exploiting Dependency on ROS to Prevent Proliferation
2019Bacteria on Your Hands After Hand-Drying
2019Bacterial Counts in Sauerkraut
2019Bannin’ with Tannins: A Heavy Metal Extraction Process for Contaminated Water
2019Battle of the Lotions: How well does your lotion combat dry skin?
2019BCI-Neurokey – Development and Testing of a Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface
2019Bee Memory
2019BioGrade Yeast: Biomanufacturing with Antifreeze-Yeast on Mars
2019Bite Me
2019Black Cats: MC1R and the FIV Retrovirus
2019Brace Yourself!
2019Breathe in, Breathe Out
2019Brushing Away the Competition
2019BSFL Frass: Improving Plant Health While Minimizing Environmental Impact
2019Calm Your Beating Heart: An Experiment on Ways to Lower Heart Rate
2019Can a computer diagnose diabetes?
2019Can Cotton Textiles be used to Clean Up Oil Spills
2019Can freshwater stream invertebrates adapt to road salt?
2019Can the Human Body be a Source of Electricity?
2019Can the Past Power the Future?
2019Can Transgenerational Epigenetics be Shown in Eisenia fetida?
2019Can UV Light Save Lives
2019Can You Keep It Quiet?
2019Canada Play
2019Candies to Dye for
2019Carbon Capture: Combating Climate Change
2019CATCHER in the RYE
2019Cedar Tea
2019Cell Phones and Children: A Cautionary Tale
2019Chagas Disease: Decoding Vector-Based Pathogen Recognition
2019Chitosan Oligosaccharides: A Novel Approach to Solving the Global Food Crisis
2019Cold Current Event: Predicting Changes in Ocean Circulation as Glaciers Melt
2019Communication Technique to Reduce Parent Resistance for Non-Antibiotic Treatment
2019Comparing the Effects of Aerobically Decomposed Waste on Plant Development
2019Conserving Momentum with MMDs
2019Convolutional Neural Network to Detect Eyes with Visual Impairment
2019Correction assistée
2019Cotton Carbon Fibre
2019CPR Model #2
2019Creation of an Intravenous Fluid Administration System for Low Income Countries
2019CRISPR Cas9 and the Human Genome
2019Cytogenotoxic Effects of Local Stormwater on Allium cepa L.
2019Cœur et cerveau au diapason
2019De-Icer Distillery: An Innovative and Environmental Approach to Road Safety
2019DeepWave: Cardiac Arrhythmia Diagnosis Using a Deep Learning ECG System
2019Deflategate: Physically Possible?
2019Delivery of DNA to Stem Cells via Nematocysts
2019Democratizing Aerospace Technologies: A Novel Approach to Space R&D
2019Dessine-moi un mouton
2019Detecting Exoplanets Using Supervised Machine Learning
2019Determination of Wound Healing Effect of Puffball Fungus (Lycoperdon perlatum)
2019Determining Cognitive Abilities of Individuals through Associative Memory Games
2019Developing a Self-Sensing Actuator for Use in Wearable Rehabilitation Devices
2019Developing Bioplastic Walls: Reducing Waste and Restoration Costs After Floods
2019Development of a Timed On-Demand Wireless Heated Washer Fluid System
2019Development of an AI-Based Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Classification System
2019Diamonds in the Rough: Maximizing Diamond Recovery
2019Diesel From the Field
2019Digging Deeper into Den Sites
2019Discovery of a Novel Callus Production Protocol from an Invasive Species
2019Distracted Driver?
2019Do Walleye Fish in Lake Erie Show Presence of Mercury?
2019Do You Eat the Red Ones Last?
2019Do You See What I See?
2019Does Knowledge Increase Empathy and Compassion?
2019Does Neurolinguistic Programming in Media Affect Consumers?
2019Does Sugar Affect Focus and Brain Functionality?
2019Don Don Don
2019Donner pour la cause
2019Douce mélodie de fin de vie
2019Drug Race
2019Du plastique avec ça ?
2019Earth on Fire
2019Eave 7.0: An Autonomous Robotic Eavestrough Cleaner
2019Eco-Friendly Solutions Preventing Redox Reactions for Economic Sustainability
2019Economically Feasible Desalination
2019EEG Coherence as BioMarker for Alzheimer’s Dementia
2019Effect of COX-1 Inhibition on Tumour Organoids Using SC-560
2019Effect of Ledum groenlandicum Extract on In Vitro Migration of Rat Stem Cells
2019Effects of BMI and SSRI Use on Inflammation in Adolescents with Mood Disorders
2019Effects of Sunscreen on Aquatic Plants
2019Efficacy of Quaternary Ammonium Antimicrobial Application on Textile Substrates
2019Elevator to Everywhere
2019Emergence, une approche statistique pour optimiser la salle d’urgence
2019EMF Exposed!
2019Endotoxin’s Association with Wheeze and Atopy
2019Energy Drink Effects on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
2019Ensemble contre la résistance
2019Enzyme Monster: The Effect of Alcohol on Enzyme Activity
2019Est-ce que l’ozone est la meilleure façon de purifier l’eau ?
2019Examining Past Trends and Predicting Future Climate Impacts in Sydney, NS
2019Experimental Optimization of a Hybrid Rocket Engine
2019Extensive Development of Statistical Models to Predict Future Health Care Trends
2019Extraction of Caffeine and Quantification Using Thin Layer Chromatography
2019Factors Influencing Ungulate Visitation Rates at a Mineral Lick
2019Farming of the Future: Vertically Expandable Automated Adaptive Farming System
2019FireBot: Augmenting Firefighting with AI
2019Fog On, Fog Off
2019Food Fit for Fairies
2019Food of the Future: A Bite-Sized Solution
2019Food vs. Plastic
2019FoodSpec – A Multispectral Detector for Non-Destructive Testing of Food
2019Football Related Concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
2019Friperie Marie-Esther : ressortez votre style
2019From Sea and Sky: Biomimetic Wings for Enhanced Aircraft Performance
2019Frozen Plants
2019Fully Functional 3D Printed RC Car
2019Garbage to Gucci: A Novel Approach to Producing an Eco-Friendly Leather Alternative
2019Gaspillage explicable
2019Gene Therapy: A Treatment for Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
2019Germs, Germs, Everywhere
2019Girls vs. Machine
2019Go Green, Drive Clean!
2019Good Thinking or Gut Feeling?
2019Grey is the Way: Developing a Residential Greywater Treatment
2019Grow Big or Grow Home: The Roots to Hydroponic Success
2019Growing Plants on Mars: A Computer Simulation
2019Growth Analysis of Vigna radiata Treated with Four Different Water Media
2019Hand Sanitizer and the Elimination of Home and School-Acquired Bacteria
2019Harnessing Nature’s Power
2019Heads Up: Preventing Concussions in Girls’ Hockey Through Root Cause Analysis
2019HEALIT 3.0 (Hemostasis by Expanding Automatic Life-Saving Innovative Technique)
2019HealthNet: Scalable Production of Prediction Models for Automated Diagnosis
2019Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Correspondence to Visual Stimuli
2019Herd You Were Mooving
2019Here Comes the Sun Glasses
2019Hey, We Love Your Water Bottle!
2019Horse Power: Turning Manure into Power for Small Acreages Using a Biodigester
2019How Clean Is Your House?
2019How Does UV Light Affect Algae?
2019How Old Are Your Ears?
2019Identification of Genetic Similarities between Parasites and Hosts Using CGR
2019Improving Bioplastics Properties by Incorporating Hydrophobic Materials
2019Improving Current Stock-Trading Infrastructure Using a Blockchain Network
2019Insights into Cytokinin Functions: Characterizing Arabidopsis thaliana Mutants
2019Intelligent Architecture – Can AI predict architecture that makes us happy?
2019Interoceptive Awareness and the Novel Use of VR with Arduino Based Sensors
2019Intuition: Web-Based Content Scraper
2019Inuit Essential Oils
2019Investigating the Cleanliness of Soda Fountains
2019Investment in the Digital Age
2019Iqaluit’s Meteorological History and National CO2 Emissions
2019Iqaluit’s Water
2019iRadar (Device to Help Blind People Detect Obstacles)
2019Is It Possible to Repurpose Slag from the Nickel Mining Industry?
2019It’s Hip to Be Square – The Square Pizza: Shaping a Solution to Waste Reduction
2019Jig Jacker
2019Keeping the Balance: The Correlation Between Diet and pH in the Equine Hindgut
2019Kinetikos (Self-Charging Thermal) Phone
2019La cuisine à portée de main
2019La guerre aux superbactéries !
2019La régénération neuronale assistée par un modèle informatique
2019La règle des 5 secondes
2019Lab Escape Room
2019Language of the Face
2019Laser Tuner: A Novel Approach to Pitch Detection on a Drumhead
2019Le chemin de l’électricité
2019Le cycle évolutif du puceron lanigère de la pruche
2019Le danger du WiFi
2019Le système flash de surveillance du glucose et la dermatite – l’enquête débute !
2019Learning New Languages: A Sound Approach
2019Les trous noirs
2019Lessening Allergic Activities of Lipid Transfer Proteins in Plant Tissue
2019Let Your Roots Grow
2019Living With Oil
2019Living with Wildfire
2019Looking for Microplastics in Water with Nile Red
2019Losing Your Lunch
2019L’électricité à vélo, c’est possible !
2019L’impact des routes sur les forêts
2019MAC-2: Estimation of Weight Using a Modified Blood Pressure Cuff
2019Manipulating Microbial Membrane Permeability to Dyes
2019Marine Life Murder! – A Study of Ocean Acidification
2019Mealworms – A Way to Reduce Styrofoam!
2019Medical Applications of CRISPR-Cas9 Altered Stem Cells to Modify Proteins
2019Medicine in My Backyard
2019Metallurgy Mayhem
2019Micro Evolution
2019Microbial Fuel Cells
2019Microplastics – Can Washing a Blanket Pollute the Environment?
2019Microwars – the Battle Most People Don’t Know About
2019Microwave Manipulation
2019Modification of Nuclear Architecture in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma due to Lamin A/C
2019My Plants
2019Nailing (the Issue with) Nail Polish
2019Nanoparticles as a Novel Antimicrobial for Multi-Drug Resistant M. tuberculosis
2019Natural Products as Potential Sunscreens
2019Nature vs. Nurture
2019Nipigon River Landslides: A Study of Soil Moisture on the Risk of Slope Failure
2019No Harm, No Foul: Eco-friendly Anti-fouling
2019Northern NEW-trition
2019Novel Treatment of Algal Blooms with Viral Transfection and Barley Straw Extract
2019Oil Spill Clean Up: Sorbents and Nanotechnology
2019OMG, des insectes !
2019Optimizing MFCs With a Novel Approach and Controlling Eutrophication
2019Pandemic Influenza Outbreaks: Investigating Vaccine Effectiveness Using Sequence Alignment
2019Perfect Soccer Balls
2019Performant GPU Pathtracing
2019Pharmaceutical vs. Natural Antibiotics and How They Can Improve Each Other
2019Phenotypical Manipulation of Plants with Coloured LEDs
2019Phone 2 Phone
2019Physical Effects of Essential Oils
2019Physiognomy Retention
2019Pi in the Sky: A Sustainable, Web-Based, Automated Greenhouse
2019Pi, ça donne quoi ?
2019Plastic Delicacies: The Consumption and Biodegradation of Polystyrene by Mealworms
2019Pollution pyrolysée
2019Pomelo and Chinese Bayberry Extracts Protect Mouse β Cells from Oxidative Stress
2019Portable House
2019Potential Nutrient Capture from Harvesting Cattails (Typha latifolia)
2019Power of Plants
2019Power Step – Using Piezo Transducers to Generate Electricity
2019Preparation, Property Testing, and Applications of Bioplastic
2019Pristine Waters: A Pioneering Project in Yukon River Microplastic Research
2019Production of Biofuel Using Crop Residues
2019Protein Based Biosensor: Roadside Detection of THC
2019Protein Problem: A Digitized At-Home Urinalysis Device for Kidney Disease
2019Proteolytic Effect of Fruit Enzyme Homogenate on Different Doneness of Beef
2019Raciste mon cher Watson !
2019Radio Eyes – Blackhole Hunter
2019Rake Wrack Risk: Do Piping Plovers Prefer a Clean Beach?
2019Random Forest Classification of Histopathological Images
2019RC Robotics
2019Ready Set Grow: A guide to Better Microgreens
2019Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions One Household Item at a Time
2019Reflective Sound: Modern Applications of Laser Based Technologies
2019Refuelling Our World
2019Regulation of Periostin Gene Expression by Scleraxis
2019Rejoins ta route
2019Respond to My Language
2019Reused Christmas Trees: Creating a Biodiesel from Pine Needles
2019RoboElbo: Innovative Powered Elbow for Brachial Plexus Injury
2019Robot au service du ping-pong
2019Robot of Death
2019Robot Prototype for Sewer Infection Phase 1
2019Robotic Surgery
2019Safety Under Fire
2019SBSP: Plugging in the Planet
2019Scoliosis Treatment and Rod Study
2019Security Upgrade
2019Seed BioEssays
2019SignSMART V.2
2019Sleep Deprivation in Fort Resolution, NT: An Unmet Health Problem
2019Slick Sorbents for Cleaning Up Ocean Oil Spills Using Hair, Wool and Jute
2019Slidin’ Sequences
2019Slip Prevention System Using Tribometric, Light, Moisture, and Temperature Sensors
2019Smart Chicken Feed
2019Smart Photo-Active Trojan Horse Nanoparticle for Alzheimer’s Vascular Therapy
2019Smarticle Particles: Laser-absorbing gold nanoparticle solution for airplanes
2019Smartphone-Based Gait Analysis: A Boon for Disease Diagnosis
2019Snow Melt
2019Snow: The Purest of Impurities
2019So Hot It’s Cold: The Mpemba Effect
2019Social Desirability Bias
2019Soft Drinks with Bromine as a Risk Factor for In Vitro Streak Healing Assay
2019Soil Contamination in Oxford House
2019Soil my Undies!
2019Solar Step: Combining Solar Panels and Piezo Cells to Create Clean Electricity
2019Spare Our Air: The Use of Algae Scrubbers in the Oil and Gas Industry
2019Spectrophotometry for Concentration Testing on E. coli Using Relative Absorbance
2019Spill Your Guts!
2019Spin Stove
2019Stand Open
2019Star-Track: Dark Side of the Stars
2019Submergence !
2019Sunny Side Up
2019Super Cane for Sustainable Energy
2019Sweet Spot
2019Swimming in Acid: The Effects of Olivine on Ocean Acidification
2019Synthetic Violacein: The Power of Designer Pharmaceuticals in the Real World
2019Taking ABiTE out of Cancer: A Novel Aptamer based BiTE for Cancer Immunotherapy
2019Taking Flight: Monarch Butterfly Conservation
2019TDAH : d’un neurone à l’autre
2019Temperature Dependent Approach to Enhance Drug Discovery from Bacteria
2019Testing of Home Remedies Against Wireworms in Backyard Gardens
2019Textile Effluent Remediation: Cationic vs. Anionic Dyes
2019The Berry Best Dye
2019The Biodegradable Nursery Bags From Agricultural Waste
2019The Biomechanics of Running
2019The Chilling Truth
2019The Development of a Research Tool to Improve Snake Husbandry
2019The Effect of Autologous Blood Components on Human In Vitro Articular Cartilage
2019The Effect of Eye Movement on Neck Mobility
2019The Effect of Glucose on Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Wound Healing Assay
2019The Effect of Light Reflectivity on the Reading Ability of Students
2019The Effect of the Carbon Chain Length of an Alcohol During a Combustion Reaction
2019The Effect of the Engrailed Gene & TGF Beta on the Migration of Ovarian Cancer
2019The Effects of Cassia Oil on Bacteria Found in Lungs of Cystic Fibrosis Patients
2019The Effects of Low Earth Orbit on Digital Displays
2019The Effects of Wind on Different Shape Structures
2019The Essential Solution 2.0
2019The Hydrocyclic Cell – A Novel Improved-Efficiency Fuel Cell
2019The Influence of Colour Suggestion on Taste
2019The Intra-Urban Grow Box
2019The Kibbeh Story: Does Cinnamon or Onion Deter Bacteria Growth?
2019The Kilogram
2019The New Solution for Facial Blindness
2019The Pollen GPS
2019The Poly-Phaeophyceae Method
2019The Power of Hydrogen
2019The Psychology of Colour
2019The Psychology of Handwriting
2019The Relationship Between Life Expectancy, GDP per capita and Obesity
2019The Route of Roots
2019The Water Shepherd
2019The Windfall Solution: An Alternative Winter Road Treatment
2019The ‘Root’ of the Problem: Does Ginger Relieve Upset Stomach by Raising pH?
2019Thermoelectricity: Powering the Ships of Tomorrow
2019This is Warped!
2019Ti-Dye Energy: Natural Dye Combinations in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
2019Tidal Flow vs. No Tidal Flow
2019Time to Switch to Switchgrass Bedding?
2019To Be There or Not to Be There… The Case for Vibrant Lines!
2019Tobacco Basil - Tibaakuq Mamaqhaidjut
2019Transition près du zéro absolu
2019Tube-y or Not Tube-y: Traditional vs. Modern Insulin Pumps
2019Turf War
2019Turmeric’s Genome for CRISPR Engineering to Alter Climate Resistant Phenotypes
2019Ulva lactuca: Subcritical Water and Supercritical CO2 Extractions
2019Un coup, c’est tout !
2019Un stabilisant d’azote, ça vaut le coût ?
2019Un verre de lin s’il te plaît !
2019Under Pressure
2019Underwater Soundscape
2019Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Diabetes Early
2019Using BCI and AI to Detect Emotions for Mental Health Applications
2019Using Food Waste to Remove Arsenic from Water 2.0 – It’s All About Oranges
2019Using Fucose to Reduce Hemorrhage Rates in Zebrafish Embryos
2019Using Potato Peel Waste as a Polymer Source in the Creation of a Bioplastic
2019Utilizing GIS and Data Analysis to Assess Human Impact on Migratory Bird Species
2019ViraDose: A Novel Application for Facilitating Gene Therapy Dosing
2019Vision Therapy and Post Traumatic Vision Syndrome
2019Voice-Activated Mechanical Shopping Assistant
2019War Games: A Statistical Analysis of the Card Game ‘War’
2019Water My Seeds Doing in Water Beads?
2019Weeding Out the Alternatives: Is Cinnamon an Herbicide?
2019Weeding Out the Secret to Antibiotic Resistance
2019Whale of a Problem – An Innovation on North Atlantic Right Whales
2019What’s in Your Water?
2019What’s the Pointe? Act II
2019When Life Gives You Potatoes, Make Plastic
2019Which bounces higher?
2019Which is the Best Alternative to Paraffin Wax: Beeswax, Soy, Palm or Coconut Wax
2019Which Moisturizer Best Treats Eczema?
2019Which piezoelectric crystals produce the most electricity?
2019White Fluffy Death a.k.a. Powdery Mildew
2019WICCLET: A Novel Stand Against Autoimmune Disorders
2019Window Parka
2019You Matter
2019‘No to Photo’ – My Photo Consent
2019‘Sensing’ Health Improvement: How Auditory Input Can Impact Our Health
20183DPocket - Computational Prediction of Ligand Binding Sites in Proteins
2018A Burning Passion for Alcohol
2018A Cure for What ‘Ails’ You: A Study of the Antibacterial Effects of Garlic
2018A Disappearing Act
2018A Fibonacci Solution — Mitigating Landslides and Avalanches
2018A Gift from the Sea: Soothing Eczema with Seaweed
2018A Helping Hand
2018A Non-Pharmaceutical Treatment for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome II
2018A Novel Application to Increase Wellness Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
2018A Novel Approach for Preventing and Monitoring Back Complications in Equines
2018A Novel Approach to Combat Cancer by Altering Sphingomyelin Content in Cells
2018A Novel Approach to Efficiently Recycle Used Diapers in Optimizing Plant Growth
2018A Novel Approach to Financial Portfolio Optimization Using BioInspired Computing
2018A Novel Approach to Restore Connectivity in Spinal Nerve Systems
2018A Novel Chemogenetic Approach to Treat Drug Resistant Hypertension
2018A Novel Colourimetric Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Breast Cancer Diagnostics
2018A Novel DNAzyme-based Colorimetric Assay for Early Disease Diagnostics under $10
2018A Novel Intelligent Irrigation System via Python Program
2018A Novel Kidney-Mimicking Microfluidic Device for Hemodialysis
2018A Novel Method Using Essential Oils to Combat Microbial Growth
2018A Novel Microbial Biofiltration Technology for Improving Indoor Air Quality
2018A Novel Optogenetic Toggle Switch for Targeted Anticancer Drug Delivery
2018A Novel Quartz Crystal Microbalance Based Biosensor for Bacterial Detection
2018A Novel Strategy for Preferential Killing of Breast Cancer Cells
2018A Novel Water Filtration System Using Natural Materials
2018A Picture is Worth a Million Words
2018A Preliminary Study: Relationships Between Cannabis, Brain Injury and Sleep
2018A Study of the Prevalence of Gram-Negative Bacteria in School Soil
2018A Sweet Drop Off: Evaluating Metal Organic Frameworks for Drug Delivery
2018A Switchable, Dual-Functioning Trojan Horse for Alzheimer’s Disease Photothera
2018A Tool for Teaching
2018A Unique Approach to Test the Effects of Cell Phone Radiation using Yeast Cells
2018A Virtual Simulation of the Evolution Process
2018A Wearable Mild Traumatic Head Injury Warning Device for Daily Activities
2018A World Without Triclosan is Minty Fresh
2018Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony
2018Aerobiology: The New and Innovative Way to Solve the Pollen Epidemic
2018Affordable Mechatronics Solution for Independent Movement Assistance
2018AI Based Driver Alert System
2018Algae-Based Carbon Capture System: A Sustainable Solution for CO2 Emissions
2018An Engineered Biosensor for Detecting and Quantifying Silver & Copper Ions
2018An Immune Response to ALL
2018An Innovative Predictive Approach to Explore Chronic Disease Trends
2018An Innovative Solution: 3rD World Vision
2018Analysis of Atypical Sensory Adaptation in Schizophrenia
2018Analysis of Nutrient Trends and Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems
2018Analyzing Therapeutic Effect of B.bacterium & L.bacillus on Ovarian Cancer Cells
2018Ancient versus Modern Wheats: Present Day Consumers Dilemma to Good Health
2018Anti-Angiogenic Foods: Beating Cancer at Its Own Game
2018Applying User-Centred Design to Educational Math Games
2018Arduino Home Automation
2018Are Chemicals Needed?
2018Are Natural Products Effective Sunscreens?
2018Around the Roots
2018Artemis and Recovery After Radiation and Chemotherapy Induced DNA Damage
2018Attaquer le 7e continent !
2018Augmenting Hearing Capabilities of the Deaf with Natural Language Processing
2018Automated Pill Bottle Opener—A Solution for Avoiding Repetitive Strain Injurie
2018B.E. Green: Garbage Removal Design
2018Backpack Potential Energy System
2018Bacteria: What areas of your home are the dirtiest?
2018Bactericidal Actions of AITC on Liquid Culture and Established Biofilms
2018Barcoding Fish: Fishing the Fraud
2018Bee Strong
2018Beneath the Surface
2018Between The Q & T
2018Bioengineered Wings Inspired by the Avian Form
2018Biosecurity Disinfectant Efficacy
2018Blown Away
2018bSEMA: A Novel Approach to Pre-Determining Seismic Activity
2018Bunny Business
2018C.O.D.I.A. (Computer Operated & Delightfully Intelligent Assistant)
2018Can you separate salt from water by freezing?
2018Cancelling the Cancer Before It Cancels You
2018Cancer Detection with Artificial Intelligence
2018Cardio Cardigan - A lifesaving robotic wearable to provide mobility & CPR
2018Carotenoids: The Colours Hold the Secret
2018Carpet Lifting Machine Innovation
2018Catching ZZZ’s (or not so much) — The Awakening Effects of Sleep Deprivation
2018Cede: A Novel Approach to Astronomical Profit
2018Chair of the Future
2018ChampTrax: A Novel Approach to Sports Analytics
2018Circadian Rhythm of Phaseolus Vulgaris
2018Clean or not Clean: The Ultimate Guide to Water Filtration
2018Clear Ice vs. Cloudy Ice
2018Colour Association
2018Coloured Overlays: A Dyslexic’s Friend?
2018COMET: A Novel Training Method to Optimize Robustness in Myoelectric Control
2018Commotions cérébrales non détectées... maintenant chose du passé !
2018Comparison of Blood Glucose Levels Before & During Type 1 Diabetes Camp
2018Computationally Assessing the Structural Stability of HBOCs with MD Stimulations
2018Conformable LEECs using Elastomeric Emissive Materials
2018Control for Groups of Robots - Collaborative Search and Rescue
2018Coping With Diabetes
2018Cost-Effective Extraction of Chitin and Chitosan from Lobster Shells
2018CRAM [Coded Robotic Arm Model]
2018Crickets for Lunch — Turning Waste into Protein
2018Crop Saver
2018Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Mining Efficiency
2018Culture du futur
2018Defining Characteristics of Bismuth Telluride TEGs
2018Delivering of DNA to Tardigrades via Nematocysts
2018Delve Into Dimensions
2018Developing a Novel Bacterial-Induced Cu(II) Crystallization Method
2018Developing Hypoallergenic Plants
2018Developing The Electrocardiogram as a Unique Biometric Identifier
2018Development of an Autonomous Vehicle Using Machine Learning
2018Diabète sucré... à l’érable
2018Diagnosis: Salmonellosis
2018Disappearance ≠ Disintegration ~ The Environmental Impact of Pseudo Flushables
2018Discovering the Mechanism of Edelfosine, an Anticancer drug, Using α-Tocopherol
2018Dissolved Oxygen Levels around the Hydroelectric Dam Construction at Split Lake
2018Do Magnets Affect the Growth of Plants?
2018Do You Move Time?
2018Does Feeding Hens Different Foods Change the Colour of the Egg Yolk?
2018Don’t Meddle With Metal: The Remediation of Pb(II) Wastewater
2018Don’t Stress, Take a Breath
2018Don’t Throw it Away Yet: Using food waste to remove arsenic from water
2018Dragging on — The Effect of Length, Surface Coating and Stern Angle on Drag
2018Driving While Intechxicated: Does Technology Affect Reaction Time?
2018Drowning in Oil
2018Drug Discovery from Actinobacteria Using a Temperature/Culture Mimic Approach
2018E.A.R.T.H.: Environmental Alternatives — Reducing Textile Harm
2018Effect of Chitosan on Plants under Abiotic and Biotic Stress
2018Effect of Epigenetics on Human Emotions
2018Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Plants
2018Effects of Octopamine on Fictive Locomotion in Drosophila melanogaster Larvae
2018Effects of road salt on brook trout and aquatic invertebrates in Harper Creek
2018Electricity from the Unlikely
2018Eliminating Tachycardia with Larger Lesions
2018Embarquez... l’avenir s’envole
2018Emergent and Self-Organizing Behaviour in Natural and Simulated Systems
2018Encryption... And All That Jazz: Text-to-Music-to-Text Encrypted Communication
2018Energy Conversion System for Traveller (ECoST)
2018Enhancing SRD of Self-Assembling Polymeric Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery
2018Essential Oils: A Smelly Cancer Treatment
2018Evaluating Stress Reduction Methods in Adolescents by Analyzing Key Bio Signals
2018Experimental Analysis of Environmental Factors: Surface Spread of Oil on Water
2018Exploring 1420 MHz
2018Exploring Artificial Intelligence via Reinforcement
2018Exploring the Genetic Basis of Dengue Virus Transmission
2018Eyes for the Blind
2018Fantastic Bioplastic
2018Fidget Spinners: A Charged Topic
2018Fighting Heavy Metals-Induced Antibiotic Resistance: Dandelion Is the Key
2018Filter the Future: A Novel Approach to Saving Water
2018Filtration of Smog
2018Finding Antagonistic Bacteria to Control Verticillium dahliae
2018Finding the Happy Medium in High Frequency Trading
2018Fish, Feces and Flora: Aquaponics vs. Hydroponics vs. Agriculture
2018Fishing for New Genes to Engineer Personalized Teeth
2018Flocculation for the Population
2018Flu Shot… Why Not?
2018Food Waste: The Solution to Our Plastic Problem
2018For the Crater Good
2018Freezing Point Depression of Salt Solutions: Finding the best De-Icing Compound
2018Frequency in Sound Proofing
2018Freshwater Mussels on the Move: Adaptations for Survival
2018From Brain to Heart: Complications following Insular Ischemic Stroke
2018Fruit Flies Away
2018Gender and the Stroop Effect
2018Generate Bioenergy & Simultaneously Treat Wastewater with MFCs: A Novel Approach
2018Genome Engineering Technologies
2018Geothermal Power Plant Producing Water by Condensation
2018Germination Determination
2018GGATS: GPS Guided Autonomous Transport System
2018Go Green or No Green?
2018Go With the Glow: UV Induced Fluorescence in Great Lakes Biota
2018Golden Pacifier — Tétine d’or
2018Golf Balls: Future of Vehicle Design
2018Got Lift?
2018Groundless Growth
2018Growing Daphnia
2018H.A.L.O.: Heart Ability LOG and Operator
2018Harvest HelpHer: A Sustainable Gardening Solution
2018HCDPS — Hot Car Death Prevention System
2018Heart to Heart
2018Here’s the Buzz About Bee Houses
2018HIRO: An Intelligent System for Drowsy Driving Detection
2018How Do Plants Cope with Dry Days?
2018How Does Fabric Softener Affect the Flammability of Different Types of Fabrics?
2018How Does Music Affect Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure?
2018How Fly Are Antioxidants?
2018How Medications Affect Your Liver Cells
2018How Plants Help Filter Groundwater
2018How Stressed Are You?
2018Hydroseeding: Plant regrowth help for logging blocks where wood chips are used
2018I Will Remember Hue
2018Identification & Narration System of the Environment (INSE)
2018iMonitor: A Novel Device to Detect Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
2018Impact of Adrenaline on Adipogenesis in the 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
2018Impacts of Mining on Mother Earth
2018Inhibition of Telomerase by Antisense Therapy in Tetrahymena thermophila
2018Intertidal Foraminifera and Organic Pollution
2018Investigating Aqueous Solution Electrolytes
2018Investigating Diabetes, Obesity, and Adipogenesis
2018Investigating the Short Term Influence of Caffeine on Brain Function
2018Iron Concentrations on Drosophila Birth Rates and Longevity
2018Is Oobleck an Effective Material to Reduce the Impact on Helmets?
2018It Must Be Something in the Water: Reducing Nutrient Levels in Water Sustainably
2018It’s Sweater Weather
2018Joint Solar Panel Cooling and Waste Heat Harvesting with a Stirling Engine
2018Keeping Vulnerable People Safe the S.M.A.R.T Way
2018La face cachée des agents
2018La mémoire auditive ou la mémoire visuelle : laquelle est la plus efficace ?
2018La phorie à la pholie
2018La TBE, fléau ou héros ?
2018Le cerveau en algorithme
2018Le puceron lanigère de la pruche
2018Le tabac sauve des vies !
2018Lead the Way: The Influence of Stereotype Threat on Women in Leadership Roles
2018Les effets de la pression sur les services
2018Les effets du stress sur les plants de piments habanero
2018Les Maisons Hydro
2018Les mers à la moutarde
2018Let It Snow?
2018Life Band... When Timing Means Everything
2018Light It Up! The Effect of UV Light on the Growth of Crystals
2018Light Orchestrator Part 1
2018Loco For Logos
2018Low-Cost, Point-of-Care Skin Cancer Detection
2018L’américium — l’élément no. 95
2018Make it Flow!
2018Maktaaq — Warming Mind and Body
2018Mass contaminants of cigarettes
2018Medicine Teas
2018Memory — Girls vs. Boys
2018Microbial Fuel Cells: Energy for Tomorrow
2018Microplastics in Our Local Shellfish
2018Migratory Confusion in Leatherback Sea Turtles
2018Mnemonic Devices for Memory
2018More Than Worms: Local legume phenols and C. elegans mortality
2018Multitasking Mouse Glove
2018Musical Memory
2018Mycoremediation: One Way Fungi Can Save the World
2018NanoAOX: Localization of Antioxidants via Nanoparticles to Enhance Plant Growth
2018Natural Polymers and Absorption
2018Natural versus Synthetic Preservatives
2018Nature: who knows, who cares?
2018Neural Network Optimization Using Modified Gradient
2018Neutralisez ce fentanyl !
2018Nom d’une patate!
2018Nonverbal Communication
2018Notre avenir avec le vermicompostage !
2018Nouvelle approche vers la synthèse de nanocatalyseurs pour la production d’H2
2018Novel Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Drug Treatment
2018Off the Scales — Using Ozone as a Natural Pesticide
2018Oh la vache!
2018Optimization of an Electrochemical CO Gas Sensor
2018Optimizing Mutation Rates for Genetic Algorithms
2018Optimizing Plant Growth Efficiency by Strategically Combining Organic Waste
2018Our Personality = Our Life
2018Out of the Blue - Into the Dark
2018Oven in an Envelope: Reflections on Parabolas & Solar Energy
2018Oxymétrie oculaire : innover!
2018Pee-Tricity: Generating Electricity from Urine using Microbial Fuel Cells
2018Pesky Mosquitoes III: An Investigation into Mosquito Biting Preferences
2018PHA Production from Degradation Products of Polyethylene Terephthalate
2018Piping Hot Air
2018Pitting Against Artificial Preservatives
2018Plant Absorption of Indoor Pollutants
2018Plant Waste to Biodegradable Bioplastics
2018Power Powder
2018Predicting Alzheimer’s via L-arginine Metabolites and Ensemble Machine Learnin
2018Preventing the Growth of Cyanobacteria Blooms Using Natural Resources
2018Production d’énergie thermique par un chauffe-mains (oxydoréduction)
2018Promising Future of Algae Based Silver Chloride Nanoparticles as Antibiotics
2018Protecting the Protectors: Making K9 Body Armour from Recycled Fabrics
2018Purifying Water: Using Beta-CD-CA Polymer to Remove Bisphenol A
2018QuadSense: An Autonomous Auxiliary Navigation Assistant
2018Qualifying and Quantifying DNA Damage in Breast Cancer with Natural Products
2018QualyL : le cœur robotique
2018Radioactivity vs. Fashion
2018Radon: Silent but Deadly
2018Recettes pour neurones !
2018Recovering Waste Energy from a Car Exhaust using a Thermoelectric Generator
2018Recycled Warmth
2018Reflection of Ultrasonic Sound
2018Relaxed or Rushed: Tunes for Autistic Kids
2018Removing Microplastics from Tap Water Starts with Sewage Treatment Plants
2018Restoring the Reefs
2018Reuse, Reduce, Reprint
2018Reversible Switching Electrical Pathway using Thermoresponsive-Recycled Polymer
2018Reversible Switching electrical pathway using Thermoresponsive-recycled polymer
2018Road Safety: A Pedestrian Perspective
2018Roadside Vegetation: It’s Not Easy Being Green
2018Rockets are Such a Drag
2018Safer Chick-Ments: An Innovative Solution to Reducing Stress in Chick Shipments
2018Saturization: A New Method for Contrast in Monochromatic Vision
2018Save the Heat: Electric Engine Heat Recovery
2018Saving Ontario Waters
2018Saying Goodbye to E. coli
2018Sea Soil
2018Self-Assembling Bio-Photocells
2018Sensory Effects of Dichoptic Saccadic Adaptation
2018Sights Unseen: Investigating the Phenomenon of Inattentional Blindness
2018Signs of Spring as a Means of Analyzing Climate Change
2018SignSMART: Glove Translates ASL Fingerspelling into Text and Speech
2018Sitting or Standing — Does It Really Matter?
2018Sleep Deprivation in Fort Resolution, NT: An Unmet Health Problem
2018Slip or Grip: Walking on Water with Crutches
2018Small Engine Carbon Capture
2018Smart Escape: A Dijkstra-Based Algorithm for Shortest-Safe Exit
2018SNAP 29 : un nouveau test adapté pour détecter le TDAH
2018So, You Think It’s Clean?
2018So-Dis is Water Treatment
2018Soft Pneumatic Robot
2018South Paw — Examining Paw Preference in Dogs and Connections to Human Handedness
2018Speak Your Mind! A Study of the Correlation Between Brain Waves and Speech
2018Spinal Fusions: Redesigning the Pedicle Probe to Prevent Vertebral Breaches
2018Starving Our Brains
2018Sticky Strength
2018Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve Through Targeted Temperature Therapy 2.0
2018Sun Protection is so Degrading
2018Sunflower Seed Germination – or, Three’s Company, Four’s a Crowd
2018Super Spice Turmeric as a Poison Detector
2018Supercharged Salad
2018SYN-VIOLA:The Power of Novel, Designer Bacteria in Real World
2018Tackling Pseudomonas Biofilm Resistance: Using Bacteriophage-Phenolics Synergy
2018Targeted Oxidation: A New Method for Local Chemotherapeutic Medicine
2018Tes parents en disent quoi?
2018The Answer to Bacteria
2018The Bee Hydration Station
2018The Brain-Gut Axis: IBS-Related Gene Expression in PTSD-Induced Rat Models
2018The C Trailer
2018The CAT (Cold Air Trap)
2018The Clubroot Epidemic
2018The Computerized Comprehension for a Curable Cancer
2018The Development of a Novel Diagnostic Method for Parkinson’s Disease
2018The Echo Belt: Navigation Technology for the Visually Impaired
2018The Effect of Different Acer Species on Adult Asian Longhorned Beetles
2018The Effect of Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain PA23 on Arabidopsis thaliana
2018The Effect of Surface Tension on Plant Growth in Fogponics
2018The Effect of the Lotus Seed on Neurodegenerative Diseases
2018The Effects of Caffeine on Adipogenesis
2018The Effects of Copper, Humic Acid and Fungicide on Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat
2018The Effects of Forest Fires on Soil
2018The Effects of Water Volume and Albedo on the Temperature Increase of Water
2018The Effects of Yoga on Global Cardiovascular Risk: A 3-Month Intervention
2018The Efficacy of Cancer Chemotherapy Combinations with Cranberry Extract
2018The End: A Study of Suicide in Canada
2018The Evolution of Fears
2018The Future of Energy: Canada’s Power Plant
2018The Great Monarch Mission
2018The Green Machine
2018The Hydrothermal Synthesis of Quantum Dots Using Gelatin
2018The Method of Loci: A New Approach to Memory Challenges
2018The Ocean: Not a Rock Concert
2018The Perfect Portable Printer
2018The Power of Water: Finding Alternative Electrodes for Hydrogen Production
2018The Rates that Helium Escapes Through the Porosity of Different Solutions
2018The Role of Microglia TREM2 on the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
2018The Science of Skiing:Effect of Terrain, Gender & Orthotics on Quadriceps Stress
2018The Solar EV: Applying high efficiency solar modules in sustainable transport
2018The Terpenator
2018The Turm‘oil’ of Fat
2018The Use of Yeast to Prevent Fungal Diseases in Horticultural Produce
2018The Wear and Tear of Bleach Dyed Hair
2018Toilettes aux jardins
2018Tourner pour trouver !
2018Tracking Bird Migration: A Novel Approach
2018Traditional Medicines vs. Modern Medicines on Germination of Vigna radiata
2018Trees and Temperature
2018Trop loin de l’école?
2018Trusses and Temperatures
2018Turbines — It’s a Wind Win
2018TWEET: Torsionally Whirling Environmentally Esthetic Turbine
2018Une ferme dans un gratte-ciel !
2018Ungulate and Canid Interactions at a Mineral Lick
2018Use of EEGs to Analyze Student Attention during Math Assessment
2018Use of Technology to Reduce Medical Complications: Development of a Smart Cast
2018Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Skin Cancer
2018Using Catalysts to Increase Water Splitting Efficiency in a Homemade Fuel Cell
2018Using Deep Neural Networks to Identify Splice Junctions in DNA
2018Using High Temperature Superconductors in the Search for Life on Enceladus
2018Using Pi to Grow Your Greens: An Experiment in Greenhouse Automation
2018Using Zebra Mussels as a Water Filtration Substrate
2018Utility Stability: The Effectiveness of Self-Built Camera Stabilizers
2018UV-C Light to Prevent Microbes from Taking Flight
2018Value-added Phytochemical Cocktail from Inedible Dragon Fruit Peel
2018Viability Duration of Chemically Fluoresced Red Blood Cells
2018Vivre santé ou sans thé ?
2018VoiceShield: Teaching Computers to Distinguish Real Data From Fake
2018VR — Virtual Relaxation
2018W.A.A.! SMART Infant Health Technology
2018Waste Not
2018Waste Nothing: A Future for the Microbial Electrolysis Cell
2018Water Bear Don’t Care: A First Look at Eastern Ontario’s Tardigrade Fauna
2018Water: An Investigation of Purification
2018Watery going to do?: Reducing the Effects of Drought
2018WATS UP: Water Activated Transportation System Uplifting Physics
2018We Are Stressed Out!
2018What are the variables that affect Afterimages?
2018What’s The Pointe?
2018Which One Shouldn’t You Be Drinking?
2018Which Wood from the Boreal Forest Produces the Most Heat and Burns the Longest?
2018Which ‘Natural’ material is best for filtering water?
2018Who are you calling Bird Brain? Chickens may be smarter than you think!
2018Wind Beneath My Airfoils Bernoulli’s Principle
2018Wound Infection, Thermal Detection
2018‘Bio’ Mechanical Arm
2017"The Magic Carpet" – Examining Piezoelectricity as a Novel Alternative Energy
2017A "Minor" Experiment with "Major" Results
2017A Blue Biorefinery Approach: Marine Nutraceuticals from Salmon Waste Resources
2017A Comparative Analysis of Hydroponics, Aeroponics, and Fogponics on Plant Growth
2017A Computerized Traffic Light Detector
2017A Device to Harness Kinetic Energy from Walking – The Next Generation
2017A Graphic User Interface for the Retrieval of Genomic Information
2017A Lasting Bond
2017A New Approach to Motif Discovery
2017A New Phase of Water: Is this measurable with surface tension?
2017A New Spin on an Old Idea
2017A New Use for Sound – It's Shocking
2017A New Vision For Diabetic Patients
2017A Non-Pharmaceutical Treatment for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
2017A Novel and Efficient Method to Detect Olive Oil Adulteration
2017A Novel Approach to Causing Apoptosis in Ovarian Cancer Cells
2017A Novel Approach to Non-Invasive Glucose Measurement
2017A Novel Approach to Protect Dopamine Neurons Using a Peptide and Trophic Factor
2017A Novel Biosensor for the Detection of CNS Injuries
2017A Novel Computational Tool to Advance Ferromagnetic NanoTherapy to Cure Cancer
2017A Novel Eye Tracking System Robust to Head Movements
2017A Novel Lab on a Chip based PCR Sensor for Disease Diagnostics for Under $1
2017A Novel Method in Predicting Chronic Disease
2017A Novel Way to Recycle Shrimp Shells into Biodegradable Plastic
2017A Ray of Hope for Parkinson's
2017A Seed-E Alternative to Water Treatment
2017A Starchy Revolution
2017A Substitute for Triclosan
2017A Sunnier Future
2017Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen: Possible Cures for Prostate Cancer?
2017Air Gap Thickness and Torque Ripple Induced by Asymmetries
2017Alzheimer's and Visual Perception
2017Ameliorating Salinity Tolerance in Broccoli Plants by Acclimation
2017Amp Tree
2017Amyloid Beta (Aβ) Oriented Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
2017An Ankle-Dorsiflexion Exercise Program to Improve Seniors' Balance and Gait
2017An Antacid for the Soil?
2017An Effective Artificial Muscle
2017Anaerobic Respiration: A Novel Bioelectrochemical Copper Recovery System?
2017Antibacterial Effects of Microemulsified Essential Oils & Chitosan Nanoparticles
2017Are Eyewitnesses Reliable?
2017Are Fingerprint Shapes Inherited?
2017Are You Eating Your Fleece? Exploring Microfibres and Filtration Systems
2017Artificial Neural Network for Autonomous Driving
2017Artificial Pancreas – End to Finger Pricks, A Boon for Diabetics
2017Asclépiade, un cas isolé
2017Attention, bébé à bord!
2017Au plaisir de se revoir
2017Automotive Collision Detection Network
2017Back on Traction
2017Bacteria at Work
2017Bacteria: Be OreGONE!
2017Bio-friendly Antimicrobial Replacement to 2017 FDA Banned Drugs: Silver NP/CNC
2017Bioavailability of Chia Seeds
2017Bitten by Lyme Disease
2017BlackFly: l'analyseur de gaz
2017Bridge Structures in the Northwest Territories
2017Bridging The Gap
2017Burning Calories
2017Can Pond Scum Save the World?
2017Can Spices Control Fungal Growth?
2017Can We Fish Better?
2017Cancer "Arch"itecture
2017Cancer Free
2017Canna (bis)
2017Capturing Waste Energy from a Home Furnace using a Thermoelectric Generator
2017Cardiac Pacemaker - A Life Saver
2017Catch the Flow
2017Catch the Wave: Harnessing Electricity from Aqueous Sinusoidal Oscillations
2017Cerebral Hemispheric Lateralization in Relation to Handedness
2017Changes in Volatile Organic Compounds Emission Under Stressed Conditions
2017Charma 2.0 – An Orbital Settlement
2017Cinnamon Essential Oils - Natural Antibiotics
2017Climate Change Is No Hoax
2017Comparative Study Characterizing Wheat Allergenicity in Ancient and Modern Wheat
2017Compound W
2017Concede to Me! The Effect of Exit – Signalling on Yield Rates in Roundabouts
2017Connaître son poids ne suffit pas
2017Convolutional Neural Networks in Qualitative Quality Control Applications
2017Cool Peptides – A novel approach to cryopreservation of organs
2017Copain de liaison
2017Cost-Effective Extraction of Chitin from Lobster Shells
2017Could taking vitamins be bad for you?
2017CPU Load Covert Channels Exploiting Interrupt Latency
2017Cric Crac Croc, on se déhanche
2017Cross Dominance
2017Daphnia vs. Cleaning Products
2017De-Inventing the Wheel
2017Destructor destruction: Could this Bee the end?
2017Detection of antibiotic resistant genes found in E. coli bacteria and phage
2017Determining the Efficacy of POEM and LHM Following Prior Treatments
2017Developing a Dermal Colorimetric Test Patch to Identify Iron Loss in Sweat
2017Developing a Trojan Horse to Treat Alzheimer's Disease
2017Developing an Optimal Stock Trading Algorithm Using Data Mining Techniques
2017Developing Aptamer-Based Targeted Imaging Probes for the Diagnosis of Stroke
2017Development of a Low Cost and Effective Water Filtration System
2017Development of a Portable System for Detection of Bacteria Using DNA Biomarkers
2017Diet and pH Level
2017Division: Impossible (Discovering Cancer's Dependencies for Targeted Treatments)
2017Do Kingdoms Speak the Same Language; Are Phytohormones Mycohormones?
2017Do Study Tips Work?
2017Do You See What I See?
2017Does Music Affect Your Concentration?
2017Does Screen and Text Colour affect Memory Retention?
2017Does the Nose Know?
2017Does Wood Ash Affect a Plants Growth?
2017Don't Feast on Your Fleece
2017Don't Go Green
2017Double A Plus: An Eco-friendly Alternative to the Alkaline Battery
2017Drip – A Precision Agriculture System for the Developing World
2017Du plomb dans la venaison
2017Dull Door Becomes Dazzling Dock
2017E3 Light – Environmentally Efficient Energy
2017Early Spring? Not A Good Thing? Le printemps prématuré? Pas une bonne chose?
2017Eco Death
2017EEG Coherence as a Marker for Alzheimer's Dementia
2017Effects of Faba Bean Ingredients on Glycemia and Satiety in Novel Food Products
2017Efficient Design of Disposable Cough Filtration and Virus Containment Device
2017Eggshell Recycling
2017Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia
2017Energy Harnessing Backpack
2017Enfants: esclaves virtuels?
2017Enhancing Electrolysis: Discovering the Separation of the Faradic Currents
2017Ensuring a Healthy Crop
2017Epigenetics Has Exercise Knocking on its Door
2017Est-ce que l’origami est un bon outil d'apprentissage?
2017Evaluating the Effectiveness & Efficiency of a Graphene-Oxide Filtration System
2017Évaporation colorée
2017Experimental Testing of Mathematical Model for Increasing Wind Turbine Power
2017Exploring Pareidolia
2017Exploring Sound
2017Exploring the Novel Use of Eggshells to Address Organic Solar Cell Instability
2017Exploring the Reality of Self-Perception on Physical Appearances
2017Factors that influence the student's decision by the program B@UNAM
2017Fast Runners
2017Feed Bucket Preference and its Impact on Equine Medication Rejection
2017Firm 'n' Cute
2017Fish or chips: brook trout in Harper Creek
2017Flaxseed-Derived Lignan SDG Protects Human Colon Cells from ROS mtDNA Damage
2017Flexi Golf: Innovative Golfer's Stabilizing Stand
2017Flowing Through Distinct Watersheds
2017Fluctuation of Oceanic Microplastics at Depth and Effects on Marine Ecosystems
2017Free Food
2017Free Throw Physics
2017Friendly Fibre
2017From Tank to Table
2017Fuelling our Future with...Waste?
2017Function of Podocalyxin in the Maintenance of the Blood Brain Barrier
2017Gaudí 2.0 Logiciel pour la génération en 3D de colonnes d'apparence organique
2017GEARS: Gravitational Electricity Accumulating Renewable Storage
2017Glucose-Induced Expression of Endothelin1 & its Relation to Diabetic Retinopathy
2017Going Bananas for Clean Hands
2017Going Viral: Exploring and Inhibiting Viral Assembly
2017Golden Ratio: How to Be Beautiful
2017Got cow's milk alternatives?
2017Graphene Oxide Enhanced Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
2017Green Power of Cactus
2017Grow With the Flow
2017Gutted: The Effects of Gut Microbiota on Health
2017HapticNav: A Vibrotactile Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
2017Harvesting Energy from Radio Waves
2017Head Start Concussion Alert System
2017Heads Up
2017High School Voltage
2017Hitting the Sack: Analyzing Your Sleep Pattern
2017Hot Air Insu-Layer
2017How Attachment Affects Informed Risk Taking in Adolescents
2017How Fast is Fast Acting Pain Reliever?
2017How High/Low Can You Go?
2017How Loud is too Loud?
2017How Much Sugar?
2017Hydrofoils: An Uplifting Experience
2017Hydrogen Sulphide Sensing
2017Hydrological Analysis of Streamflow and Potential Effects of Climate Change
2017Hydroponic Forage: A Feasible Equine Feed Alternative
2017I Like Big Eggs... And I Cannot Lie
2017I'm disabled so I can't, let the gloves write for the disabled!
2017iCane The Intelligent Cane: Alternative to Tactile Paving for the Blind
2017Identification of Fusarium species associated with Fusarium head blight of wheat
2017If You Shake It, You Break It
2017Improving ANN Accuracy by Optimizing Hyperparameters through Gradient Descent
2017In a House Not So Far Away... Bacteria Were Growing
2017Increased Activity Improves Motor Neuron Function in a Cell Culture Model of ALS
2017Independence Plus: A Mobility Aid
2017Inducing Delta 32 mutation in CCR5 T-cells to develop HIV immunity in patients
2017Innovative Technology to Remove Emerging Contaminants from Drinking Water
2017Is Ag the new Au Standard of Cleaning? 2.0
2017Is That 'Oil' You've Got?
2017It's a Small World: The Influence of Culture Shock on International immigrants
2017It's only Brain Surgery! 3D Printing: Developing a Craniotomy Simulation Tool
2017It's to Dye For
2017J&A's Bath Blankets
2017Keep it Cold and Keep it Clean
2017L'ADNe... Euh! C’est quoi?
2017L'Alzheimer avant la plaque Aβ
2017L'or vert du sang blanc?
2017La motivation du harle huppé à choisir où mettre tous ses œufs
2017La physique du ping-pong
2017La soie d’Amérique
2017La vie en vert
2017Landfill Optimization: Converting Solid Waste to Energy
2017Learn The Burn
2017Les bactéries ont la solution!
2017Les effets des accessoires optiques sur la performance d’un panneau solaire
2017Les exoplanètes
2017Les panneaux solaires mobiles
2017Les savons et leurs propriétés
2017Linalyl Acetate: A Novel Phytochemical Based Alternative to NSAIDs
2017Liquid Biopsy: A Novel Diagnostic Technique for Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor
2017L’effet des détergents verts sur les écosystèmes aquatiques
2017L’impact des acariens parasites sur les abeilles en hiver
2017L’investigation de la réaction endothermique dans les compresses froides
2017Magnetic Fields and Fluid Flow
2017Making houses energy independent through energy generating walls
2017Marine Brown Algae Extracted Fucoxanthin and Phlorotannin in DSSC
2017Mastermind: The Effect of White Noise on Cognitive Concentration in Females
2017Material Swings
2017Medium Optimization for Cheap, Novel Bioplastic Production From P. Putida
2017Melatonin and the Inhibition of Oxidative Damage to DNA
2017Mi'kmaq Traditional Medicines
2017Microbial-film Power Generation 2.0 – It's about to get cooler
2017MMO Cow: How microbiome changes can lower methane emissions from livestock
2017MSRS - Wearable Technology and IoT
2017Musical Personality
2017NanoGrow: Nanoparticles as a Plant Growth Enhancer
2017Natural Insulin: A Novel Intervention for Sundowning in Alzheimer’s Disease
2017Natural Remedies
2017Need a hand with that?
2017NeurAlgae: A Novel Approach to Harmful Algal Bloom Prediction
2017Neuroprotective Effect of Indomethacin against Glutamate Induced Excitotoxicity
2017Nicotinamide: Novel Skin Cancer Chemoprevention
2017No Apple, Apple Pie
2017Not Just a Flutter in the Wind
2017Novel Pediatric Cancer Therapy: Targeting Epigenetics to Induce Differentiation
2017Novel Prosthetic AutoGrasp Control System and Human-Prosthetic Interface
2017Nuclei Oxidation Therapy: A New Take on Localized Antineoplastics
2017Oh, Poop! It's Worse Than I Thought!
2017Oncoming Snowmobile Alert
2017One Step at a Time
2017Optimizing DNA Barcoding for Investigating Food Fraud
2017Optimizing Fluid Flow Systems
2017Oral Infections: Does lactoferrin inhibit the bactericidal action of eugenol?
2017Orbital Eccentricity and Solar Energy
2017P is for Potable
2017P.A.L.I.A. contre les chutes
2017Passive Automated Diagnostic and Detection of Illness and Disease
2017Peptide-Directed Knockdown of Misfolded SOD1 by Chaperone – Mediated Autophagy
2017Perpetual Motion
2017Pesticides MenaSangs
2017Phixing Physio
2017PhysX of FleX
2017Phytoremediation of Zinc Contaminated Mines Using Novel Transgenic A.Thaliana
2017Piezo Power (Energy Harvesting)
2017Piezoelectricity: The Energy of the Future
2017Plant Grafting
2017Plants and Magnets
2017Plants vs. Pollution: The Effect of Airborne Pollutants on Plant Matter
2017Pollution Evolution Solution
2017Positive Reinforcement vs. Negative Reinforcement
2017Power of the Sun
2017Powered by Mud: Microbial Fuel Cells
2017Powering Animal Trackers With Thermal Electric Generators (TEGs)
2017Powering My Small Devices From Soil Bacteria Using MFCs (Microbial Fuel Cells)
2017Pretty Solid
2017Preventing Eutrophication: Phosphorus Management through Reactive Filtration
2017Quel est l’effet des pubs?
2017Quelle est la durée de la mémoire des visages
2017Qui a la meilleure vision : les garçons ou les filles?
2017Radio Telescope
2017Re-Freezing the Polar Ice Caps
2017Reaction Time & IQ
2017Reaction Time: Experienced vs. Inexperienced Video Gamers
2017Reclamation: A systems change to waste management in the operating room
2017Recycled Heat
2017Recyclons les capsules de café
2017Red Willow Tree
2017reduce, reuse, reCompass
2017ReefHub: A Novel Autonomous Coral Reef Conservation System
2017Reflections on Climate Change – Environmental Choices for Urban Roofs
2017Riding the Fluoride
2017Rien n’est bien sans l’éolien!
2017Risk Factors of, and Recommendations for, Alcoholism in Fort Resolution, NT
2017Robotic Innovations Can Change Lives by Completing Common Tasks
2017S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Standby Power Eliminating Circuit Technology for Reducing Energy
2017Salt in Fast Food: No Great Shakes for Your Health
2017Sea Fuel
2017Secreted APPα as a Therapeutic for Diabetic Encephalopathy
2017Self-Driving Vehicles
2017Self-Sustaining Aquaponics System
2017Sensitizing Human Tumour Cells to Cancer Drugs with Cranberry Flavonoids
2017Separation of H20 to Pure Hydrogen & Oxygen
2017Serotonin controls mood-like responses in plants
2017Sew What?
2017Shrubs on Drugs
2017Si la petite mange la grosse
2017Sleep Analysis
2017Sleep Deprivation
2017Sleep... Let's Get to the Brux of the Matter!
2017Slowing Neuronal Degeneration
2017SMART Agricultural Technology
2017Smart Helmet which measures acceleration to detect minor & major brain damage
2017Solar Potential Energy Storage & UV Filter Hybrid
2017Solar Power – The Future of Energy
2017Solar Sausage
2017Solar-Powered Production of Clean Fuel by the Fermentation of C. acetobutylicum
2017Sole Power: A Novel Approach to Energy Harvesting using Piezoelectric Technology
2017Solitary Wave Propagation in a Novel Granular Chain Setup
2017Sound Perception: Men vs. Women
2017Speed vs. Mass
2017Spices are Key to be Kidney Stone Free
2017Steam with Nanoparticles
2017Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve Through Targeted Temperature Therapy
2017Street Smart
2017Stroke Rehabilitation Exoskeleton
2017Sugar or Spice?
2017Swarm Robotics: How Robots Cooperate
2017Sweat Rocks
2017Tap Water Quality at Little Saskatchewan First Nation
2017Temperature's Effect on Apples
2017Thanks to Mr. Earworm
2017The 'Helical Water Coil': A Residential and Commercial Thermoelectric Generator
2017The Anchovy: Remotely Operated Submersible
2017The Answer to Cancer: Killing Breast Cancer Cells with Triptolide
2017The Breaking Point: Increasing Circuit Efficiency and Reducing Heat
2017The C-Heater
2017The Cryptex
2017The Dessert Effect: The Impact of Cattle Stocking on Herbage Intake & Selection
2017The Effect of Apple Juice on Baby Teeth
2017The Effect of DNA Repair Pathway Defects on Anti-Inflammatory Drug Response
2017The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Living Organisms
2017The Effect of Hair Dye on Hair Strength
2017The effect of Urtica dioica on the Alzheimer profile in Drosophila melanogaster
2017The effect of vinegar and glycerine in starch-based bioplastics
2017The Effects of Blue Light Emissions on the Eye
2017The Effects of Introversion and Extroversion on Sport Participation
2017The Effects of Microwave Radiation
2017The Effects of Oil on Mycelial Production of Lignin Peroxidase
2017The Effects of Sunlight on Bacterial Growth in Water Bottles
2017The KNEEd for Power: Harvesting Biomechanical Energy
2017The Never Flutter Gutter
2017The New Káhrhon (Cradle Board)
2017The Piezoelectric Shoe: Energy from Motion
2017The Power of Privilege
2017The Projectile Problem
2017The Role of Proctolin in Turning Behaviour of Drosophila Melanogaster Larvae
2017The Self Maintaining Ecosystem
2017The Speed of Fencing Actions
2017The Strength and Stability of a Willow Back Rest
2017The Study of Genetic Disease Treatment Using CRISPR Proteins
2017The Technosleeve
2017The Tesla Smarkade – Wireless Electric Car Charging Parkade
2017The Ultimate Dryer
2017The Wonderful World of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
2017Thermal Tolerance in Lake Whitefish Embryos
2017Thought Controlled Smart House and Wheelchair for People with Paralysis
2017To Bandage or Not to Bandage?
2017Toxicity: Is Less Really More?
2017Triboélectricité : repliez-vous!
2017Turmeric: Really the Spice of Life?
2017Turning Residential Water Use Into Power: Could it be a New Source of Energy?
2017Une bouteille d’eau bio
2017Une clé APOrtant la longévité?
2017Une méthode prometteuse pour la conservation d'organes avant transplantation
2017Une vie sans mélodie
2017Viola-Bac; Power of Synthetic Biology in Real World
2017Visualise ta voie
2017Vitamins: Friend or Foe of Your Gut
2017Vitrification and Maturation of Mammalian Oocytes
2017VOLTurus: Power Generation and Water Desalination
2017W.I.N.I.T.S. (Wireless Interconnected Non-Invasive Triage System)
2017Water Erosion: Will Wood Chips Help Prevent Surface Water Erosion?
2017What a Drag - A study of the factors affecting a boat's drag through calm water
2017What Lurks in Your Water?
2017What Should I Wear (to the Battle)?
2017What Your Clothes Are Saying About You
2017When In Drought: Polymers Help Out
2017Which Homemade Electromagnet Produces the Greatest Permeability?
2017Which Plants Grow Best in Which Manure?
2017Who Do I Prefer?
2017Why Can't "Eye" See?
2017Why do Aspens Tremble? Adaptations for Self Cleaning and Pest Control
2017Wiggle it, Just a Little Bit
2017You Beat Me to It!
2017You're a Pain in My Foot
2017Zipf's Law Tested Across Age Groups
2017Łuë Įts'uzi
2016"E-cigarettes: A Risk Factor for ALS?"
2016A "Net" Profit
2016A Biosensor for the Detection of Microbial Contamination
2016A Chocolate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Briggs-Rauscher Reaction & Antioxidants
2016A Computer Game Aimed at Improving Eye-hand Coordination for the Elderly
2016A Follower Robot
2016A Little Pep In Your Strep!
2016A Low Cost Phantom Model for Point of Care Ultrasound Training
2016A Multifunctional Innovation For Efficient CO2 Reduction
2016A Novel Inexpensive Alternative Approach to X-Ray Radiographic Tests
2016A Novel Method in Tree Biomass Calculation
2016A Perl Program for the Retrieval of Genomic Information
2016A Prototype "Water Coil" for Generating Electricity
2016A Study of Kugaaruk Youth Knowledge Regarding Syphilis
2016Active Solar Tracker
2016Advances on a Digital Microscope
2016Aging in Human Cells is Linked to BubR1 Expression
2016Aiding Biodegration by Limiting Carbon
2016Algae to Biofuel
2016An Inexpensive Medical Training Aid for Pericardiocentesis
2016An Investigation on Aeroelastic Flutter Reduction of Suspension Bridges
2016An Untapped Source of Energy: Creating a Water Hammer Arrestor/Energy Harvester
2016Analysis of Electrodermal Activity to Quantify Stress Levels in Autism
2016Analyzing the Bioadhesive and Toxicity Properties of Three Natural Biopolymers
2016Antibiotics Everywhere! Using Bacteria to Detect Antibiotic Residues in Meat
2016Antimicrobial Wound Dressing from Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles on Cellulose
2016Application of Tool Coatings to Address Tool Wear for Steel & Titanium Machining
2016Apprendre en s’amusant – une approche innovatrice face à l’apprentissage
2016Aquatic Osteoporosis: Remediating the emerging problem of lake calcium decline
2016Are You Cavity Free?
2016Aromatherapy Delays Progression of Neurodegenerative Diseases
2016At A Measured Step: An Orthopaedic Pressure-Based Rehabilitative Insole
2016Attention Athletes...Do You Know What You're Drinking?
2016Automated Theorem Proving
2016Balanced Learning: Yoga for Academic Performance
2016Barrel-ponics: Is it an improvement over traditional farming?
2016Bedded BB Bullets in Ballistics Blocks
2016Biomass Derived Carbon for Innovative Water Purification and Metal Extraction
2016Breathe In, Breathe Out
2016Building A More Ergonomic Keyboard
2016Building My Own Plotter Machine
2016CADSense: A Novel Biosensor Optimized For The Early Diagnosis Of Atherosclerosis
2016Caged In: A Novel Approach to Metal Extraction
2016CALM: A Computational Approach for Landslide Mitigation and Study
2016Camping Stove Efficiency For Summertime Alpine Hiking
2016Can a Train Be Faster Than a Plane?
2016Can Coagulants Reduce Heavy Metals in Leachate?
2016Can Ultrasonic Waves Aid Human Vision?
2016Can You See a Four Leaf Clover?
2016Can You See the Light?
2016Can Your Reflection Relieve Pain?
2016Canary Seed: A New Nutritional Crop for Consumption by Celiac Disease Patients
2016Cardiometabolic Effects of Dietary Probiotics and Gut Microbiota Supplementation
2016Carnivore ou végétarienne?
2016Cavendish Clones: A Solution to Sustainable Water Filtering
2016CDK5RAP2 Novel Approach to NSCLC Diagnosis and Therapeutics
2016Chaga Affects
2016Chaga: King of Medicinal Mushrooms
2016Characterizing RASGRP4 Mutations and Targeting ERK in R-CHOP Resistant rrDLBCL
2016Chemotherapy in a Nutshell
2016Chill Out
2016Chill Out 2.0
2016Chillin' with Hot Flashes
2016Climate Change: Time to be Enlichened
2016Color me: Excited?
2016Colour Confusion
2016Colour Psychology
2016Comment les bruants à couronne blanche de Gambel migrent-ils ?
2016Common Sensors: Impact Sensors for Helmets
2016Company in the Shower
2016Comparing the Harmful Effects of Bisphenol S to Bisphenol A
2016Comparing the Oral Microbiota Population and Diversity of Indoor/Outdoor Dogs
2016Comparison of Tractography in Mouse Models of Human Diseases
2016Contre les allergies, on agit!
2016Core Temperature Control Glove
2016Counteracting Cataracts
2016Cracher sur le cerveau
2016Creating Electrotrophs to Find Changes that Impact Extracellular Electron Uptake
2016Crooked Chemistry
2016Dancing Bacteria
2016DeBip : détecteur multidimensionnel de bipolarité
2016Découverte depuis l’espace
2016Decreasing the Formation of Carcinogens in Grilled Chicken
2016Delay in Fruit Ripening: An Approach to Reduce Ethylene Production in Bananas
2016Designing an Electric Skateboard
2016Detection of DNA Integtration in Tardigrades after Anhydrobiosis
2016Development of a UVC-LED Device for Water Sterilization
2016Disproving and Rederiving Betz's Law Through Theoretical and Experimental Method
2016Distracted Drivers
2016Does She See He Sees
2016Don't Waste Waste Water
2016Driven to Distraction
2016e-Scent-ial Oil
2016E-Walker: Formulating a Faster and Safer Stroke Recovery with Digital Sensors
2016Éclaire ton attention!
2016Effects of Cognitive & Sensory Function on Progression of Alzheimer's Disease
2016Effects of Peat, Vegetation & Disturbance on Permafrost in Fort Good Hope, NT
2016Effects of Polyphenols on E-coli Bacteria
2016Efficacy of Colloidal Silver
2016Efficiency Deficiency: Impact of Cervical Spine Curvature on Brain Efficiency
2016Energy Saver 202
2016Engineering Novel Reporter Gene Vectors for Improved In Vivo Cellular Imaging
2016Entomonoodles: An Exploration Of Entomophagy’s Applications To Refugee Nutriti
2016Enzymatic Hydrolysis by Decomposers
2016Equine Hydroponic Forage: Can it really benefit Equine Nutritional Needs?
2016Errance causée par la démence – sauver la vie des aînés
2016Est-ce que la poudre de curcuma est un antibiotique?
2016Ethanol: Heating Things Up
2016Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Flavonoids in Pomelo Peel Extracts
2016Evolution or Extinction? Time Will Tell for the King of the Arctic
2016Exploring the Effects of Twelve Herbs on Type 2 Diabetes and Their Components
2016Facebook: Fun or Folly?
2016FAK Metastasis
2016Farmland To Filtration: Improving Water Quality
2016Fertiorin Pills: solid fertilizer slow release based on human urine
2016Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Naturally
2016Filthy Water Cannot Be Washed: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
2016Filtrons l’océan!
2016Fish Fuel
2016Floating an Idea - Preventing Mysterious Drownings in Experienced Swimmers
2016Fogponics: The Future of Food
2016Four Minimums with One Maximum
2016From Plastic to Plants: An Open Source Approach to 3D Bioprinting
2016Fuel Vapour: An enhanced method for fuel efficiency
2016Garbage, Recycling, or None of the Above!
2016Gardening With Aquatic Weed: Pest to Profit?
2016Gas Sensor Applications with Photonic Crystal Fiber&Carbon Dioxide Sensor Design
2016Gender Imbalance: The Influence of the Stereotype Threat on Women in STEM
2016Generating Musical Accompaniment Using Machine Learning
2016Germline ATM Variants Identified in Long-Term Survivors of Pancreatic Cancer
2016Go With the Flow: Continual Monitoring of Pollutant Filtration
2016Gold Nanoparticles: A novel approach to tumour treatment
2016Good Fill, No Spill
2016Graphene Based Batteries/Supercapacitors
2016Graphene Sand Desalinator
2016Graphene: The Next Generation of Printed Circuits
2016Green Aviation = Today's Engines + Alternative Fuels?
2016Grey Water, Green Plants
2016Growing Pains
2016Guns to Heal
2016Halorhodopsin as Novel Industrial Biotechnology Host to Treat Absence Epilepsy
2016Hand Function Recovery Device
2016Headphones: A Catalyst or Scapegoat in Adolescent Hearing Loss
2016Hibernation meurtrière
2016HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour
2016Homemade Solar Cells
2016How Caffeine Affects Your Teeth
2016How Cold Affects Bacteria Growth
2016How Does Fertilizer and Hormone Affect Different Plant Root Growth?
2016How does the Soil Affect the pH of Water?
2016How Music Affects Horses
2016Human Growth Hormone and Diabetes
2016Human Sleep Patterns
2016Hybrid Supercapacitor – Battery System for Electric Vehicles
2016I Love Music
2016iDentifi: Using Computer Vision to Help Visually Impaired Individuals
2016Identification and Characterization of the Low-Gluten Gene for Celiac-Safe Wheat
2016ImmunoBEAM: A Novel Biomaterial Conjugate as a Therapeutic Vaccination Platform
2016Impact of an Oil Spill and Emergency Response on Thick-billed Murre Feathers
2016Impact Velocity
2016Implementing Biomarkers in Cardiomyocyte Cells for the use in Cardiotoxicity Scr
2016Improving Memory: Spatial vs. Rote Memory
2016Improving the Accessibility and Applicability of Water for Human Necessities
2016Improving the Methods of Detection and DNA Isolation of Bacteria in Milk
2016In Love with the Coco
2016Increasing S.I. Engine Efficiency Through Novel Combustion Chamber Geometry
2016Influence of Habitat on Cellobiase Activity in Mushrooms
2016Inhibiting Apoptosis with Caffeine
2016Inhibition of EZH2 in Neuroblastoma Cells
2016Innovative Helmet Design to Reduce Brain Injury
2016Interacting With Electronic Devices Using Eye Movements
2016Invisible Glass
2016IronMax: A New Source of High Iron Food
2016Irradier pour soigner!
2016Is the Media All the Hype?
2016Is Your House Killing You?
2016It's All In The Genes
2016It's Bright, but You Can't See It
2016It's Not Black and White: The Effect of Coloured Light on Lymnae Stagnalis
2016It's only Brain Surgery! Developing a Simulation Tool to Train Non-Neurosurgeons
2016Je meurs de chaleur
2016Jouer pour apprendre : ça aide!
2016Kleiber's Law Applied to Link Population Size With City Growth Aspects
2016La désalinisation illuminée!
2016La formation du Grand lac des Esclaves
2016La guerre des nerfs
2016La guerre froide
2016La loterie quantique
2016La maison pliante
2016La puissance des eaux grises
2016La salinité des courants d’eau communautaires
2016Lake Vostok
2016Landfill Reduction by Reusing Polyethylene
2016Launched by Leftovers: Generating Biofuels from Garbage!
2016Le plastique biodégradable
2016Le sucre... délicieuse drogue?
2016Learning from Flint: Is NaOH the Solution to Pb-Contaminated Drinking Water?
2016Leave the Gas, Save the Grass
2016Leeches Unleashed
2016Les ballons d’eau : la résistance et l’apparence
2016Les dents de la mère
2016Les effets de l’exercice sur la mémoire à court terme
2016Les enfants sales sont les enfants en bonne santé
2016Les épices au secours des infections alimentaires
2016Les limites de la mémoire
2016Less Mass Run Fast
2016Let Cancer Kill Cancer: A novel therapeutic strategy
2016Let's Do the Moringa
2016Let's Roll!
2016Light the Green
2016LRRK2 controls alpha-synuclein levels via microRNAs in Parkinson’s disease
2016L’aquaponie, est-ce l’avenir?
2016L’écosystème arctique
2016L’endroit idéal pour botter un ballon le plus loin possible
2016L’ultime équipe informatique
2016Macrophage Phenotype and Function: Effects of Islet Hormone Signaling
2016Magneto-Hydrodynamic Drive
2016Making Milk Less Allergenic
2016Malacostracology LC50
2016Maple Syrup can FIX that
2016Maple Syrup: A solution to assist the goal of self sustenance in space?
2016May the Phosphorus be Extracted
2016Measuring Information Processing of Images and Words at Varying Rates
2016Measuring Knee Stress with a Mechanical Model
2016Mechanical Boots
2016Memory Retention: Power Of The Senses
2016Merveilleuses légumineuses
2016Microbial-Film Power Generation
2016Microporous Silicon as an Alternative Battery Anode
2016Mold in Sandy Bay First Nations Homes
2016Muscle tes satellites
2016Music, Rocks and all that Jazz - How Music Affects Learning
2016Myriophyllum spicatum: A Threat To Habitat Biodiversity–An Invasive Species Pl
2016Near Field Communication Safety
2016No More Dehydration, Use the Solar Desalination
2016No Need for the Bead
2016Novel Camera-Based WSN in Fire Detection
2016Now You See Me
2016On the Pathway to Healing: Risk Factors of Alcoholism in Fort Resolution, NT
2016Oscar Sorting: Sorting the Waste Stream
2016Out of the Elements
2016Peat Moss
2016Personal Escape Pods : A New Emergency Breathing Apparatus
2016Phantom Sensations
2016Pi in the Sky
2016Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting From High Traffic Areas in the HRM
2016Piezoelectric Vibration-Sensing Shoe
2016Plant Pigments: A Novel Treatment for Cancer
2016Plants Choice
2016Plants on Drugs: Miracle Fluid - The Effect of Chemical Injection on Plants
2016Plastic Waters
2016Poopalicious: Changing the Microbiome with FMT
2016Pour Qui Notre Cerveau Peut Être Trompé Par Les Illusions
2016Pour Some Sugar on Me
2016Pourquoi suis-je psychopathe?
2016Power from the Simultaneous Burning of Hydrogen During Electrolysis
2016Power of Phi
2016Power Plants of the Future: Optimizing Plant Microbial Fuel Cell Design
2016POWER UP! Wind Turbine Efficiency
2016Powered By Spit
2016Print vs. Screens - Old School vs. Tech
2016Project LEAP
2016Pump Up The Velocity
2016Put Breaks On Neoplasia
2016Quand la TBE sort au resto!
2016Quand l’œil sert d’oreille
2016Qullik 2.0 La mise à jour sur la lampe inuit traditionnelle
2016Really Random?
2016Reconnaissance Sensory Space Glove Prototype
2016Red Light Green Light Fuzzy In-Between Light
2016Refuelling with Sugar
2016Regulation of Fibronectin Gene Expression in Fibroblasts by Scleraxis
2016Reversing Atherosclerosis: Development of a Biocompatible Solvent
2016Reward vs. Punishment: Which is the Better Motivator?
2016Role of ING1 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma
2016RuBisCO and RuBP: The Answer Behind the Enzymes
2016Safe Skies
2016Salivary microRNAs as a Novel Tool for Microfluidic Detection of Breast Cancer
2016Salt vs. Ice
2016Salt Water Electricity
2016Samqwan Muin - Tardigrades
2016Sauve ta peau!
2016SERT Genotype and Expression Do Not Align in Human Cancers or Cortical Extracts
2016Sexed Semen: Product for Today, Progress for Tomorrow
2016Should I Shovel My Solar Panel?
2016Slowing Down To Power Your Town
2016SMART Drone Technology
2016Smart Prosthetic-Smart Object: A New Approach to Interactive Control and Design
2016Smart Water Monitoring System: Using Microcontroller Technology
2016Soapless Water
2016Soil Sterilization
2016Soil Your Undies
2016Solar Siding: Harnessing the power of T.E.G’s
2016Solar-Potential Energy Storage and Water Purification Hybrid System
2016Solvent-Polymer Composite Deposition 3D Printing
2016Something in the Way They Mooove
2016Spruce it Up 2!
2016Starving the Cancer
2016Stop Being Bullied Part-2 (A Novel Approach To Ease Bullying)
2016Stop Light on Sweetener Street: Sweeteners and the Gut Microbiome
2016Stripping Down the Sugars
2016Styrofoam - A Problem We Need to (dis)-Solve
2016Sugar Science
2016Synthetic 3-D Printed Heart
2016Synthetic Limpet Teeth for Improved Joint Performance
2016Syphilis on the Rise
2016T1D Mouthguard
2016TAGUCHI Method Applied for Optimizing the Performance of a Trebuchet
2016Taking a Look at Peripheral Vision in Athletes
2016Teen Stress
2016Temperature Manipulation Desalination
2016Temperature Tangles
2016Temps et Gratzel : électrisant?
2016Terminal Damage
2016Testing the Acceptance of Phantom Limb in Non-Amputees
2016The Answer to Cancer: Could Triptolide Be The Cure?
2016The Audio Maze
2016The Bane of the School Bathroom
2016The Best Goggle Tint for the Dark
2016The Correlation Between Enhanced Neurological Function and Bilingualism
2016The Development of Adaptive Wheels
2016The Dog Intelligence Test
2016The Door Pedal
2016The Effect of Antacids on the Breakdown of Enteric Coated Pharmaceuticals
2016The Effect of Dissolved Oxygen and pH on Wetland Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity
2016The Effect of Incubation Temperature on the Viscosity of Yogurt
2016The Effect of Worms on the Decomposition of Food Waste
2016The Effects of Guanosine on Essential Neurotoxins in the Parkinson's Disease
2016The Effects of Nanosilver on the Ionic Silver Resistant Plasmid (pMG101)
2016The Fourth R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regrow!
2016The Genius Genus: Aspen Adaptations
2016The Graphene Enhanced S.W.I.F.T. Unit
2016The Green Way: Making Use of Waste
2016The Identification of Natural Products from Cinnamon for Diabetic Treatment
2016The Impact of Modelled Exit Signalling Behaviour on Other Drivers In Roundabouts
2016The Impact of Restorative Yoga and Streching on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
2016The Key to Unlocking BCa
2016The Management of Diabetes in Northwest British Columbia
2016The Movement Patterns Of The White-Tailed Deer
2016The Power of Honey
2016The Quest for A Smart Autonomous UAV, Part One: To Engineer A Drone
2016The Raincycler: Hydroelectric Rainfall Generator
2016The Recipe for Electricity
2016The Remediation of Britannia Mine through Phytoremediation and Chemical Washing
2016The Role of Fabric in the Prevention of Nosocomial Illness
2016The Role of Panx3 and CCN1 in Intervertebral Disc Health in Mice
2016The Root of Ethanol Production
2016The Silver Bullet: A Novel Antibody-AgNP Complex for Cancer Treatment
2016The Sweet Spot
2016The Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Effects on Plant Growth
2016The Thermovoltaic Cell
2016The Ultimate Angle
2016The World's First Biological Power Plant
2016Thermo-electric generators to charge electronic devices in the wilderness
2016Thinking in Reverse
2016Time Flies
2016Tiny Titans: Silver Nanoparticles
2016To Gyro or Not To Gyro
2016To Study Synergy Effect of Medicinal Plants on Antimicrobial Activity of Garlic
2016Toxic Tampons
2016Transport de marchandises dans le Grand Nord canadien
2016True Colours: Exploring the Science of the Stroop Effect
2016Tumor-Specific TCR-pMHC Database
2016Turning LEDs Into Power: Considering if LED Power Generators are Possible
2016Un Minecraft... pour la santé!
2016Un pigment antioxydant
2016Uncovering the Thermal Response of Ferromagnetic NanoTherapy to Cure Cancer
2016Under Pressure! An Investigation of Performance Under Perceived Pressure
2016Une alternative verte
2016Une perspective nébuleuse
2016Using a Low-Density Field to Improve Water Vessel Speed and Efficiency
2016Using Genetic Algorithms to Create Safer Self-Driving Cars
2016Valeurs 2.0
2016Video Games Before Bed: Does it Affect my Sleepwalking?
2016Vitamin C: C for Captured?
2016Vote CDJ – une nouvelle façon de pratiquer la démocratie
2016Vous en saliverez!
2016VSV-EBOV contre Ébola
2016Walking Analysis: A Gait-Way to a Better Future
2016Waste Not, Want Not (Biofiltration of Household Greywater)
2016Wasted Water - Do We Really Need Watering Restrictions?
2016Water Saving Shower Head: Multi-iterative Design Incorporating Atomized Flow
2016Wearable Sonar Technology
2016What Amount of Arsenic Trioxide Helps Stop APL Cell Invasion?
2016What are the Beneficial Effects of Curcumin?
2016What is Virtual Reality?
2016What Kids Know About Global Warming?
2016What's Hot What's Not?
2016What's the Best Anti-Butt? Algae, Coconut or Banana - Designing Eco-Fliters
2016What's The Scoop
2016Where does the Head Rest Best?
2016Where's The Real Beef?
2016Wi-Fi: Our Well Being or Mind Deceiving
2016Wi-Tricity on Wheels: Solar/Hydro Hybrid Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
2016Wiggling Towards A Pollution Solution
2016Worm Wars: The Soil Awakens
2016Would you Eat these Peas?
2016XTreme Ultra Body Fuel with BDNF Protein Enhancers
2016You're Exposed
2016You're Out! An Electronic Baseball Umpire
2016Your Eyes Are...RED?
2016« Feuillez » y penser!
2016« Santé »-vous bien quand vous dinez?
20151 + 8 = 9, défluorons!
2015A Big MiSteak
2015A Bloody Mess: The Cool Blue Light of Luminol
2015À cœur ouvert...
2015A Huge Impact Due To A Small Quantity!
2015A Low Cost Gel Block Model for Ultrasound Guided Training
2015A Novel Application of Swarm Intelligence in Policing
2015A Novel Approach to Bioenergy Production Using Primary Effluent and Coal
2015A Novel Approach to Energy Generation & Storage: Axial Flux with Supercapacitors
2015A Novel Investigation Using Engineered Technologies to Reduce Tank Car Incidents
2015A Novel Mathematical Model for Ferromagnetic NanoTherapy to Cure Cancer
2015A Novel Method to Identify Genes in Electron Transfer of Exoelectrogens
2015A Novel Paediatric Spine Board
2015A Possible Solution for Ionic Pollution
2015A Race to the Next Generation
2015A Sticky Situation 2.0
2015Abrase-moi !
2015Adaptive Wheel
2015Advanced Breath Interface and Control Systems For Robotics
2015Algae: A Clean Road To The Future Part 2
2015An Eye For Colour: Digital Analysis of the Colour Palette in Artist's Paintings
2015An Inspection of Recollection
2015Ancient Solutions
2015Antibiotic Resistance Threat: Testing Alternative Therapies
2015Anticancer Therapy: Targeting MAD1 Overexpression with SGOL1 and PP2A Inhibition
2015Are There Differences in How Lettuce Genotypes Respond to Light Sources?
2015Are you Losing Energy Down the Drain?
2015Artistic mood
2015At a Snail's Pace
2015ATP Starvation: Targeting Cancer Glucose Metabolism Using Metformin And MCT4 ASO
2015Attention à la baisse de pH !
2015Au cœur de l'infiniment petit : les nanoparticules
2015Avocado Milk Emulsion
2015Baby Got...Your Back?
2015Backcountry Fire Starters
2015Bacteria Fighting Foods
2015Bacterial Infections: Natural or Synthetic Antibiotics?
2015Balanced Homodyne Detector Laser Microphone
2015Battling Biofouling: The Development of an Environmentally Sensitive Coating
2015Beam Me Up Scotty (Robotic Teleportation Through Skype)
2015Being Fair Isn't Fair: circadian resetting by electronic light and eye colour
2015Benford's Law
2015Beta Cells' Ability to Secrete Insulin under Glucotoxic Conditions
2015Beyond the Waste
2015Binaural Beats: Bio-feedback Via Brainwave Entrainment
2015Biochar Filtration of Phosphorous
2015Brain Energy Conversion Contraption (B.E.C2)
2015Brain Nurture
2015Breathable Rock: A Novel Approach to Isolating Oxygen in CaSO4 H2O for on Mars
2015Brickin' Awesome Eco Brick
2015Bubbling with Energy
2015Building a Better Black Box
2015Calgary Suburban Snake Survival
2015Can deactivated no-rinse disinfectant regain microbial toxicity in a low pH?
2015Can Parkinson's Disease Be Cured through Neurogenesis?
2015Can We Improve the Quality of Water in Developing and Third World Countries?
2015Can We Prepare? Altering Innate Behaviour & Preparing for Invasive Fish Species
2015Can you Drink Wastewater?
2015Canned Heat
2015Capturing the Value of Melody
2015Catching Combine Fires
2015CEEP - A Novel Approach for Environmental Trace Elemental Analysis
2015Cell Phone Effects
2015Ces cellules qui guérissent...
2015Chemlogic: A Logic Programming Chemistry System (2ed.)
2015Chia : une cure précolombienne
2015Childhood Cancer Chemotherapy: The promise of non-genotoxic options
2015Chill Out!
2015Clarifying the Function of Vitamin E
2015Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
2015Colour Confusion - The Stroop Effect
2015Colour Distinction
2015Colourful Choices
2015Combining Gold Nanoparticles with Indium and Panitumumab to Inhibit Cancer
2015COMPEL: A Novel Comprehensive Physical Environment Influenced Landslide Model
2015Computer-Aided Discovery Of Novel Invadopodia Inhibitors To Prevent Metastasis
2015Concentrated Solar Water Purifier with Capillary Feeder and Heat Recuperator
2015Concentrating on Neonicotinoids
2015Conception d'un distillateur et de distillats de Ledum groenlandicum
2015Correlation between tissue changes & back pain in a mouse model of intervertebra
2015Countertop Cold Storage: An Innovation Using Peltier Chip Technology
2015Crudely Corrosive: The Effect of Light & Heavy Crude Oils on Pipeline Corrosion
2015Curling Rocks!
2015Curly Horses: The Answer to Allergies
2015Curry, Spice and Everything Nice
2015De Paume en Paume : le danger sur nos mains
2015Dead Zones
2015Determinants of the Accuracy of Blood Pressure Measurement: A Novel Strategy
2015Development of a low voltage UV-LED device for water disinfection
2015Development of Assistive Technology for Recovery from ACL Injury
2015Development of Latent 2-D Footwear Impressions: An Improved Methodology
2015Disappearing Monarchs: 7 Years of Study, One Shocking Fact
2015Do Cell Phones Inhibit Growth?
2015Do Verulam Ordovician Fossils vary due to the composition and level of Strata?
2015Does beta carotene protect human skin cells from ultraviolet radiation?
2015Does Temperature Effect The Speed Of A Puck?
2015Does Your Wood Have Gas? Part Two
2015Dois-je nourrir mon intelligence?
2015Don't Cry Over Spilled Oil
2015Don't Get Burned: An Analysis of Sunscreen
2015Don't Soak Up the Sun
2015Driven By Fast Food
2015Driving our Cars on Wood and Water
2015E-Cigarettes: Do Pre-teens Need E-Ducation?
2015E-cigarettes: Friend or Foe?
2015Early immunological experience and the development of allergies
2015Earthquakes: Improving Building Resiliency
2015Ébola : prêt, pas prêt ?
2015Ebola No More!
2015Effect of Hypoxia on Learning and Memory
2015Effect of Vitamin C on Macrophage Function
2015Effects of Statins on Scleraxis-Mediated Collagen Expression in Fibroblasts
2015Egg Substitutes for Baking
2015Eggs-amining the Connection Between Foraging Behavior and Egg Characteristics
2015Electromagnetic Radiation
2015Elucidating the Role of CDK5RAP2 in NSCLC
2015EMMA: ElectroMyographically Manipulated Arm - The Future of Prosthetics
2015Endangered Alberta-Climate Change at OUR Doorstep
2015Engaging High School Students With Social Engineering
2015Engineering Optimal Gear Ratios for Robotics
2015Evaluating antimicrobial plant-derived compounds
2015Every Drop Counts - An Intelligent Farming System
2015Exoskeleton Arm Utilizing Flexible Air Muscles
2015Experiments in Collective Robotics
2015Extracorporeal Sonic Wave Therapy for Inoperable Tumours
2015Extracts of partridgeberry (V. vitis-idaea) contain potent anti-cancer compounds
2015Eye See the Light
2015Fast...Faster...Fastest - Testing Velocity of Different Types of Tennis Strings
2015Feet or Superfeet?
2015Filtering Estrogenic Substances from Liquid Waste at the Household Level
2015Finding A Natural Fertilizer
2015Food Fight: Comparing Conventional and Organic Produce
2015Food for Thought: Preventive Management of Neurodegenerative Disorders
2015Fuel of the Future
2015Fugitive Coal Dust Solutions in South Delta
2015Fusion + Fission = Future
2015Game On! Winning the Battle Over Pain
2015Gel Electrophoresis
2015Germs Everywhere - An Innovative Germ Awareness and Hand Washing Program
2015Get a Grip: Low Cost Solutions to Improve Grip for 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands
2015Go Bananas!!!
2015Gone With The Wind: An Experimental Apparatus For Building Response To Wind
2015Goodnight Sun!
2015Gourmande scientifique
2015GPS Footprint: A Modern Approach to Emissions
2015Green Oil: Improving the Extraction Efficiency of Bitumen from the Oil Sands
2015Hand Sanitizers at Work: Which Does the Job Best?
2015Harnessing Energy from Traffic Utilizing Piezoelectric Crystals
2015Hear It or See It Here 1st
2015High Frequency Hearing Loss
2015High Tech Trapper
2015Hot House
2015How Clear is Your Focus?
2015How Do a Variety of Foods Affect Blood Glucose Levels?
2015How Do You Like Them Apples?
2015How does caffeine affect the heart rate of daphnia?
2015How Does The Strength of a Permanent Magnet Vary with Temperature Change
2015How Fast Does Ice Melt? Extent and Implications of Glacial Retreat in the Skeena
2015How Many Sugars are in Your Smoothie?
2015How our Thoughts Affect Horses
2015How Temperature Affects the Flow of Crude Oil
2015Hypertos: A launch into the web based era.
2015I'm Lovin' It! Producing Biopolymers From Fast Food Waste
2015Identification of A Novel Anti-adipogenic Compound from Dandelion
2015Identification of Carbamazepine Degraders
2015Identification of Plant Defense Genes in the Arabidopsis-Sclerotinia Pathosystem
2015Imagine this!: Curing Disease with Protein Folding Simulations
2015Improving the Everyday Classroom
2015Influence of animal and plant hormone to increase Algae biomass production
2015Ingenious Tri-Kayak Rack
2015Inheritance of Hair Morphology
2015Inhibiting Pathogenic Infections: A Polyphenol and Carotenoid Based Approach
2015Inmeshtigation: comparison of water vapour collection of 3 mesh sizes
2015Inuit Shades
2015Invest With Hal
2015Investigating Ceramic Calcium Phosphate Cements as Bone Replacing Material
2015Investigating Correlations and Variations of Lymnae stagnalis
2015Investigating Reclamation Potential of Native Plants
2015Iron Nanoparticle Based In-Situ Anti-Coagulant Delivery
2015Is PET the right BET?
2015Is the Grass Always Greener when the Water’s Cleaner?
2015Is Vaccinating an Udder Misteak?
2015Isolating Genes for Gastric Carcinoma Treatment via Expression Meta-Analysis
2015Jitter Bug: How HFCS Affects the Longevity, Fertility & Behaviour of Drosophila
2015Killing Viruses: The discovery and characterization of novel RdRP inhibitors
2015Kinesiology Plus - A Biofeedback Device for Retraining Harmful Muscle Memories
2015L'asphalte, ça craque !
2015La chromatographie des bonbons
2015La deuxième vie du pétrole
2015La lâcheté triomphe
2015La perception des couleurs selon la couleur des yeux
2015La purification de l'eau
2015La suite de la suie
2015La Vénus Lacque
2015Le carburant des sportifs ?
2015Le cerveau : droit ou gauche?
2015Le danger de la recongélation
2015Le moteur FuzioTeK
2015Le pansement qui pense
2015Le pouvoir de la musique
2015Le pouvoir des glucides
2015Le savoir des diabétiques dans les régions urbaines et rurales
2015Le stress en héritage
2015Lead it Go: Purifying Lead Contaminated Water with Common Seashells
2015Lenz's Law
2015Les bactéries chez les petits
2015Les effets nocifs du cannabis
2015Les ondes électromagnétiques
2015Les protéines recombinantes
2015Life's 2nd Chance with Gene Therapy
2015Lignin Adsorption: An Innovative Approach to Water Purification
2015Limitations of Beta-Blockers
2015Love that Dirty Water
2015Low Cost Solutions to Improve Tie Longevity
2015Machine Learning Based Smart Bed Monitoring System
2015Magic Mushrooms
2015Magnetic Energy!
2015Mauvaises herbes... et si c'était la solution?
2015Maximizing Solar Panel Output Through Utilization of Photovoltaic Concentrator
2015Mechanics of the Throwing Motion
2015Message codé : méninge-Hits ?
2015Mi'kmaq Runner
2015Micro Hydro - Do a Lot, With a little
2015Microcontroller Controlled Laser Area Denial (M-CLAD)
2015Microwave Assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from Cocoa Powder
2015Migration clima-tique
2015Mind over Matter. . . Or Matter over Mind?
2015Miracle Versus Entity
2015Monitoring Medication Adherence-Part 2
2015Multi-Hydrocarbon Based Approach to Water Retention Technologies
2015Multi-Turbine VentusCapio
2015Music and Distraction
2015Naviguer sans s'aveugler
2015Ne clignez pas!
2015Need A Hand?
2015Neuro-Chapeau= Éveil au volant
2015Neutralize Your Thinking
2015NOGOS: A Novel Nano-Oligosaccharide Doped Graphene Sand Composite Water Filter
2015Obliterating Osteosarcoma with M109
2015Off Your Dock, Into Your Garden
2015Oh No Organics: A Study on the Effects of Antibiotics in Retail Ground Beef
2015Oil Spill Rescue: Putting Dawn to the Test
2015One Man's Waste is another Man's Power
2015Optimizing the Tack
2015Organic: Is It Better?
2015OUCH That Vaccination Hurt! Convert the Hurt With Single-Sensory Distraction.
2015Overview of Mexico's City Rivers
2015Paediatric Chronic Pain Application
2015Pain! M.R.Why?
2015Panneau solaire attaché à un traqueur du soleil vs panneau stationnaire
2015Pareidolia: An Absence of Music
2015Pendulum Transportation System
2015Perfect Toast: Using Microcontroller Technology
2015Pesticide ou peste ici?
2015Phagocytosis in Burn Patients
2015Pharmaceutical Antibiotics or Natural Antibiotics: Which is More Effective?
2015Phenylalanine Self-Diagnostic Test for Phenylketonuria Patients
2015Photon Filtration: A Novel Printer for Ink-Free Reusable Paper
2015Physical Activity = Better Concentration
2015Physics Accelerometer Lab: Your Amusement Park PAL
2015Pifithrin and Phenylalanine as a Novel Cancer Treatment
2015Pimatizi Bimide: Bio Fuel
2015Plaquettes : un trésor pour le X
2015Polarization-Selective Mirror based on a Silicon Nitride Photonic Crystal Slab
2015Poo is Cool
2015Power Your Car From Your Dinner Table
2015Predictive Perceptron Networks: Temperature Forecasting Using Machine Learning
2015Preference Bias
2015Pressure Cooker
2015Prevent Cancers - "Zeolite-X" Filtering Out Radiation from Radioactive Tobacco
2015Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis Of Heavy Metal Contamination
2015Quality of different soils and composts through soil testing
2015Quand le cerveau tient « tête »!
2015Quantum Computers: Bits of Matter
2015Quel est ce bruit?
2015Quelle tique t'a piqué?
2015Quelles tomates désirez-vous ?
2015R U Driving Distracted 2
2015R.E.D.M.A. - Residential Emergency Detecting Multifunctional Apparatus
2015R.S.P. The Robotic Snow Plow
2015Radon Mitigation, Absolute and Bronchial Dose: A Sixteen Month Experiment
2015Raspberry Pi Smartphone Garage Door System
2015Ready, Set, Go!
2015Regulation of Adipokines and Fat Growth by Master-switch Protein Kinase
2015Release the Heat
2015Remedies Recovered From Roof Top Resources
2015Resilience and Recovery
2015Reversing Atherosclerosis: A Paradigm shift in cardiovascular disease treatment
2015Rhomboid Protease 4 mRNA Expression In A Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease
2015Root Microbiomics: The Next Big Thing?
2015Safe Ride
2015Safety for Schools
2015Saving Nature's Sunblock
2015Saving the Planet One Wetland at a Time
2015Savior from the Sea!!!
2015Seeing is Believing
2015Silent Music: A Novel Approach to Anxiety Reduction Using Tactile Sound
2015Simulating Brains in Artificial Organisms
2015Small But Mighty-The Environmental Impact of Microbeads
2015SMART Car Seat
2015Smart Speed & Smart Intersection
2015Smarter Than A Child-Proof Container
2015SmartOc : un outil pour une cardiotocographie intelligente
2015Smile: Improving Dental Health Through Technology
2015Solar Concentrator Tracker
2015SOS For Your SOS
2015Speech Recognition - A Fresh Approach
2015Stirling Engine
2015Stop Being Bullied
2015Stop Icy Drownings
2015Strength of Common Construction Softwoods
2015Stressed To The Limit Too
2015Stretch or Snap: The Effects of PH on Hair Durability
2015Success With Knowledge: The Theory of MEGIE
2015Super Sign
2015Take Your Best Shot
2015Taking the Flyway
2015Targeting the subunit interface of an enzyme overexpressed in cancer
2015Teen Perceptions and Personas
2015Testing the effect of colloidal silver on antibiotics fighting E.Coli
2015That Conversation Can Wait!
2015The 'God' Particle: Dark Matter Brought to Light?
2015The 3rd Wheel
2015The ABC's of Mouthwash
2015The Affect of Fatigue on a Soccer Player's Ability to Perform Skills
2015The Attraction of Distractions
2015The Automatic Drawer
2015The Baby Life Saver (BLS)
2015The Best Parabolic Reflector
2015The Cheerios Effect: Uncovered
2015The Effect of Differing pH Levels on Cancerous and Non-Cancerous Cells
2015The Effect of Playing a Musical Instrument on One's Memory Capacity
2015The Effects of Pesticides and Neuroprotective Agents on Dopaminergic Neurons
2015The Effects of Stroke-Like Oxidative Stress on the Insulin Pathway
2015The Every-Other-Day Diet
2015The Fight Against PCa
2015The Flooding Fraser River
2015The Implementation of Nanoparticles to Eliminate Aspergillus Fungi
2015The Importance of DDXXXE Motif for the HIV-1 Nef Protein in the GI tract
2015The in vitro glycemic response of various breakfast cereals
2015The Magic of Mustard
2015The Modex: Real Time Musical Analysis
2015The Mystery of Bipolar Disorder
2015The Nose Knows Not
2015The Oil Eater
2015The Proof is in the Prints
2015The Road to Zero Tolerance
2015The S.S. Power
2015The S.W.I.F.T. Unit - Putting Heat and Electricity Where You Need It!
2015The Scholar's 3-D Printer
2015The Secret to Pumpkin
2015The Skies of Tomorrow
2015The Triangle Solver
2015The Ultraponic Gardening System
2015The Water Wheel Cart Plus - Improving the Quality of Life in Developing Nations
2015ThermIS: Automation of Viral System Detection
2015Thermovoltaics: Powering the Future
2015Thinking about thinking: instinctive versus non-instinctive methods in archery
2015This Is My Jam
2015Tidal Potential: Harnessing the Power of the Tides
2015Tidal Power Pump
2015To Bee or Not To Bee: Overwintering Techniques and Losses of Honeybees in Algoma
2015Tobacco Use and Effects in Gjoa Haven Youth
2015Traitement amélioré contre le cancer
2015Transformation extrême !
2015Tribology and Surface Patterns
2015Tsunami Protection Barriers
2015Ultrasound Flaw Detection in Underground Power Cables
2015Un remède attirant
2015Understanding Sound Machine
2015Up and Over
2015UPOD: The Sixth Sensor
2015Using Radio Waves to Harvest Energy
2015Using the Perception of Facial Emotions to Aid in Diagnosis of Mood Disorders
2015Utilization of aptamers as a novel therapeutic tool for Parkinson's Disease
2015UV Death Rays
2015Vegetable Oils and Amines: A Novel Approach for Capturing and Utilizing CO2
2015Verre l'avenir !
2015Warm up's Effect on Reaction Time
2015Waste to Watts II
2015Water for the Thirsty World
2015Water Quality
2015Watercress Cleans Toxic Chemicals From Waterways
2015Watt a Waste: Boundary Layer Effect + Axial Flux Generator = Clean Energy
2015What Blocks WIFI signals
2015What Garlic Components Can Inhibit Superbugs?
2015What's the Drift? Where's the Drift?
2015Which Beverage Causes the Most Tooth Erosion?
2015Who knew being "dense" could be better! Mysteries of what the brain hears Part 2
2015Wildfires - Protect Your Home!
2015Wind Turbine Energy
2015Wind Warping
2015Worm Grub
2015X-treme Body Fuel
2015Youth, Vitamin D and Activity - What's The Connection?
2015“The Strength of Dogs' Olfactory System Among Different Breeds”.
2014"Eye" See It!
2014"FISH"ing for Fatty Acids
2014A Better Wind Turbine - The C Airfoil
2014A Computational Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis: A Novel Diagnostic Procedure
2014A Fractal World
2014A Smarter Case
2014A Sticky Situation
2014A Study on Drop Damage and Durability Improvements to Smartphones
2014A Thaw-ful Situation: A Freezing Apparatus for Experimental Permafrost Failure
2014Achats san$ bon « sens »
2014Acid Snow
2014Addressing Forgetfulness as a Contributor to Inactivity: A Text Message Solution
2014Agricultural Antiperspirants: Controlling Stomata using Hygroscopic Compounds
2014AlgEYE: Automation of Algal Hydrogen Production
2014Algorithm for Improved Cooking Time and Temperature Estimation
2014Alpaca Power: Environmentally Friendly
2014An Innovative Approach to Multi-core Processor Interconnection Networks
2014Analyzing Changes in Bacterial Communities in Microbial Fuel Cells
2014Ancient Knowledge - Modern Approach
2014Anti-Aging and UV Protection: Dandelion is the Answer
2014Antimicrobial Properties in Evergreen Tree Leaves
2014APParel APPeal
2014Applying Science to Super Mario
2014Aqua Pura 2 - Water Purification With Household Materials
2014Asafoetida: The Miracle Herb
2014Au rythme de l'haptique
2014Au-delà de Pasteur
2014Augmenting Solar Energy: Application of Thermoelectric Effect on Photovoltaics
2014Autonomous Landmine Detection System
2014Avez-vous laissé des traces?
2014Bacteria in Ice
2014Bicycle Physics: What Gear?
2014Boys Are Gross
2014Breathe! A Study of Vital Lung Capacity in Singers and Non-Singers
2014C'est tout dans la tête... Le Phénomène de Placebo
2014Calf's First Drink
2014Can My Self-Formulated Fish Food Provide a Sustainable Ecosystem?
2014Can Popular Acne Treatments Stimulate or Exacerbate Cancer Growth?
2014Can we Improve the Quality of H20 in 3rd World Countries
2014Can We Use Plants to Control the Amount of Phosphorus in Lake Winnipeg?
2014Can You Boost EL4 Cells to Fight AIDS?
2014Can You Hear Me Now? Effectiveness of Non-Electronic Bone Conduction Hearing Aid
2014Can You Hear What I Hear? The Relationship Between Loudness, Frequency & Volume
2014Canine Feline Halitosis Part One
2014Catch of the Day
2014Catching Bullets
2014Cellphone Distractions: A Response-Time Analysis
2014Cérès : le drone agricole
2014Chemlogic: A Logic Programming Computer Chemistry System
2014Clean and Green Polystyrene
2014Co-Cultivation of Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria and Yeast for Biofuel Production
2014Coffee: Does Garcinia cambogia Assist in Weight Loss?
2014Cold Cuts: A Cooled Cutting Board Using Peltier Technology
2014Cold Feet?
2014Colour in Advertising, Does it Really Matter?
2014Computers Can Learn Too
2014Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermoelectric Hybrid Systems (C.P.T.H.)
2014Connais-tu tes tables?
2014Controlling HDR5: The H2S Detecting Rover 5
2014Coronavirus tue les neurones
2014Coup de cœur : garde le rythme
2014Crème! Que ça pique!
2014Cruising Without Bruising
2014Curry Cures
2014Cycling Safety Matters
2014De-icing Light Aircraft
2014Death Rays
2014Deciding the Point: A New Curling Measuring Stick Revealed
2014Deciphering Recycling
2014Decomposition of Fast Food vs Homemade Food
2014Denaturing DNA: Using Common Transcription Factors to Reprogram Cells
2014Detecting cyber-bullying through data mining
2014Detection of Antibiotic Resistant E. coli in Retail Meat
2014Determining the Potency of Various Biological Products Against F. graminearum
2014Development Of A Novel Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin –Based Treatment For HIV
2014Diabetes in the Mi'kmaq Population, Why Such High Rates?
2014Dietary Approaches to Improve Heart Function in Obesity-Associated Heart Failure
2014Distractions and Driving Don't Mix
2014Do Light Bulbs Have A Dark Side
2014Do Pigs Prefer Porridge?
2014Do You Feel the Burn?
2014Do You Know About Cancer-Killing Natural Solutions?
2014Does Light Cause Crime?
2014Does smell affect memory?
2014Does the Ocean Have a Beat?
2014Does the stimulus of the modern chair elicit a sedentary response?
2014Does Your Wood Have Gas?
2014Early Cancer Detection: A Fluorescence-Based Approach
2014Eco Melt
2014Effect of Green Tea and Fish Oils as Novel Treatments for Cardiac Hypertrophy
2014Effect of Oregano Oil on Broiler Chicken Production & Coliform Bacteria Levels
2014Effects of Acid/Base Solutions on Knightia Fossils and Taphonomy of Descendants
2014Effects of Folic Acid on Cells
2014Effects of Music on Different Activities
2014Effects of Music on Driving
2014Efficient Lighting Options vs. The Banned Incandescent
2014Enhancing Conceptual Memory by Sleep Learning Part II
2014Enlightening Plant Growth
2014Environmental Impact of Shifting Consumer Hygiene Trends
2014Environmental Influences on the Mutational Landscape of the Mouse Genome
2014Evaluating Therapeutic Potential of Lactobacillus and Aspartame on Cancer Cells
2014Exploring Cellular Automata Music
2014Exploring Piezoelectricity
2014F.E.R.E.C: A Fuel for the Future
2014FAE1 gene markers for identification of high erucic acid Brassica napus plants
2014Feeding the Bumblebees: Analysis of Fatty Acids from Peace River Pollen
2014Feeding, Fueling and Forging the Future
2014Fermentation of thin stillage for biofuel production by Clostridium thermocellum
2014Fertilizer Fiasco: Is Denitrification the Answer?
2014Fertilizer from Flue: Carbon Capture and Storage using Activated Charcoal
2014Fight Fire with Fire
2014Fight the Bite - Will they Choose Dark or Light?
2014Finding the Sweet Spot: the Violin-Player-Listener System
2014Fishing for Microplastics
2014Flood Water Purification at Home
2014Flu Vaccine - The Benefits Outweigh the Risks
2014Follow In My Footsteps: Discovering the Personality Profile of a Conformist
2014Forcing for Climate Change? Computational Modelling of Earth's Climate Systems
2014Fracturing Our Future
2014Free Energy: Part 2
2014Free-Space Laser Communication
2014From Lignin to Bioplastics!
2014Frustration Revealed: Biofeedback
2014Gaia's Horn of Plenty - Is Seed Harvesting The Answer?
2014Gas Eaters
2014Gauchers recherchés
2014Gaudy Grammar
2014Gene(s) that Allow Tigriopus californicus to Survive Under Thermal Stress
2014Geographical Data I/O
2014Go With The Flow: Benzoquinone-Fulvic Acid-NaCl Flow Battery
2014Golden Music: The Golden Ratio in Musical Compositions
2014Great Jeans or Great Genes
2014Green Gold: Phytoremediation of the Long Lake Gold Mine
2014Greening the Blue Skies: Reducing Induced Drag From Trailing Vortices
2014Handsfree Distractions
2014Happy Gilmore : fait ou fiction?
2014Harnessing Wind Energy for Use in an Automobile
2014Hay Aliens
2014Heart Beats 4 Music
2014Heat Recovery System: New Snow Melt Solution
2014Heat Recovery Ventilators: Alternative Benefits
2014Hémodialyse sans gain
2014Herbful Herbs: Analyzing The Effectivity Of Herbs To Neutralize Pathogens
2014Here Comes The Sun
2014Hidden Bacteria
2014Hit or Miss: The Science of Distracted Driving
2014Household Plants, the New Air Purifiers
2014How are Microorganisms Useful to Humans? Part 2
2014How Crude is Your Oil? Comparing the Toxicity of Light and Heavy Crude Oil
2014How Sizes of Sound Holes in Acoustic Instruments Affect Volume Projection
2014Hypertos Operating System
2014I - Power - My - Pod
2014Identification and Functional Properties of Phosphorylation Sites on Scleraxis
2014Identification of FtsW Lipid II Flippase Inhibitors using Computational Virtual
2014Implications of Dreissenid Mussel Death and Degradation on Water Quality
2014Increasing The Bioavailability Of Curcumin: A Novel Treatment for Cancer
2014Inhibiting Fructose Transport
2014Intelligent Intersection
2014Interactions Between Plant Hormones and Nutrients in Relation to Plant Growth
2014Inuit Games: A Study in Injury
2014Investigating Protein Aggregation States in AD and TBI using CSM
2014Investigating the Correlation Between CDK5RAP2 and NSCLC
2014Investigating the Leidenfrost Effect on the Hydrodynamic Efficiency of a Ship
2014Investigation of Wind Turbine Blades with Tubercles
2014Ionization and Separation of Cations and Anions from Inorganic Compound KI
2014Iron Ladies
2014Is Bigger the Better?
2014Is Radioactively Contaminated Seafood Being Sold in Canadian Grocery Stores?
2014Island Invaders
2014It's Ear-resistible!
2014iWriter: A Novel Method of Communication for ALS Patients
2014Jocks, Girdles and Guards - A Dilatant Anomaly!
2014Killer Pain Killers
2014Kinetic Advantage
2014Knot Again
2014L'absorption d'eau en utilisant l'hydrogel
2014L'essence écologique
2014L'exposition au froid et le diabète
2014La dextérité, un univers de complexité!
2014La fibre alternative
2014La logique digitale
2014La plus grosse boule de neige!
2014La qualité de l'eau
2014La ruée VERT l'or
2014La théorie du ballon-panier
2014Labourer : est-ce préserver?
2014Le moteur SymBioZ
2014Le sens du cœur
2014Le somnambulisme
2014Le son brillant
2014Lending a Helping Arm
2014Les brises-glace
2014Les phytoplasmes chez la graine
2014Life in a Dish
2014Linear vs. Logarithmic Changes: What Works Best for Human Senses?
2014Lourds vs légers
2014Magic Maple Manipulation
2014Magnetorheological Fluid: Can It Save Us From Earthquakes?
2014Mass transfer: A treatment for heart disease?
2014Math = Ca$h
2014Metabolism: The Achilles Heel of Prostate Cancer?
2014Microbes In Makeup
2014Microbial Fuel Cells
2014Microfilters: Harnessing Twitter For Disaster Management
2014MOAP-1 as a Regulator of Inflammation in the Colon
2014Monitoring Medication Adherence: Part 1
2014MonitorMe - The Internet of Living Things
2014mRNA Injection for Cleft Palate
2014Multi-tasking with Technology: Does it Affect Student Learning?
2014Mummy in the Maze
2014Musical Eggs
2014NANO: Enhancing The Performance of A Solar Collector With Nanofluids
2014Need Spellcheck?
2014New Algorithms for Approximating Logarithms With k-th Order
2014Ni'n Ketu L'nuisi
2014Nicotine Overkill?
2014Non-Binary Data Storage
2014Now You See It, Now You Don't
2014Nutrients In, RFOs Out
2014Oil RiDD'rs: Fully Biodegradable Booms for Oil Spill Recovery and Containment
2014On The Mark
2014One Little Cell, A World of Possibilities
2014Open-Source, Breath-Controlled Robotics for Prosthetic Applications
2014Operating Chamber as Prevention to Surgical Site Infection
2014Où va votre argent?
2014Peltier Power: Scavenging Heat From Solar Panels to Generate Electricity
2014Pénurie d'eau potable à venir?
2014Phage Busters
2014Pharmaceutical Pollution and Plants
2014Phosphate Filtration of Potato Wash Water
2014Photodynamic Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (PACT) for Eradicating Mould Pathogens
2014Photon Communicator
2014Physics of a Curveball
2014Picture This!: A Novel Approach to Limb Donor Identification & Prosthetic Design
2014Pitch Please!
2014Plowing: Spring or Fall
2014Poisonous Gases: Is Your Home at Risk?
2014Poo Power
2014Power of Suggestion
2014Prevalence and Consequences of GNA13 Mutations in PMBCL
2014Prevalence of Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
2014Prisonniers de la toile
2014Producing Value-Added Biomaterials from Lignocellulosic Waste
2014Progression of Intevertebral Disc Degeneration in Mice Lacking Expression of CCN
2014Project SP
2014Prototype for the teaching of Physics (CANICATRÓN)
2014Pump It!
2014Quantitative Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells in Prostate Cancer Patients
2014Quel âge ont vos oreilles?
2014Quel est le meilleur désinfectant?
2014Qui a brisé mon Jell-O?
2014Quorum sensing: A novel approach for identifying anti-microbial herbal plants
2014Radiation Abomination
2014Red Apple - Green Apple
2014Reducing Populations of Lymnae stagnalis Part II
2014Safe Pulling: Safer Than Ever
2014Searching for Joules
2014Searching for Sails
2014Sensing Beyond the Way
2014Severe Tornado Outbreaks: Finding Mechanical and Thermodynamic Relationships
2014Shade is Cool
2014Simulating the Evolution of the Hyades Star Cluster
2014Ski Wax: Can We Do Better?
2014Skin Cells to Bone Marrow
2014Small Particles, a Big Effect: Nanoparticles and Blood Cells
2014Snow To Heat Sidewalks?
2014Socks that Block!
2014Solar Steam Generator
2014Solution Stirling
2014Solvent-Based Cellulose Crystallinity Minimization to Improve Biofuel Production
2014Spot On! How to Create an Appaloosa Llama
2014Star in a Jar
2014Storm Force Winds: The Optimization of Building Design
2014Strength of an Electromagnet Phase 2
2014Student Behavior
2014Study of Nitrates and Phosphates in the Fisher River
2014Sugar Sugar Can it Kill Me
2014Sustainable Smart Sanitizer
2014T3Board - Anti-tendinitis keyless keyboard
2014Targeting Glycolysis in Prostate Cancer Using ASO against MCT4
2014Tea Time
2014Technological innovation means more radiation
2014Telemetric Vest: Wearable Computing for Patient Welfare
2014Testing Antimicrobial Properties within Animal Saliva
2014Texting With Vodka
2014That's Shocking
2014The 5 Second Rule
2014The Ants Go Marching None By None
2014The Bouba Kiki Effect
2014The Calculated Crisis
2014The Effect of Water Contaminants on the Germination of Radish Seeds
2014The Effects of Body Mass Index and Weight Loss on Pulmonary Blood Pressure
2014The Effects of Oil Spills on Marine Wildlife
2014The Friendly Fire-Retardant
2014The Fuel Cycle of the Future Part 2
2014The Girl with Half a Brain
2014The Green Sticker
2014The Heinous Carcinus maenas
2014The HMSD: A Novel Aid for the Visually Impaired
2014The Musician's Toolbox
2014The Physics Of Curling
2014The Piano Tuner's Dilemma
2014The PipeLime: a Novel Solution to CO2 Emissions from Cars
2014The Science of Music: Studying the Relationship between Musical Enjoyment and...
2014The Sugar Rollercoaster
2014The Time-Integral of Distance: Uncovering A New Property of Fundamental Physics
2014The Turbo-Eco Cookstove Plus: Improving Living Conditions in Developing Nations
2014The UDrink Project
2014The Ugly Truth
2014The Vitamin A Metabolite: The Embryonic Development of L. stagnalis
2014Thrival or Survival
2014Throttling a Two Stroke Engine Through Crankcase Compression
2014Tiens-toi droit!
2014To Chew or Not to Chew?
2014To Grow or Not To Grow
2014To Kill a Mockingbug
2014To Paraben or Not to Paraben?
2014To Steep, Or Not To Steep
2014Tolérance à la douleur
2014Torsion Core "Plywood"
2014Trouble in Paradise: Can shell recycling help buffer ocean acidification?
2014Turn It Up (Our Perception of Loudness)
2014Twisted Carbon Fibre Aerogel: A Cellulose Based Hydrophobic Superabsorbent
2014Ultrasonic Vision
2014Un arbre de Noël dans les yeux
2014Un dentifrice ingénieux
2014Un moment, s.v.p.
2014Un nouveau test d'analyse du syndrome d'Asperger
2014Un remède au cancer?
2014Uncovering The Truth About Coal Dust in South Delta
2014Under The Weather
2014Undivided Attention
2014Une idée brillante
2014Unlocking the Geology of Mars
2014Up in Flames
2014Urtica Dioica: Effect on Locomotor Function in a Drosophila Model of Chronic...
2014Using the Literacy Cube to Model Student Fluency, Comprehension and Numeracy
2014Vast Waste to Watts Taste
2014VAVI: Virtual Aid for the Visually Impaired
2014Veggie Plastics
2014Veggie-Ponics: Growing Above the Call of Duty
2014Visual and Molecular Detection of Blackleg in Canola
2014Vitamin C
2014Waste to Water: Biodegrading Naphthenic Acids with Novel Sand Filter Bioreactors
2014Water Source of Springs in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
2014Watered by the Sun
2014Wave Pendulum
2014What a Dam Problem
2014What Colour Was That?
2014What Goes Down, Must Come Up... Or Does It?
2014What is the H. pylori Asso. Disease Burden in a N. Canadian Aboriginal Community
2014What Makes Ice Melt the Fastest?
2014What's The Buzz? Your Future Hearing Loss
2014Which is Better?
2014Which Liquid Causes Tooth Decay The Fastest?
2014Which rabbit food results in the best weight gain for young rabbits?
2014Who Can Find a Four Leaf Clover?
2014Who do you trust?
2014Who knew being 'dense' could be better! The Mystery of what the brain 'hears'
2014Why My F# Sounds Different From Yours: The Fingerprints of Musical Instruments
2014Wi-Fried: The Effect of Wi-Fi on Plant Growth
2014WiFi: Better Architecture for Better Reception
2014Windows Allocation Unit Size: Measuring Speed Differences Between Block Sizes
2014Winnipeg Road Treatments
2014Wood Fuels My Car
2014You Throw Like A Girl
2014Your Attention, Please!
2014You’re Hot and You’re Cold: Using the Seebeck Effect to Produce Usable Energy
2013175,000 tons: Can it just disappear?
2013A BAC platform for engineering oncolytic reovirus
2013A Compost Cure for Cold Canadian Climates
2013A Holistic Treatment for Recurring Cystitis
2013A Mechanical Sunflower that Turns With The Sun
2013A Sindbis Virus short-hairpin RNA Screen to Increase Virus Replication in Cancer
2013A Star in the Hands of Humanity
2013A Stressful Story: The Knee!
2013A System for the Passive Modification of the Wavelength of Light in a Greenhouse
2013A Unique Mouse Model to Understand Human Disease Progression from MDS to AML
2013A.R.O.C Anti-Rollover Car
2013Achieving Accuracy in SMBG
2013Advanced Aerodynamic Aircraft Wing System
2013Advanced Recreational Aircraft Design
2013Age of the Phage 2.0
2013Air Vortex Machine
2013Airport Ice Protection... Helping the environment take off or crash & burn?
2013Algae: The Biofuel of the Future?
2013Alternative essentielle II
2013An Analysis of Bacteria on Drinking Fountains
2013An Arm For An Arm
2013An Efficient Solution to Free Hot Water
2013Anohcītwāwin ēkwa nēhiyawītwāwin “intoh-pahkēkin ēkwa pahkēkin
2013Another One Bites the Dust - Part 2
2013Antimicrobial and Cytotoxicity Activity of Centella asiatica
2013Antioxidants Induce Severe Death to Human Normal Cells
2013Aqua Pura: Water Purification with Household Materials
2013Arduino Based Medical Emergency Response System
2013Arrow Plastic Synthesis and Biodegradation
2013Arsenic in Produce: Part II
2013Asbestos in Swift Creek
2013Assessing Environmental Toxicities: Amphibians as Bioindicators
2013Atlast A Proper Controller
2013ATV Forklift
2013Autism Awareness
2013Automatic CPR Device
2013Automating the Diagnosis of Heart Conditions
2013Autopsie d’une extinction
2013Bacteria Hysteria
2013Balloon Warming
2013Bench the Bacteria: A Radical Sanitizing System
2013Biochar in the Soil
2013Biochar Optimization for Plant Growth
2013Biodiesel Production Can Be a Fishy Business
2013Biogas from Biomass - Producing Energy From Waste Organic Material
2013Black Ice
2013Black Ice Vehicle Detector
2013Brain Candy: The Influence Of Stimulation On Your Cognitive Brain Function
2013Brighten the Taste
2013Building a Better Horseshoe
2013Building a Biomass Gasifier to Achieve an Alternative Energy Solution
2013Building a Hydraulic Animatron
2013Building a Low-Cost Semimicro Balance
2013Building the Canadian Arctic
2013Burning Water: H2O into HHO
2013Ça pousse dans le JELL-O!
2013Can Horses Recognize Colour?
2013Can Imodium Affect Glioma?
2013Can the Big 5 Test Predict Belbin’s Team Roles?
2013Carbohydrate Selection for Diet Management, Weight Control, and Disease Prevention
2013Casiers bondés de homards
2013Catalase and detoxification
2013Cellulosic Ethanol: Energy for the Future!
2013Characterizing RNF20 and RNF40 in Class Switching of B Cells
2013Chlorella Can Cure: “Eat it, Beat it”
2013Clean Copper
2013Clean-All Pt.2
2013Coloured Cups of Cocoa
2013Commercial Mouth Rinses: Oral Cleansers or Filling Degraders?
2013Controlling Telerobots over the Web using Natural User Interface (Kinect)
2013Copper Stopper: The Antibacterial Police
2013Coral Growth Under Artificial Light Sources
2013Crater Morphology as an Indicator of Martian Subsurface Ice
2013Cruise Control 2.0
2013Deadly Fumes That Kill Legumes
2013Deicing by Design
2013Des protéines et des plantes!
2013Des regards dans l’obscurité
2013Destination Deactivation
2013Development of an Aptamer-based MRI Contrast Agent for Thrombin Detection
2013Diabetes in Indo-Canadians
2013Diabetes in the Mi’kmaq Population - Why such high rates?
2013Dim or Bright? Do Two Different Light Bulbs Always Have the Same Order of Brightness?
2013Disease in Disguise
2013Distracted Driving
2013Divided We Fade, United We Cure!!!
2013Does Armouring Protect or Harm Our Beaches?
2013Does Brand Name Matter?
2013Does Turmeric Enhance the Regeneration of Planaria maculata?
2013Does Wet or Dry Food Pick Up More Bacteria
2013Don’t Bug Me - Viral and Bacterial Infections
2013Don’t Let It In!
2013Don’t Let It Out!
2013Double Bubble, Boil and Trouble
2013Double Slit Experiment
2013Douleur et distraction
2013Dreissenid Mussels – Nutrient Bio-accumulators
2013Drinking Water: An Environmental Filtration System Part 2
2013Ease Your Workout with Electrolytes
2013Eating Disorders
2013Effect of Differential Molecular Weight Proteins in Rescue of Oxidative Damage
2013Effect of Soft Tissue on Torsional and Compressional Strength of Porcine Spines
2013Effects of Coconut Oil on Alzheimer’s Disease
2013Effects of Folic Acid on Senescence and Migration of HeLa Cells
2013Effects of Language Fluency and Priming: An EEG Study
2013Efficacy of Inhibitors In Cataract Suppression
2013Efficient Wastewater Denitrification using Simultaneous Bacterial Degradation
2013EffiClasse : l’école du futur
2013Egg Shells = No Bacteria
2013Eggshells: Simple, Practical, Cost Efficient Remedy to Address Cadmium Pollution
2013Électricité statique
2013Electrolytes in Drinks
2013Ellagic Acid Selectively Inhibits Cardiotoxic Effects of Chemotherapy Drug
2013Emerging Fusarium chemotypes: Threats to Crop Production
2013En Garde: Fencing Dummy Fights Back
2013Enhancing Conceptual Memory by Sleep Learning
2013Enhancing Demographic and Path-Based Analysis Using 3D Video Content Analysis
2013Environmental Distribution of Giardia and Cryptosporidium
2013Est-ce que la couleur de vos yeux affecte la vision dans la noirceur?
2013Ethanol - The Next Generation
2013Evading Erosion: Which Plants Are Effective at Controlling Shoreline Erosion?
2013Exercise for an Embryo!
2013Expected Progeny Differences
2013Eyes, Ears and Memories
2013eyeScale: A Food Recognition System
2013Fabulous Fingerprints
2013Factors That Affect Flourescence
2013Fatal Factors
2013Feel The Burn - The Truth
2013Fire, Cease-fire
2013Fishy Filters: Reducing Phosphorus Levels in Lakes & Rivers in Central Ontario
2013Flame On
2013Flexural and Flammability Properties of Straw-Plastic Composites
2013Fractura Fibula
2013Free Energy
2013Free Fall
2013Freshwater Flow Effects On Cleanup of Potential Oil Spills
2013From Cosmic Rays: Matter and Anti-Matter
2013Frost Buster
2013Fully Biodegradable Adsorbent Pads to Clean Small Scale Marine Oil Spills
2013Fun in the Sun! Increasing Grätzel Cell Efficiency Using Diatom Frustules
2013Gauche ou droite... utilise-t-on notre côté dominant?
2013Gene Therapy for Epilepsy
2013Germ Killer
2013Get Your Vote On!
2013Going Dotty: The Distribution and Effects of Rust on Highbush Cranberry
2013Gosh, My House Keeps Moving!
2013Greasy Situation
2013Green Against Green: Bio-herbicides
2013Grey is the new Green
2013Groundeffect Aircrafts: Is it a more energy efficient way to travel?
2013H2O: A Novel Energy Source
2013H2S turns flowering energy to growing new leaves
2013He Huffed, He Puffed
2013Healing With Resin
2013Heated Header-Aches
2013Heating it Up! Finding the Specific Solution
2013High Efficiency Solar Thermal Collector
2013Hit Me With Your Best Shot
2013Hit The Ground Running
2013Hockey and Bacteria Share the Same Bag
2013Hold On to Your Hats!
2013Honey, I bought some of the new soap; it’s called Rum
2013Hot or Cold?
2013How are Microorganisms Useful to Humans?
2013How Does Your Olla Grow?
2013How Fast Does Your Ride Glide?
2013How Music Affects Learning Ability in Teenagers
2013How Pop Affects Blood Sugar?
2013How Strong are your Clothes?
2013How Temperature Affects a Golf Ball
2013Hull of a Good Design
2013Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis
2013I Shine Not Burn - Bioluminescence
2013I Swear to Tell the Truth
2013iAid: A Novel Navigation Device for the Visually Impaired
2013Identification of Novel Anti-Microbial Compounds in Curcuma amada
2013Impact of Greywater on Plants
2013Improved Methods for Robotic Eye Surgery
2013Improved Robotic Watering System
2013Improving Painless Fillings In The Developing World
2013Improving The Conservational Efforts of the Galapagos Islands
2013Inflammation in Pancreatic Islets: Contribution of Islet Macrophages
2013Innovative Building Solutions
2013Insulating Properties of Seal Fur, Fat, & Meat
2013Intellectual Interference
2013Interior Layer Deposits in Capri Chasma on Mars
2013Is WiFi safe in schools? Making sense of the debate
2013Is Your Water Pure?
2013Jammed Up! Investigating a Universal Jamming Gripper
2013Just The Right Light-An Investigation Using Bright/Dark Illumination Principles
2013Kinectricity: The Road to Change
2013Kraft Lignin: A Novel Solution to Oil Spill Recovery using Industrial Waste
2013La course du géant vert
2013La meilleure quantité de lumière par jour pour les plantes
2013La science du patinage de vitesse courte piste
2013Lace It Up
2013Langage, histoire d’enfants?
2013Le son qui nous guide
2013Le statut des réseaux sociaux
2013Le tabagisme et la capacité fonctionnelle respiratoire
2013Le taux de mercure dans l’omble de fontaine
2013Left or Right?
2013Les bactéries : chien vs humain
2013Les colonies avec et sans Arsenophonus
2013Les plantes : sont-elles des thermomètres?
2013Les Télomères
2013Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!
2013Lève mes ailes
2013Light My Fire
2013Lignin: Thermal Insulation
2013Limites Biomatériaux?
2013Long Term Effects of Hyper Gravity on Plant Growth
2013Look Out!
2013L’électricité au robinet
2013L’énergie bleue
2013L’identité de Cengiz
2013Machine Vision
2013Magnetic Motor Phase 2: Proving Efficiencies
2013Maison écolo
2013Marc de café, marre de jeter!
2013MARTHA: Medication Automated Reminder Technological Health Assistant
2013Massive Energy
2013Meal Metamorphosis
2013Medicines from Sea Squirts
2013Micro-Matter, Macro-Mystery
2013Mind Your Caffeine
2013Minute Mania
2013MIPE: Microprocessor with Integrated Programmable Execution units
2013Mitochondrial Dysfunction as a Factor in the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
2013Mon toit à l’air propre
2013Money Down The Drain: Mastitis in Dairy Cattle
2013Multitâche, est-ce le temps que tu lâches?
2013Muscle + Determination = Vitesse
2013Music: Harmful or Helpful
2013New compound MnO2+PPy increases redox reactions to improve capacitive behaviour
2013Nick of Time
2013Nitrogen: The gas that saves you money?
2013Nomadic Furniture
2013Nu ou non?
2013Nyctalopia - Out of the Darkness
2013Of Prime Importance - Testing For Prime And Composite Numbers
2013Oil in the Undergrowth
2013Oil: Floral Suffocation
2013Opposites Make a Powerful Difference
2013Ouïr pour vivre
2013Overproduction of Reactive Oxygen Species: A Principal Cause of Cancer
2013Particulates MATTER: Can a catalyst prevent PM from going up in smoke?
2013Pawfect Solution
2013Pergélisol : bombe climatique
2013Phast Phalanges
2013Piezoelectric Generator
2013Plagiarism: How Much and Why?
2013Plants and Carbon: A Love Story
2013Plants That Bug Superbugs
2013Poison-Us Puckers?
2013Potential of Probiotics in the Treatment and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
2013Potentiels Atlantide
2013Pour faire chuter les chutes!
2013Pressure Points: A New Way To Manage Stress?
2013Prévention de l’hypothyroïdie : un test simple et peu coûteux
2013Project Unlike: A Novel Psychometric Screener to Quantify Facebook Overuse
2013Protecting Our Fine Feathered Friends
2013Prunus armeniaca: The Non-Toxic Shoreline Oil Spill Cleaner
2013Pure Future Biodiesel II
2013Purification of Indoor Air Through Absorption of Volatile Organic Compounds
2013Qajaq Perceptions
2013QR for the ER
2013Quality of Water
2013Quand un et un font trois!
2013Quantifier le non quantifiable
2013Rain, rain, go away! An examination of flooding in Thunder Bay
2013Rain, Rain, Go Away: The Piezoelectric Roof Tile
2013Rat Vocalization in Social Encounters
2013Ray, Mel, and the Beanstalk!
2013Reactive Oxygen Species and Cell Viability of Transfected Human Cardiac Myocytes
2013Recherche sur les activités qui stimulent le cortex préfrontal
2013Reduce, Recoil, Reload, Redone!
2013Reducing E. coli From The Inside Out
2013Reducing Populations of Lymnae stagnalis
2013Reduction of Vibrations in Emergency Ski Patrol Toboggans
2013REFLEX: The Auto Pilot
2013Refracting Rays
2013Résistance ou pestilence
2013Rester réveillé!
2013Revolutionary Texas Gate
2013Rings of Time
2013Rock, Paper, Keyboard
2013Salted Soil and its Effects on Plant Growth
2013Sanitation By Sun
2013Saving the World - One Ligand at a Time: Novel Streptococcus pneumoniae Ligand
2013Scum of The Earth
2013See, Say, Do - A Plan to Improve Reading Comprehension in Young Readers
2013Sensing the Way
2013Shaking Up the Salt Intake
2013Sign Language Translator: A Human Interface Device
2013Silver Nano-Particle Therapy: A New Cure For Cancer
2013Simulating The Formation and Evolution of Galactic Star Cluster Hyades
2013Skeletal Muscle Inflammatory Cytokine Expression Predicts Metabolic Disease Risk
2013Skype on Wheels
2013Smart Scope: An Electronic Stethoscope Integrated with Smartphones
2013Soap Busters - Finding Safer Soaps for Students and Schools!
2013Solide? Liquide? ...Les deux?
2013Sow With Gypsum; Grow With Gypsum
2013Soybeans and Starch: A Bird’s Natural Hero
2013Step Up The Power
2013Storm Raider
2013Storm Surge: The Catastrophic Wave Diminution System
2013Strength Of An Electromagnet
2013Stress and Social Media
2013Subliminal Stimuli - Can You Be Subliminally Misled?
2013Sudbury’s Toxic Soils and their Effects on Garden Vegetables
2013Sugar in the Classroom - A Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Experiment
2013Sunny Cells Up: Served Hot or Cold?
2013Take A Pass On The Salt
2013Targeting Slit-2 Robo Signaling as a Novel Therapy for Diabetic Nephropathy
2013Tea Time! A Breast Cancer Treatment? Green tea + omega-3 effects on cell growth
2013Tech Attack
2013Testing Soil Quality At Little Saskatchewan Borne By The Spring Flooding Of 2011
2013Testing Streams
2013Testing Water Quality at Little Saskatchewan FN Borne By The 2011 Spring Flooding
2013The 5-Second Rule: Myth or Truth?
2013The A Protector
2013The Active ingredient Turmeric: the Double-Edged Sword
2013The Anti-Diabetic Activity of Rosemary Through its inhibition of ~-glucosidase
2013The Birth Order Connection
2013The Coconut Factor
2013The Cow Swatter
2013The Effect of Color on Memory Retention
2013The Effect of Temperature, Salinity and pH on Brine Shrimp Hatching Success
2013The Effect of Various Vitamins and Free Radicals on Seed Germination
2013The Effect of Various Wavelengths of Light on Yeast
2013The Effects of Hypoxia on Embryonic Development
2013The Effects of Music on Grade Five Students
2013The EZ B Controlled Rover 5 Robot for Detecting H2S
2013The F.I.R.S.T. Frame (Front Impact Reduction SysTem) for Commuter Bicycles
2013The Future of Math Fact Mastery
2013The Hairy Truth about Your Beauty Products!
2013The Hollow Flashlight
2013The Intelligent Adapter
2013The Little Tube that Breathes Iron
2013The Nose Knows
2013The Perils of Texting in Class ... ;)
2013The Spin Zone
2013The Spots in the Lots
2013The Stink of Cancer
2013The Teeter Pump
2013The use of Ca-alginate beads to remove heavy metal contamination from water
2013The Vacuum Factor
2013The X Factor - The Xylitol Advantage
2013Theory of Flight
2013They’ve Invaded!
2013This Little Piggy Got Oregano
2013Tire’d of Waste
2013To Play or Not To Play - Act II
2013Triple E: The Cattail Way!
2013Tubercles on Sailboat Rudders: A Whale of an Idea?
2013Turboréacteur turbocompressé
2013Turning Forward
2013tw-Lexa: A Social Media Analysis Algorithm
2013Un effet phénolménal!
2013Un gant pour malvoyants
2013Under Pressure
2013Une huile contre la scoliose!
2013Une présence mortelle?
2013Unlocking Apollo’s Suitcase
2013Upcycling: The Pop Can Solar Heater
2013Using a Gravity Well As A Simulation 2.0: Planets Orbiting a Binary Star System
2013Using an ‘Infinite’ Energy Source to Disinfect Water
2013Using? Substances & Chester Teens
2013Utilizing Bioassays to Explore the Effects Mediated by Cigarette Butts on Plants
2013UTUS : un système universel pour la stadification automatique du cancer
2013Valorisation de la biomasse
2013Variables of ppm, pH, and conductivity of Snow around Norman Wells, NWT
2013Versatile Simulation Robot
2013Volts ’n Dirt ...Hmm
2013Water Works
2013What’s The Better Insulation?
2013What’s Under the Skin, The Human Cell, Components and Abnormalities
2013Wild Diesel Destroyers
2013Wind and Water Turbines for Fisher River: A Feasibility Study
2013Wind Energy
2013Wind Turbine Blade Design and Optimization
2013Wind Turbine Efficiency: 2nd time around
2013Wonders of Waste
2013Would you like some mold with that?
2013Write To An A+
2013You Can’t Beat Free Heat
2013Your Privacy
2013Zombie Cells: Fact or Fiction
2013“Thing” The Robotic Arm
2012"Pineing" for the Future
2012"Shoe" Me the Haptic Way
20126 Layer Density
2012A Better Gripper
2012A Change of Heart
2012A Fibrous Answer to Oil Spills?
2012À la rescousse de la vue
2012A Novel Approach to Electromagnetic Bearing Systems
2012A Novel Cold Cathode Source For Determining Lead Contamination
2012A Novel Rooftop Wind Turbine for Convenient Residential Use
2012A Novel Study Exploring Photothermal Therapy for Protein Denaturation in Cancer
2012A Reliable, Portable, Monitoring Device for the Prevention of Accidental Drownin
2012A River Runs Through It - Retrofitting the Urban Environment to Reduce Flooding
2012A simple fruit fly behaviour assay to study the Circadian Effect
2012A Slippery Situation
2012A Sniff A Day, Let the Memory Stay!!!
2012A Stirling Idea
2012A Study of Hair
2012A Study of the Leaf Striping in Barley
2012A Turn for the Better
2012Absorption des couches
2012Adjustable Circular Cutter for Baseplates in the Ostomy Pouching System
2012Age of the Phage
2012Agent Aloe Vera: Its use in water purification
2012Airborne Attack: Phase Two
2012Algal Biofuels: A Greener Solution
2012All Jacked Up
2012All Shook Up: Liquefaction
2012Allez vert en noir et blanc!
2012Alternative Current: The Third World Electrical System
2012Alternative Text Entry
2012An EASy Way To Keep Your Valuables Out of Your Laundry
2012An Efficient Solution to "Free" Hot Water
2012An Iota of Colour on Io
2012Another One Bites The Dust
2012Antibiotic Activity in Oregano
2012Arctic Offshore Drilling & Temperature Effects on Cleanup of Potential Oil Spill
2012Are Two Drops of Water Alike?
2012Are Yellow Traffic Light Times Set Correctly?
2012Are You In Tune?
2012Are You Sure?
2012Articulating Qamutiq
2012Attached to The Weather
2012Attention and Vocal Attractiveness in Men and Women
2012Automated Personal Trainer
2012Autonomous Gamma and Beta Radiation Detection and Mapping Robot
2012Bacteria vs the Common Cleaning Myths
2012Bacterial Presence and Contamination of Washed Hands After Using Air Hand Dryers
2012Balles de golf
2012Bananiers : Un défi équatorien
2012Battle of the Ecofridges: Traditional Zeer Pot vs. Scrap Metal Fridge
2012BBs: Ballistics gone Bio
2012Big or Small; Narrow or Wide: Text Presentation for Early Readers
2012Biochar: A Low Cost Solution for Water Treatment Using Industrial Waste
2012Bioethanol Research: Here Today, Here Tomorrow
2012BioHydrogen Fuel from Photosynthetic Bacteria: Studying Single Stage Reactors
2012Bioindicators Reveal the Most Eco-Friendly Road Salt Part 2
2012Bioremédiation des nanotubes de carbone multiparois
2012Bipolar Tesla Coil Theory
2012Bisphenol A in Epoxy-Resin Lined Baby Formula Cans
2012Block Those Rays!
2012Boue = Electricite?!
2012Bovine Artificial Insemination and Sexed Semen
2012Break the Ice! How does ionic interference affect the strength of ice?
2012Buildings in Earthquakes
2012Callelo: a novel bioherbicide
2012Can Antioxidants prevent free radical damage, and possibly extend life?
2012Can I light a door knob?
2012Can Tires Provide an Alternative to Furnace Oil?
2012Can UV What Birds See?
2012Can You Give Cleaning A Greener Meaning?
2012Can You Hear Me?
2012Can Your Diet Prevent Alzheimer's? The effects of Lysine on APP Processing
2012Canada Post: Garbage Host
2012Carbon Fingerprint
2012Casting Call for Worms - A Sustainable Approach to Fertilizer
2012Caution-Corrosive: Is This Your Water?
2012CH3CH2OH-white latex paint as an antifouling agent
2012Code nhr-80 : Élixir de Jouvence
2012Coil Guns
2012Cold Play: What will keep the puck cold for the entire play?
2012Color Changing Car
2012Comment les aliments fonctionnels affectent-ils la consommation du glucose?
2012Comparing Performances of Solar Photovoltaic Panels in Canada
2012Comparison of Contemporary and Original Norms of the Alberta Infant Motor Scale
2012Composite vs. Non-Composite Images
2012Computational Methods for the Screening of Novel Neuraminidase Inhibitors
2012Concussion Minimization
2012Constructing an Infrared Camera Touchscreen
2012Constructing Economical and Durable Rural Roads using Stabilized Soils
2012Corresponding With the Brain
2012Creative Capacity: Discovering the Education Path to Divergent Thinking
2012Crush That Thrush
2012Des douleurs me hantent!
2012Detoxification of Jatropha oil-Cake from Phorbol esters
2012DiagP53: un classificateur génétique pour le diagnostic du cancer du sein
2012Differentiating the Potential for Injury between Hardball and Softball
2012Discours des mots ou des maux?
2012Distraction Factor
2012Do Re Mi - The Effect of Auditory Stimuli on Memory
2012Do You Feel Lucky?
2012Do You Multitask?
2012Do You Want Worms With That?
2012Does An Electric Field Affect Plant Growth?
2012Does H2O2 Grow Too?
2012Dog's Eye View
2012Don't Be a Melon Head!
2012Don't Sweat It: Measuring Biofeedback
2012Double Trouble:The Effects of Multitasking and the Dangers of Distracted Driving
2012Dress to Impress!
2012Drinking Water: An Environmental Filtration System
2012Drying Laundry: Fast and Efficient!
2012Du cacao pour une peau saine!
2012E. Coli Be Gone
2012Eau lala Bactéries à l'horizon
2012Eelgrass in Depth
2012Eenie Meenie Miny Mo
2012Effect of Cold Infared Lasers on Tree Seed Germination
2012Effect of Curcumin on RSV Replication and Virus Induced Cytokine Production
2012Effect of Distraction on Reaction
2012Effects of Folic Acid on Cellular Senescence
2012Electricity from Fluorescent Protein Solar Cells
2012Énergie lunaire? un appareil unique pour capter l'énergie dans les marées
2012Energy densities of fuels produced from plastic that has undergone thermal depol
2012Enhancing Chemotherapy
2012Enhancing the User-Immersive Experience with a Natural User Interface
2012Enhancing Wetland Bioremediation
2012Environmental Distribution of Giardia and Cryptosporidium
2012Exhaustive Energy
2012Experimental Grout
2012Family Spines
2012Feeding the Bees:A Seasonal Protein Analysis for Bumblebees of the Peace
2012Fermented Wastes Rule and They Make... Fuel?!
2012Feu dans la cuisine
2012File ScanX
2012Finding a Better Brain Booster
2012Finding Cures for Childhood Brain Tumors
2012Finding Natural Fire Retardant Solutions
2012Fire Shield
2012Fish Egg-xaggeration? FINS and the Cytochrome "B"arcode
2012Flammability of Fabric
2012Food for Thought: Diet and Behaviour for Autism
2012Free Energy
2012From Salicin to Aspirin:A Drug Story
2012From Salted Streets to Salty Streams
2012From Tank to Tap: Are Carcinogens Being Introduced into Piers Island Water?
2012From The Ground Up Pt III
2012Fruit Flavour: The Double Benefit of Aroma Volatile Treatments
2012Fucus Has Mucus
2012Fun in the Sun - Improving the Efficiency of Grätzel Cells
2012Fur: Keeping the Heat!
2012Geotropism and Red Kidney Beans
2012Get a Grip on It!
2012Get into the Spirits Part II
2012Girls...Get Moving!
2012Go Green Be Clean
2012Go Green or Grow Green
2012Go with the Flow
2012Gold Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Treatment
2012Gone With The Wind Tunnel (testing for better ballistic missile design)
2012Gravitational Energy
2012Gravitational Growth?
2012Gravito-Meissner Effect in Neutron Star Systems
2012Green Cleanup
2012Grow with the Flow
2012Hand Sanitizers Creating Super Bugs
2012Harvesting Free Energy
2012Have we been doing it WRONG all along?
2012Helping the Grain Industry: Developing a RT-PCR based purity test for Durum
2012Hemispheric Dominance and School
2012Here Today, Gone CO2morrow
2012Homemade Biodiesel
2012Horloge Internes
2012Hot Rods: An Invention to Keep Hands Warm While Ice Fishing
2012How Does Hot and Cold Effect the Bouncing of a Ball?
2012How Much Bang for Your Puck?
2012How Much Is This Going to Hurt? The Effect of Temperature on Paintballs
2012How pure is it?
2012Hypermobility: A Blessing or a Curse?
2012I Put That...On Everything!
2012I'm Lichen It! Biotic de-Stress Foliar Spray
2012iBELT: Training the Ear to See!
2012Identification of New Aurora Kinase Inhibitors: Treatment of Human Neuroblastoma
2012Idle Free
2012Improving Compliance to Lifesaving Medications
2012Improving Ear Protection
2012Infrared Black Ice Detector
2012Innate Immune Responses to Oncolytic Virotherapy
2012Interplanetary Shipping 3
2012Introvert or Extrovert?
2012iPod Hydro Charger
2012Is It Wise To Sanitize
2012Isolation: quelle est la meilleure solution pour nos manteau?
2012It's the Gear...Or Is It?: Modern Hockey Equipment and Concussions
2012Jatropha Cucas Seed Cake as an Organic Fertilizer
2012Je vois des étoiles
2012Join the Resistance
2012K-9 IQ "How Smart Is My Dog?"
2012Keeping It Old School!
2012L'exercise: Est-ce qu'on en fait assez?
2012L'opium du peuple
2012La Dilatation Des Metaux
2012La gravité et la lune.
2012La Jeune Coopérative Purimax
2012La nature à la rescousse!
2012La question
2012La quête de l'ombre jovienne
2012La Suspension Magnétique
2012La technologie et la vitesse: la différence entre les costumes de bain
2012La théorie de la relativité : vraie ou fausse ?
2012Le mystère de K5
2012Le Super E. Coli
2012Les fractales: une nouvelle source d'inspiration musicale et scientifique
2012Les Télomères et la Vieillesse
2012Let's Cross That Bridge When We Come to It
2012Let's make Some Noise . . . Or Not!
2012Lighten the Pressure
2012Magnetic Motor: Potential Clean Energy
2012Magnets: Farm Tool of the Future Part 2
2012Magnolia: Effects on Breast Cancer Cells
2012Making Biodiesel from Used Canola Oil
2012Mate Selection: Drosophila Melanogaster
2012Measuring Melodies: Does Pattern Predict Preference?
2012Milk Replacer Metering and Mixing Station
2012Mind blowing Heart thumping Finger Snapping . . . Gaming!
2012Minds & Media: Does Screen Time Affect School Performance?
2012Mixed Signals: Are the Synesthetes Among Us?
2012More than Just Brushing
2012Multitasking: Leave it to the Computer
2012Muscles Make Speed
2012Musical Modulations: The Modex Reloaded
2012Musing on Music
2012Mutagenic Meat
2012Mycoremediation of the Oil Sands
2012Myth Busters: Is There Arsenic in Our Water?
2012Mythbusting Mouth Guards
2012Nanocrystalline Cellulose: A Renewable Antioxidant
2012Natural chelating agents cleaning our environment
2012Natural or Conventional ? Does Mother Nature Provide?
2012Novel Learning in the Brain: Insights from Neuroimaging & Augmentative Training
2012Now ... Where Did I Put My Comb?
2012O-O-O: Making it Last with Ozone
2012Obtenir des camélines à forte teneur en huile et résistante à la jaunisse
2012Oh No! Acid Rain down the Drain: Reducing the Harmful Effects of Acid Rain
2012On My Whistle: A Command System for Hearing Impaired Soccer Players
2012On the Chopping Board- Eliminating Bacteria Naturally on Chopping Boards
2012One Step Towards a Greener World
2012Optical Illusions - Does Colour Affect the Illusion?
2012Optimization of Newspaper Biodegradation by Fungal Co-Inoculation
2012Optimizing Environmental Factors in C. reinhardtii Based Hydrogen Bioreactors
2012Paw Prints Through the Forest: Tracking Grey Wolves in Superior National Forest
2012Pb or not Pb: That is the Question
2012Peel Potential - The Effects of Citrus Peel Extract on Polystyrene Foam
2012Perception of Natural Colour
2012Périr la bouche grande ouverte
2012Perpetual Motion Machine
2012Picky Plants and Their pH Preferences
2012Pills on your plate?
2012Plantibiotics: A "CACE" Study
2012Plug & Play Multi-Sensor Platform For Emergency Assist Robot
2012Polyrecyclage II
2012Pomegranate: The Fruit of Life for Cancer
2012Pothole Prevention
2012Pounding Cancer with PTEN
2012Powerful Waste
2012Pre-exposing RAW264.7 Macrophages to Microbial Product, PAM3CSK4
2012Pro.Tech.Neck: The Future of Hockey Neck Guards
2012Prunus Armeniaca: the Fuel of the Future
2012Pure Future Biodiesel
2012Que ta nourriture soit remède!
2012Quick! Sound the Alarm: Rescuing Objects From A Non-Newtonian Fluid
2012Radon in Nova Scotia
2012Raise it to a Boil! Calculating Calories
2012Reflex: Get Your Facts Straight
2012Refraction Action
2012Revealing the Invisible World of Radon
2012Reversing Radiation: Are Antioxidants the Answer?
2012Robotic Watering System
2012Rubens Tube.
2012Run Like Barefoot - Which Shoes Should I Choose?
2012Running Temperature
2012SA-SHA: Reducing Arterial Turbulence Through External Stents
2012Salty Notion
2012Sécurité d'auto
2012Shedding Light on Microalgae to Biofuel Production in Cold Environments
2012Silly Strums Funny Vibes
2012Sleep on This
2012Smart Knee Assistant
2012Smart Start
2012Smartphone-Based Fall Detection
2012Snow's Deep Mystery in the West Kootenay Region of B.C.
2012Soap vs. Mold
2012Soccer and shoes:the un-toe-ld story
2012Soleil, où es-tu?
2012Sports Drinks: What Do They Really Do?
2012Stack \'Em Up
2012Staying Aligned: Basic Ballet Necessities Under Scrutiny
2012Stealing Your Money One Bump At a Time
2012Stop Talking Dirty
2012Striking Difference
2012Studying the Anti-parasitic Activity of a Novel Synthetic Compound
2012Stumped: a dendrochronological study of the Sahtu
2012Subsonic Open-Circuit Wind Tunnel
2012Sudden Impact
2012Sunscreen: The Good, The Bad And The Metallic Taste In My Mouth - Part 3
2012Super Plants:Seed Preconditioning in Bok Choy Plants to Increase Crop Yield
2012Tailings Transformation: Microbial Bioremediation of Oil Sands Tailings
2012TeloMice: The Effects of Telomere Enhancing Products on Mice
2012The Acousto-Thermal Effect
2012The Algal Alternative: A Biofuel Investigation
2012The Antioxidant Effect
2012The Battle Against Aging
2012The Case of the Itchy Sheep: Ovine Ectoparasitism
2012The Confinable Cosmos
2012The Depth Of A Movement
2012The Effect of Baroque Music and Silent Sitting on Concentration
2012The Effect of Caffeine On Video Game Scores
2012The Effect of Oxidative Stress on Protein Profile of Cells
2012The Effect of the Colour of Physical Items on Human Memory
2012The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Youth
2012The Effects of Prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel) on HeLa Cancer Cells
2012The Effects of Vitamin D on Muscle Function
2012The Efficient 2-Stroke Engine
2012The Environmental Impact and Bioaccumulation of Pollutants in Wascana Creek
2012The Golden Fleece: Innovative ways to clean up oil
2012The Grass is Always Greener
2012The Heat Is On
2012The Little Piggy With The Right Idea, I "Wood" Build A House From Straw
2012The Living Wall: An Educational Innovation
2012The Piezoelectric Flashlight
2012The Placebo Effect?
2012The Power in You
2012The Power of the Placebo
2012The Prick of a Finger
2012The Problem with Pickerels
2012The Rail Gun:A Renovating Ratio
2012The Road to Novel Antibiotics
2012The Secret to Stealth Technology
2012The SkiBreeze - A Ski Innovation
2012The Surface Tension of Water
2012The Twitter VS Facebook 2012
2012The Ultimate Fate of Our Universe
2012The Viability of Immobilized Enzyme as a Biocatalyst
2012The Wave Nature of Light
2012Thylakoid-Sensitized Solar Cell Using Shade Plants and Sunny Plants
2012Time 2.0, A Much Needed Update
2012To Clench, or Not to Clench
2012To Play or Not To Play?
2012To See or Not To See
2012Too wet or not too wet
2012Traditional Technology Surpasses Modern Technology
2012Trashbot: The Path of the Future
2012Triclosan: Double Danger Take 2
2012Tubercles: The Leading Edge of Wing Design
2012Tuning the Elementary Mind
2012Ultrasonic Assessment of Tissue Perfusion in an Islet Cell Transplantation Model
2012Umahiqi: A Study of Stroke in Nunavut
2012Un champignon emballant!
2012Uncovering the Cardiac and Gastrointestinal Safety of Two Amyloid-ß Inhibitors
2012Understand-ING Replicative Senescence
2012Une musique «entraînante»
2012Une piscine écolo? J'y plonge!
2012Unspoken Speech Detection Using a Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface
2012Unveiling Dark Matter: A Study of Dark Matter and its Effects on Galaxy Clusters
2012Up,Up and Away-A wind Tunnel Experiment
2012Urban Sky Farming
2012Using High Voltage Source for Low Voltage Load
2012Using Nuclear Matrix to Detect Colorectal Cancer Cells
2012Vanishing Calcifiers
2012Vortex Cooling
2012War of the Wasps: comparing the parasitism effectiveness of the wasps D. insular
2012What Gas Gives You More
2012What is the optimal design to harness wind, solar & thermal energy?
2012What Moves Us
2012What You Don't Know About Your Hand Cleansers
2012What's A Bean's Favourite Colour?
2012What's Holding you Back?
2012Wheelchair Bowling Ramp
2012Where Does the Wind Test Best?
2012Where the Butterflies Roam
2012Which anti-fouling product is best?
2012Why Are You Looking So Green?
2012Wind Amplification in a Multi-Stage System: Let's Amp Up the Power! Part 2
2012Wind Turbine Efficiency
2012Wind Turbine Noise Stress and Immune Function
2012Your Age vs. your memory
2012Your Health and Five 'S' Home Screening
2012«c» à Montcalm!
2011"C" the Difference: Boosting Efforts To Lose Weight
2011"LBS" A Turn For The Better
2011"Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink" Atmospheric Water Condensers
2011"Watt" a Waste
20113D Hearing
2011A "Power Full" Separation
2011A Balanced Approach to Art
2011A Boost Up
2011A Colourful Spectrum: Effects of UV Radiation and Colour Pigmentation
2011A Hairy Ordeal
2011A Portable Solar Water Purification System
2011A River Runs Through It – Mitigations to Reduce Flooding in the Urban Environment
2011A Study of Warm Mix Asphalt
2011À tension: Pont d'eau
2011A Time for Change
2011A-maze-ing Drosophilae
2011Absolute Pitch - Nature or Nurture?
2011Absorption des couches
2011AC Lightning: the Shocking Character of a Tesla Coil
2011Accessible Exercise
2011Acidification ou calcification?
2011Airborne Attack
2011Alternative Energy
2011Alzheimer/Dementia Assistant Technology
2011An Unexpected Antidote
2011Angle of Attack
2011Anthocyanin and the Autumn Phenomenon
2011Antioxidants: Bouncing to Growth
2011Apodora: Markov Chain-Inspired Microsearch
2011Apple Aroma: Enhancement of Apple Volatile Production Using Precursor Treatments
2011Applications of Biofuel Technologies in Third World Countries
2011Aromatherapy: Think Fast !
2011Art of Deception
2011Astronaut Candidate by Heart
2011Automated Drinking & Driving Deterrence System
2011Automatic Fire Extinguisher
2011Avatouch 2.0: "Upgrading" Real Life with a Rich Augmented Reality Experience
2011B.p. une nouvelle source de résistance pour le colza?
2011Bacteria Everywhere
2011Bacterial Presence and Contamination of Washed Hands
2011Bag Those Bugs
2011BAMHA: "vert" la performance!
2011Batteries: Is The Pink Bunny Best For You?
2011Battery in a Bucket
2011Battle of the Blueberries
2011Battle of the Bridges
2011Battling Bacteria With Essential Oils
2011Berry Nutritious
2011Better home heating and generator systems
2011Bigger Faster Stronger Sooner
2011Binocular Rivalry Polygraph
2011Bio-remediation of Naphthenic Acids by the Unicellular Algae C.reinhardtii
2011Biochar: A carbon-negative soil enhancer
2011Biodiesel, The Fuel of The Future?
2011Biofilm Eradication Using Novel Enzyme and Antibiotic Combinations
2011Biofouling Of Boat Hulls
2011Biofuels and Fossil Fuels: A Comparison
2011Biofuels! The Alternate Solution to Greenhouse Gas Emmisions
2011Bioremediation with Basidiomycetes
2011Birth Order, Personality: Are They Connected?
2011Bitter Sweet Sugar!
2011Blood Glucose: Does It Affect Your Memory?
2011Bottoms Up!
2011Building Touch Sensors With Conductive Paper
2011Bullying: Amusing or Abusing?
2011Busy Biomonitors
2011C You Later: Degradiation of Vitamin C
2011Can Algae Efficiently Convert Car Emissions Into Wholesome and Healthy Oxygen?
2011Can I Make An Ostrich Fly?
2011Can Photons Make A Good Bandage?
2011Can Wii Have Better Hand-Eye Coordination
2011Cancer: Western Cures vs. Eastern Cures
2011Carbon: A Solution for Water Pollution, Part Two
2011Casiers vs tuyaux pour les homards
2011Catch the Windy Wave to $ave! Phase Two
2011Cavitation Hydrophobia
2011Ce que nous mangeons pour dîner, les bactéries mangent pour goûter
2011Cells and Stock Markets: Defining, Quantifying and Applying Complexity
2011Chamomile vs Bacteria
2011Chauffer vert!
2011Chemicals in Chopsticks
2011Chill Out! Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants
2011Choosing A Colour- That's For The Birds
2011Clash of the Chemicals
2011Cloning the Future
2011CO2 Sequestration: Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage
2011Colour of Plants
2011Comment les différentes couleurs de lumières affecte la photosynthèse
2011Community Compost
2011Compost Bio-Ethanol
2011Compost Disposal in Saanich: An Economic and Environmental Comparison
2011Computer Controlled Heart Assist Pump
2011Conservative Hunting
2011Corn Stalk Coffee Cups
2011Croissance en atm contrôlée
2011Dégradation du méthylmercure
2011Designing an Intelligent Classifier for Diagnostic Reasoning
2011Detecting Narrative Authors
2011Determining Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil Using Spectroscopy
2011Diabetes: A Northern Study of A Silent Killer
2011DiagnAssist: Outil d'aide au diagnostic du cancer du sein
2011Differential Toxicity of the Three Lower Mainlands' Treated Effluent on Water
2011Do You Have the Twitch?
2011Does an Increase in Nitrate and Phosphate Affect the Growth of Algae?
2011Does Eco-Friendly Mean Good For The Environment?
2011Does Light At Night Boost Appetite? A Study on Mice
2011Does the water quality affect the rising of yeast?
2011DomoWeb: Maison automatisée
2011Dream Catcher
2011E-Mission Control
2011Eco Friendly Road Salt? What Do Daphnia Say?
2011Eco-friendly vs Commercial Cleaner: what makes the bugs in your bathroom run?
2011Effective Effluent Expurgation: Naphthenic Acids Removal
2011Effects of Folic Acid on Blood Cells
2011Efficient Combustion
2011Electric Colours
2011Electric Snow Transportation
2011Electronic Pollution
2011Emergency Measures Access Plans; E-MAP
2011Enamel ErosionThe Erosive Effect of Various Beverages on Human Teeth
2011Enhanced Solar Energy Collection
2011Enviro-Friendly Packing Frenzy
2011Environmentally Friendly and Efficient Energy Transmission
2011Etes-vous plus creatif qu'un deuxieme annee?
2011Evaluation of broadleaf weed control using the fungus Phoma macrostoma
2011Evaluation of Snow Fungus Polysaccharides on Benzo[a]pyrene-induced DNA Damage
2011Evergreen Ever Gone? The Anti-cancer Properties of Oils from Evergreens
2011Examination of the Microbial Effect of Red Sea Water Incursion into the Dead Sea
2011Exercice à contre courant!
2011Exhaustless Defrost - The Simplest Solution!
2011Expedited spike-culture-derived variant population for mutation-mining in wheat
2011Extreme Immobilization
2011F.F.O.F.F. (French Fries or French Fake)
2011Figure Out Your Fingers
2011Filter Braced for the Pharmaceutically Laced
2011Fish, Fish, Fish
2011For Better or For Worse: A Relationship Between Equine Conformation and Lameness
2011For Want of a Cup...
2011Forget me, forget me not...
2011From Green to Gold
2011From The Ground Up: Part 2
2011Frost-Free Flight
2011Fuel for the Future
2011Fun with Physics: Computer Models
2011Genetic Modification of Clostirdium thermocellum for Improved Biofuels Production
2011Give Your Brain a Workout
2011Go Green with R.E.D. (Rain Energy Device)
2011Going Green: The Aspen Solution
2011Grab It, Drop It: the design of a robotic arm
2011Grade Tune Up
2011Harnessing the Hidden Heat
2011HE: Escouade anti-pathogène!
2011Head to Toe Toasty Rice Bag
2011Heads or Tails/Pile ou face
2011Heat transfer in an Igloo
2011Heavy Metal Levels in the East Kootenay Watershed
2011Hidden Behind the Rainbow
2011High Heels and their Negative Effects on Our Body
2011Hockey Stick Flex and it's effect on speed and accuracy of a shot
2011Homemade Water Purification System: Phase II
2011Horse Hues II
2011How Brain Activity Alters Our Perception of Time
2011How Distracted Are You?
2011How Does Eye Colour Effect Peripheral Vision
2011How Does Technology Affect Your Attention Span?
2011How Does Vitamin A Affect Adult Stem Cell Function
2011How Does Your Garden Grow?
2011How Hot Is Your Shot?
2011How Sexist are the Students at my School?
2011Human Observation
2011Hybrid House: Building Energy Efficiency by Working With Nature
2011Hybrid Qulliq Oils
2011Hydrogen Bioreactor: Optimizing Hydrogen Production in C. reinhardtii Algae
2011Hysteresis: A Lasting Memory
2011I Nailed It!
2011I need my glasses
2011I was only following orders
2011Insulation: Heat Retention
2011Intestins: le duel!
2011Investigation of water droplets climbing up hot saw blades
2011Is It Malaria?
2011Is It Timber Time?
2011Ischemic Preconditioning: Effect on Muscular Endurance
2011Isn't That Slick...
2011It's Not Waste Until It's Wasted!
2011Jeux de hasard: Une démarche au stade adolescent pour écarter la dépendance
2011Jouer à l'aveuglette!
2011Keeping Seniors Safe: The Sequel
2011Knee Tension
2011Kwakwaka'wakw Uses of Devil's Club
2011L'antimatière contre le cancer
2011L'art de la science
2011L'effet Stroop
2011La CNF-1, ça respire!
2011La conservation des aliments
2011La meilleure charge de poudre noire
2011La nature, une source de génie
2011La Viabilité d'Utiliser Le Pouvoir Solaire Chez Moi
2011La voiture à essence vs la voiture électrique
2011Lagoon Lake
2011Lake Winnipeg: A Sea of Phosphorus Troubles?
2011Le pouvoir solaire
2011Le Sodium
2011Leached! Can Material Barriers Control Agricultural Leaching?
2011Lead it out of the bag
2011Leaky Landfills: Liners vs. Leachate
2011Learning What's Best?
2011Les Algues : l'avenir de l'essence
2011Les effets de la méditation sur le cerveau humain
2011Les fractales
2011Les marais filtrants
2011Les secrets de l'immortel
2011Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
2011Liberation Determination
2011Light Amplification to Improving Solar Cell Efficiency
2011Light O Light
2011Light Seeking Robot Innovation
2011Maglev Train
2011Magnetic fields: Tools for Healing or Health Hazards?
2011Magnets: Farm Tool of the Future
2011Maison de terre sécuritaire
2011Making Connections: introducing the artificial nerve
2011Managing Mould: Five 'S' Home Screening
2011Maple vs Ash
2011Marvelous Mites, the effects of food combinations on C.lactis reproduction
2011Maximizing Wind Turbine Blade Efficiency
2011Mechanical Testing of Polyethylene
2011Mechanisms of Action of Small Molecules in the Rescue of ΔF508-CFTR
2011Meddling with Metals
2011Memory: Short-term Capacity
2011Mexico Vivo: Know Your Biodiversity
2011Modelling Population Growth
2011Modern Germ Warfare: Propagation, Annihilation and Mutative Spores
2011Mop It Up
2011Moulin à vent Solaire
2011Move That Body! The Muscular System
2011Multi-Criteria Decision Making...In Dandelions!
2011Musical Corruption
2011Nanobots in a Virtual World
2011Natural Antibiotics: Do They Really Work?
2011Net Energy Evaluation of an Automotive Wind Driven Generator
2011New Wave Agriculture
2011No Bull About It!
2011No Idle Matter
2011No power, no water, no food, no problem!
2011Noises Beware; My Decibel Meter is Listening
2011Non! Pas dans ma bouche
2011Novel Approaches of Inducing Death in Leukemic B-Cells Using Synthetic and Biolo
2011Novel Concepts to Decontaminating Oiled Birds
2011Nutritional and bacterial growth comparison between different types of milk
2011O-GlcNAcylation: Suppressing Cancer Progression
2011Oceans and Acidification
2011Odd Food Preservers
2011Oil Over Again
2011Oil Sands: Friend or Foe?
2011Old Fashioned Deep Freeze
2011On Farm Algae Production
2011Optic Disc Drusen Detection
2011Optical Illusions
2011Optimal Performance
2011Optimizing 2D-Circulating Fluidized Bed Performance: How Factors Affect Cluster
2011Pacemaker Battery Improvements
2011Passive RFID Based Object Locator
2011Pensez-y le potentiel de l'entraînement virtuel
2011Perceived Results Vs. Actual Results
2011Perceptions of Obesity (EMIC)
2011Perfectly Problematic Plastics
2011Phage Typing: E-coli vs. Phage
2011Photocatalytic Degradation of Formaldehyde
2011Photoheterotrophic Microbial Fuel Cell
2011Physics of a Tackle
2011Phyto Filter
2011Phytoremediation: Removing Lead Using Plants
2011Piezo Eléctricité: La voie de l'avenir
2011Playground Prescription
2011Population Dynamics in Algal Bioreactors
2011Potential Production of CH3CL in an Instream Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactor
2011Pour bien "fer"
2011Practical String Theory: Does Temperature Affect Vibration Decay of Strings...
2011Préférence O-LED
2011Prêts pas prêts, transfectez!
2011Protection against iron neurotoxicity
2011Pumping Plaque; Reducing Arterial Turbulent Flow Through External Stents
2011Putting a Lid on Concussions - Materials Testing and a New Helmet Design
2011Quick Licks for Oil Slicks
2011R U Paying Attention?
2011Radiation Ringtones
2011Raining Power!
2011Recognizing Facial Expressions
2011Recovery By Regeneration
2011Recycling Explanded Polystyrene: Its Effectiveness as Home Use Insulation
2011Reflecting on Refractions
2011Remember That?
2011REZ Diet
2011Rise Up
2011Rover Robotics: A Better Approach to Rover Planetary Exploration?
2011Running on Empty? Fuel up with Carbs
2011S.M. Gates
2011S.O.S.: Stop Oil Spills- Results of an LC50 Study on Artemia Salina
2011Saler ses légumes
2011Save Your Seashells- Save The Environment
2011Saving the Ojibway Language
2011Searching for Neuroprotectants in Natural Compound
2011Show and Tell
2011Simulating Water Flow using Topographical Models
2011Sissonne: The relation between knee angle and impact force
2011Sled runners - Which Goes Faster?
2011Sleep? Haven't Heard of It.
2011Slippery Search for the Coefficient of Friction
2011Slumber Sucking: A New Apparatus to Measure Infant Sucking Characteristics
2011Slurpy Colour Magic: Colour Disappearance versus Sugar Concentration
2011Smart Slime
2011Solar Cycle
2011Solar Heat - The Way of the Future?
2011Sound Effects
2011Sound Localization: The Shape of The Ear
2011Sounds Good to Me!
2011Spirit Mission by Interplanetary Shipping
2011Spitter Spatter What's The Matter?
2011Spotting the Difference
2011Stimulate Your Brain
2011Stimuli In = Action Out?
2011Stop In The Name Levee!
2011Stretch for the Best
2011Studying Canard Configuration under Low Airspeed Conditions and Its Applications
2011Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away
2011Sunscreen: The Good, The Bad And The Metallic Taste in My Mouth - Part 2
2011Super Aqua Splitter
2011Supergrass II: Lemongrass Essential Oils' Cytotoxicity on Colorectal Cancer Cells
2011Suppressing weed germination using allelopathy of Alliaria petiolata
2011Surviving Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
2011Synthesizing a Novel,Bio-Selective "Smart Antibiotic"
2011Tea Time! Relax Your Way to Better Health
2011Teleporter of Sound
2011Temper Trap 2: Tempering Air from Unconventional Sources
2011Terminal Velocity of Drops Rising in Water due to Buoyancy: What a Drag!
2011Terra Ferma
2011The "Dish" on Bacteria
2011The ABCs of Hand Washing Etiquette:Are Hand Sanatizers Better Than Soap?
2011The Airless High Efficiency Dryer
2011The Dark Side of Light
2011The Digital Ear Trainer
2011The Effects of Household Stability on High School Students Self Esteem
2011The Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation on Arabidopsis thaliana
2011The First Advantage
2011The Flywheel: A New Spin on Energy Storage
2011The Fractal Geometry of Blood Clots
2011The Fungus Amongus
2011The Germ-inator
2011The Hazards of Nanosilver Uncovered
2011The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
2011The Hydro-Step: An Innovation in Renewable Energy Technology
2011The Implement to Reduce Carbon Emissions
2011The Innovative Computer Mouse 2.0
2011The Leaking Problem
2011The Life and Times of a Cut Flower
2011The NEWspaper Fuel: Enhancing Cellulosic Ethanol Production
2011The Next Generation Wind Power
2011The Performance of Structures During Earthquakes
2011The Power of Music
2011The Promotion Effect
2011The Psidium Theorem
2011The Race to Remediate Crude Oil Spills
2011The Recycling CanTraption
2011The Role of Gastrin-Releasing Peptide in Neural Excitation of Rat Paraventricula
2011The Role of the Adventitia in Hypertension
2011The Rotating Table
2011The Science Behind Snowflakes
2011The Scratch-O-Maniac
2011The Skid Lid Helmet Helper
2011The Social Obsession
2011The Solar Cell Movement
2011The Solar Tracker
2011The Truth To Youth
2011The Use of Nanocellulose in Producing a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode
2011There's Bugs in my Bag!
2011Time Is Money? Will Time of Use Pricing Help Save $ and Can I Make a Difference?
2011To Bee or Not to Bee: How can the life span of leaf-cutter bees be extended?
2011To Eat or Not To Eat
2011Too Noisy For You?
2011Totty Potty
2011Toxic Tailings: Considering Carbon Clean-Up
2011Train Your Brain with Exercise
2011Transformer Efficiencies
2011Transporting Vaccines: The Cold Chain
2011Trash to Gas: Renewable Biogas Energy
2011Treading on Thin Ice
2011Trehalose: A Novel Stemcell Cryoprotectant
2011Tri-Energy Vehicles - Ski-Seff
2011Triclosan: Double Danger
2011Turmeric as the New Soap?
2011Une eau électrifiante!
2011Vert la piézoélectricité!
2011Viability of Carbon Capture through Algae
2011Vivaldi Helped Me Get an A in Math!
2011Vos paupières sont lourdes...
2011WAAS With the GPS?
2011Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Cup)!
2011Water Filtration for Developing Countries
2011Waves of Change
2011We are what we eat: Food shopping habits in the Hamilton population
2011We Got Our Tailgates Down
2011We've got Chemistry: Aphrodisiacs,Pheromones and Attraction
2011Weather Harvester
2011What is a more efficient way to sort bottles and cans
2011What type & colour of roof is the most thermally efficient in Fort McMurray?
2011What's In Your Salt Shaker?
2011Who'll Stop the Rain?
2011Will Crayfish Fight Over Temperature as a Resource?
2011Wind Amplification - Let's Turn Up the Power!
2011Wood Types: A Test to See Which Holds the Most
2011Wood Wars
2011Your Brain on Music
2010"Pine"-ing "Fir" Hydrocarbons
2010A Brighter Future with Safer Water Fountains
2010A Bug's Life: From Bad Oil to Good Soil
2010A computer Input Innovation for People with Parkinson's Disease
2010A Concrete Solution
2010A Feasability Analysis of Wind Energy Conversion
2010A Floral Solution to Pollution
2010A Fuel of the Future
2010A Greener Green Bin
2010A Greener Wind: Designing A More Efficient Wind Turbine Blade
2010A Helping Hand
2010À la recherche d'ADN
2010A New Focus: Reflecting Towards Higher Power Output of Photovoltaics
2010A Radical Theory:Why Antioxidants May Not Always Be Good
2010A Stable Plasmoid: The Ball Lightning Effect
2010A Statistical Approach to the Applications of Fractal Geometry
2010A Step in the Right Direction
2010A Thumb Generation
2010ACE (Autonomous Cooperative Exploration)
2010Achieving Copenhagen's International CO2 Targets with a Bees Inpsired OA & ANNs
2010Advanced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Myelin Using Novel
2010Aerodynamics of Transport Trucks II
2010Airborne Wind Turbines - Our Future is Up in the Air
2010Alerte au CO2
2010Algae into Biofuel: A study of interaction between two species
2010Algae: Arctic's Ally
2010Algebraic Loop
2010Alkaloids to be, or not to be in Catharanthus
2010Allium sativum as a Potential Antimicrobial against Group A Streptococcal Infect
2010Another Tale My Grandfather Told Me
2010Antibacterial Properties of Plant Oils
2010Aquifer Recovery
2010Are Fingerprints Hereditary?
2010Armes à dégradation massive
2010Au menu: allergie alimentaire II
2010Augmenter l'énergie potentielle du moteur à combustion
2010Automotive Wind Driven Generator
2010Avatouch: A 3D Computing User Interface
2010Ayons la foi, aidons le foie!
2010Bad Viruses Doing Good Work
2010Banishing the Bugs in Your Bottle
2010Battle of the Heating Supplies
2010Beans Under Influence
2010Beverage aids
2010Bio-Binding: A Microbial Precipit-Action
2010Bio-Not-Diesel: Algae Invasion
2010Biodegradable Bags: Fact or Folly?
2010Blanding's: A Species at Risk
2010BMI of 3rd Graders
2010Brain Drain
2010Breath Taking
2010Bugs in a Bag
2010Building a Better Brain
2010C au max
2010C'est Courber: Mesurer l'indice de réfraction des solutions sucrées
2010Cadmium, mium!
2010Can a Video Game Controller Control A Robot
2010Can Different Swimming Strokes Affect Your Heart Rate?
2010Can Hydrogen Peroxide Aid in the Efficiency of the Combustion of Ethanol?
2010Can Stress Bring Out The Best?
2010Carbon Conquered by Sea, Salt, and Sun
2010Carbon Counts
2010Carbon to Go!
2010Carbon: A Solution for Water Pollution
2010Catch the Windy Wave to $ave!
2010Caution Bacteria Alert
2010Charge It Up!
2010Chemosensitizers: The Answer to Cancer
2010Chip Champion
2010Choisir la bonne balle de squash
2010Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?
2010Cna Yuo Raed Tihs?
2010Colour and Memory
2010Comment Les Trains Maglev Travaiellent
2010Comparing the Efficiency of Paper-Based and Computer-Based Approaches for Memori
2010Comparison and Production of Biofuels
2010Complaining About Training
2010Corrosion: A Natural Phenomenom
2010Crank Remote - Saving the Landfills One Crank at a Time
2010Crash, Boom, Bang, Let's Make Skating Safer!
2010Cytotoxicity of Dandelion Extracts on Melanoma Cells
2010De-PHI-ing Nature
2010Decoding Depression
2010Design and Study of Dye Sensitized Titanium Dioxide Solar Cells
2010Detecting Stares: More Than Coincidence?
2010Developing & Degrading Starch Based Plastics
2010Dice it up!
2010Diffusion Through Osseous Matter
2010Discovering ERK5's Role in Inhibiting Breast Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion
2010Do String Players Have Longer Left Fingers?
2010Do You Remember?
2010Do You See How I See?
2010Does Eye Colour Effect Peripheral Vision?
2010Does Nagging Help?
2010Does Spelling Really Matter?
2010Does Temperature Effect Wind chimes
2010Does the Ball Make a Difference?
2010Don't Do Drugs Crustacean Bugs!
2010Don't Flip Your Lid
2010Don't Look At Me Like That!
2010Drag Is A Real Drag
2010Effect of CO2 on chronic cold tolerance and fertility in Drosophila melanogaster
2010Effect of Household Cleaners on Bacteria
2010Effect of phospates on the oxygen levels in pond water
2010Effects Of Fertilizers On PEI Sweet Potatoes
2010Effects of the Brassica genes STM and CLV1 on Arabidopsis shoot organogenesis
2010Efficiency in Infancy: A Four Month Longitudinal Study In Infant Handedness
2010Electric Gun?
2010Electricity: The Behaviors and Effects
2010Emergency Measure Access Plans; EMAP
2010Emergency Preparedness hat
2010Engines That Run Themselves
2010Enhancing Educational Resource Accessibility
2010Erosion : The Breakdown
2010Est-tu branché
2010Euglena as an Indicator of Water Quality
2010Evaluating the Effects of the Retention Properties of Charcoal on Plant Growth
2010Excuse Me
2010Exercising Your Mind
2010Eyewitness: Truth or Fiction
2010Fatty Acids and the Efficacy of Chemotherapy on Breast Cancer
2010Feel the Pressure, Hear the Beat
2010Fiber Optic Enhanced Lighting
2010Fighting BAC!
2010Fill 'er Up: Can Ethanol be Made Cost Effectively at Home?
2010Flame Spectroscopy
2010Fledglings and Fleas
2010Foiled Again!
2010Follow the Flow
2010Following the Rain II
2010Fraises et huile d'origan
2010Freezing - Warm
2010From 3D to UBP Unidentified Brain Power
2010From the Bottom Up: Self-Assembly by Lateral Capillary Forces II
2010From The Ground Up
2010Frosted Link: Navigateur Web
2010Fuel For Your Fire!
2010Game On! How Do You React?
2010Gender, Exercise, and Heart Rate
2010Get Into the Spirits
2010Get Smart About Smart Meters
2010Get The Most Out Of Your Game
2010Global UNwarming
2010Go Green - Go Plastic
2010Going Bananas
2010Grassick Incorporated: Building the Best Herd
2010Green Energy by Electrolysis
2010Ground Effect Transportation in the Arctic
2010Grounds for Change
2010H.H. - D.D. Hero High-speed Driver Deterrent
2010H20, Good to Go?
2010Habitat Preferences of the Endangered Badger of South-eastern British Columbia
2010Hand Gestures
2010Handwashing and Gloves: Making the Right Choice, Part III
2010Happy as a Pig in Mud
2010Hard Water Headaches: Softening Solutions
2010Holy Cali, Got Metal?
2010Home Water Treatment Plant
2010Homemade Electrophoresis
2010Horse Hues
2010Houses For Haiti
2010How Clean Is Your School??
2010How Green is Your Sales Receipt?
2010How is the carbon dioxide you exhale affected by exercise
2010How Outdoor Solar Lighting Really Impacts the Environment
2010How Sweet It Is
2010How to Build a Robot
2010Huntington's Disease: A Neurodegenerative Genetic Disorder?
2010HV: l'altitude à p'tit prix!
2010Hydroéléctricité: Micro vs Maco
2010Hyper Heartbeat: Fertilizer Freakout
2010iCharge It, A Portable Electric Power Generator
2010In a Blink of an Eye
2010Induction and detection of chemotatic protein S100A8 in RAW 264.7 cells
2010Insect Inspection
2010Investigating effects of Capsaicin Induced Apoptosis via an Extrinsic Pathways
2010Investigating Ice: A Slippery Subject
2010Invisible Plough
2010Is Its Bark Worse Than Its Bite?
2010Is Kindness Contagious?
2010Is Perception Reality?
2010Is Your House Really Green?
2010Jorrie and the Beanstalk and Aloe Vera
2010Jump To It! Force and Stress During Take-Offs in Figure Skating
2010Jumping Genes: DNA on the Move
2010Just Cork It
2010Kicking Cancer With KAI-1
2010Knock Out: Momentum of a Kick Boxers Punch
2010L'Alka Seltzer & L'eau
2010L'appareil orque - une nouvelle façon de capter l'énergie dans les vagues
2010L'Energie du Vent
2010L'éoliopylône : une solution aux parcs éoliens
2010L'hydrodynamique, influencé?
2010L'Xtraction aid
2010La barrière mystère !
2010La génétique
2010La myotonie congénitale
2010Le canola, plante de l'avenir ?
2010Le dilemme du prisonnier
2010Le plein: avec ou sans pulpe?
2010Left Handedness vs. Right handedness-What a Handful!
2010Les maladies congénitales
2010Les secrets des coureurs - Les orteils
2010Let it Snow
2010Let the"D" Shine In
2010Let's Make Vinegar! Is it Possible to Produce Acetic Acid From Barley?
2010Light and Weight, How Do They Relate?
2010Line Me Up
2010Local Environmental Impacts on the Water Quality of Forty-Mile Creek in Grimsby
2010Love Hurts
2010Lumière, Canettes et Couleur
2010Magnetic Linear Accelerator
2010Making a Splash: The Importance of Shape and Size
2010Man-Made Muscle
2010Max VO2 Versus Resting Heart Rate
2010Mediator-less Microbial Fuel Cells
2010Méfiez-vous, on vous surveille
2010Menstruation and Memory
2010Methane Production and Removal in a Denitrifying Streambed
2010Micro Expressions, Poker Tells and Deception Indicators
2010Microbial Degradation of Vehicle Tires
2010Microbial Fuel Cell
2010Modelling Canadians' Lipid Profile Using Artificial Neural Networks
2010More Electricity for a Hybrid Car
2010More Than Mere Taste
2010Movin' On Up
2010Muscle Fibre Conversion and Dietary Involvement
2010Nano-cellulose in Substrates for Electronic Display Systems and Medical Devices
2010Native Plant Decoctions
2010Need 4 Speed
2010No Brainer? I Think Not!
2010North, South, East, West - What Way Does a Tree Grow Best?
2010Novel Proteinaceous Compounds as Disease Determinants in Ascochyta rabiei - chic
2010Nuclear Steam Waste, Reused!
2010Nurturing Germs
2010Nutrition and Stress
2010Nutritious Rice Water
2010Oil After Breakfast
2010Oil Spill Clean UP - The Natural Way
2010OLE (Olive Lichen Extraction)
2010Optimal Performance
2010Out, damn'd Spot! A Randomized Controlled Study of Handwashing.
2010Packing Pyramids
2010Peripheral Vision: What Can You See?
2010Phase Change Materials: Their Application in Energy Conservation
2010Phononic Crystals: Revisited
2010Photoautotrophic Composite Based Nanocrystalline Solar Cells
2010Photodynamic Therapy: The Golden Cure for Cancer
2010Phytoremediation of the Oil Sands
2010Planaria Regeneration and Memory
2010Plastic Milk
2010Polar Ice Cap Melting
2010Polarization: Ray Ray Go Away
2010Pollen for the Pollinator
2010Polyester VS. Down
2010Poop Power
2010Power Generated from a Wind Turbine
2010Predicting Aggression Using Multiple Regression II
2010Probiotiques sans frontières!
2010Production of RNA to Investigate the Mechanism of Viral Replication
2010production propre d'hydrogène
2010Protecting the body from pathogens – MARCO joins the fight
2010PTEN: Halting Progression of Metastatic Melanoma
2010Pyrophosphate - An Alternative Energy Source in Plants
2010Quit Bugging Me!
2010Reader Beware
2010Ready, Set, Grow! Does CO2 and O2 Affect Cucumber Growth?
2010Recycle Sorter
2010Reengineering LED Traffic Lights to Prevent Snow or Ice Buildup
2010Regeneration: Can Stem Cells Mend a Broken Heart?
2010Représentation robotisée du mouvement des ailes de la libellule
2010Retiens-tu mieux l'information selon ton profil?
2010Revealing the Musical Patterns of the Genome
2010Rock On
2010Rot or Not: Studies of the Dental Effects of Acid and Sugar in Soft Drinks
2010Safe D Pet Solution
2010Saline Aqua Genesis
2010Salty Is Faulty
2010Seaweed Booster Juice
2010See O2 Effects
2010Seed Freeze
2010Seeing Red: The Science Behind Colour in Marketing
2010Seeing Sound: Math Meets Music
2010Self-Driving, Accident-Free Car
2010Semantic Genie
2010Shedding Some Light
2010Simple Solar Desalination
2010Size Does Matter: A Study of Qamutik Length
2010Sizing Up Your Pup
2010Sled Runners
2010Solar Energy
2010Solar Fraud
2010Solar Power - Make the Most of the Sun
2010Solar Separation II: Enhanced Hydrogen Fuel Production
2010Solar Speculation
2010Solar Wind Hybrids
2010Solarific Cells
2010Solaris Turbine
2010Solutions for Seeds
2010Something Fishy
2010Soothe Your Sinuses
2010Squeaky Clean and Going Green
2010Squeeze! Don't Move! -Tight Configuration of Disks and their Circum-Rectangle
2010SRAP Expression and Its Role In Breast Cancer
2010Stagnation Point Para Foil: An Innovation
2010Step It Up, Students
2010Stick It To The Man
2010STOL 'n Lift
2010Stop the Drop
2010Substrate Effectiveness in Microbial Fuel Cells
2010Sunny Dye-Light: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
2010Sunscreen: The Good, The Bad, and The Metallic Taste in My Mouth.
2010Super Stomata: Gas Exchange in Trees
2010Sweet Cupcakes
2010Sweet Poison:An evaluation of aspartame peptide bond stability and novel analogu
2010swn: a multi-purpose scripting language
2010Système de captation du CO2
2010Take A Bow
2010Take a Deep Breath
2010Taking the "Pulse" of the Value People Add to Forecasting Using Lightining Dat
2010Temper Trap: Using subterranean energy to temper air for quality living spaces
2010Testing Data Transfer over Plant Roots
2010That's a Real Smile or Is It?
2010The 'Moo-velous' Syringe Warmer
2010The Acid Test
2010The Actuator
2010The Amazing Lodestone
2010The Anti-Tumor Triad
2010The Beat of Your Heart II: The Breakdown
2010The Brightest Path
2010The Chlorofilter Phase 3
2010The Effect of Ageing on the Evolutionary Fitness of Individuals and Populations
2010The Effect of Music On Milk Production (The Moosic Project)
2010The Effect of Mycelium and Different Substrates on the Degradation of Oil
2010The Effect of Shiitake Mushroom Extract on Inflammation in the Colon
2010The Effects of Evaporation
2010The Effects of Gender and Age on Audio and Visual Learning
2010The Effects of Multitasking on The Learning Process
2010The Efficacy of RA, PDGF, and BMP-4 to Instruct Adult NSPC Differentiation
2010The Efficiency of Vertical Wind Turbines
2010The Finger Factor
2010The Great Weight Debate
2010The Green Effect
2010The Induction of Magnetic Fields Through Conductors
2010The Innovative Computer Mouse
2010The Intelligibility of Sopranos' Vowels
2010The Marvelous, Mysterious Gauss Gun
2010The Mysterious Condition of Synesthesia
2010The Picker Upper Challenge
2010The Pressure's On
2010The Price of Speed
2010The Relation of Total Resistant Starch Concentration in Potatoes
2010The Relative Age Effect
2010The Spill on Dawn
2010The Twin Connection
2010The Water Recycling Toilet
2010Thérapie de choc
2010Toasty Peck Decks
2010Too Much Texting
2010Traditional Fire Making
2010Trash Talk
2010Travaillons ensemble pour recycler sans gaspiller!
2010Trienergy Vehicles- Ski-Seff
2010Turbidity - To be Turbid, or Not to be Turbid: That is the Question
2010Tylenol and Echinacea Don't Rhyme!
2010Un carburant alternatif 2e partie
2010Un traitement à ne pas oublier
2010Une antenne relais intelligente
2010Une en-volley protégée
2010Unearthing the Elements of Truth
2010Up in the Air - VOC Production by Phytoplankton
2010Urbiboard: two wheeled future
2010Use - Reuse
2010Vacuum (Thermo) Forming Plastics
2010Valves cardiaques-coagulation?
2010VeggiePanel: An Ultra-Light Green Roof Innovation for Urban Food Security and Wa
2010Vitamin D Gone Viral?
2010Wake up the Windmill
2010Warehousing Made Safer With Automated Forklifts
2010Waste Not...Want Not!
2010Water here one day gone the next!
2010Water Reuse = Water To Use
2010Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink: Atmospheric Water Condensers
2010What to do with all that Poo?
2010What's Growing on Your Uniform?
2010What's Your Password?
2010Where's The Line? 2
2010Which laundry cleaner is greener?
2010Who's Green... You, Me or Nobody?
2010Why did the Moose Cross the Road?
2010Wind Energy - Can it be Greener?
2010Wind Power
2010Working Overtime
2010Working with Robots
2010You Can't Resist It!
2010Your Memory: On Exercise!
2010Your Privacy: Now in Range A Project on Radio Frequency Identification
2009"Ink" redible!
2009"The Answer My Friend Is Blowing in the Wind"
2009$olar $aver
20099000 m/seconde, ça vous dit ?
2009A Bee Inspired Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm For A Greener Tomorrow
2009A Different Look at Perceptrons
2009A Fruity Attack on the Vicious Lung Carcinomas
2009A Gas-les$ Car
2009A Healthy Alternative to Road Salt
2009A Matter of Taste: It's Only Water
2009A Mechanism of emamectin action
2009A Model for Human Decomposition in Fresh Water and Salt Water
2009A Probability Study
2009A River Runs Through It - Phase IV
2009A Simulation Model of the Viability of Solar Energy
2009A Solution for Potholes?
2009A Switch to a Brighter Tomorrow
2009A Tale My Grandfather Told Me
2009Absolutely Positive
2009Aerodynamic Lift
2009Aerodynamics of Transport Trucks
2009AIML Robots
2009Algae Goes Green
2009Algae: A Green Future
2009Alternative : chimio sélective !
2009Analysis of PL reductase and level of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside in flax
2009And Then You Take a Left...
2009Annular Wings vs Straight Wings
2009Anti-Oxidants and Plant Dynamics Part II: From Lab to Land
2009Antibacterial Properties of a Natural Remedy
2009Antibiotic Susceptibility
2009Après les OGM, les AGM: danger pour la biodiversité?
2009Aquarium Filtering
2009Artificial Intelligence for a Healthier Canada
2009Artificial WHAT?!
2009Au bout du rouleau…
2009Au menu: allergie alimentaire
2009Bac Off !
2009Bacteria and Sunscreen
2009Bake Mistake
2009Barn Owl Pellets as a Biological Indicator
2009Bernoulli's Principle
2009Beware! Of Potatoes: Enzymatic Effects on Food Preservation and the Environment
2009Bio-Inspired Photonic Fuel Cell
2009Birth Rates in Nunavut
2009Bloody Apples
2009Bow String Silencers
2009Bridge Structures, Materials, etc
2009Bristle Busters
2009Brrr... It's Freezing
2009Bugs on Drugs Phase II
2009Butterfly Power
2009Can Teachers Teach Better?
2009Can Thermal Energy in the Composting Process Heat an Alternate Water Source?
2009Cancer-Killing Combinations
2009Capsaicin Admixture Found to Ease Initial Pain Using a Novel Invertebrate Model
2009Carbon Dioxide-Friend or Foe?
2009Casting Call for Worms
2009Catch the Solar Wave to $ave
2009CBMeteor Radio II
2009Cellular Distraction?
2009Change between a higher ratio of slow twitch to fast twitch muscle fibers
2009Characterization of Immunoglobulins in Canine Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia(AIHA)
2009Chemotherapy Drugs: Less is More
2009Chimera: Genetic Anomaly
2009Cinnamon Effects
2009Citrus Fuels
2009Closing-in on Fuel Cells
2009Co-culture of Pseudomonas and Prevotella in Agar Beads
2009CO2 Capture
2009CO2nservons la Terre
2009Cognition = Improved Immunity and Mobility
2009Cold Snaps
2009Comfortable Toes for the Ballerina / Les Orteils Confortable pour la Danseuse
2009Comment Stocker l'Énergie Éolienne
2009Comparing Silica Gel & Newspaper to Vermiculite as Environmental Soil Additives
2009ComPawst Bins: A Bear Necessity
2009Competitive Advantage? Factors Affecting a Football Kick
2009Concrete Microsphere Mix
2009Could A Lemon Power The World?
2009Cow Power
2009CPR Training Simulator - Improved for Kids
2009Creating an Online Computer Game
2009Cutting Clean
2009D.I.Y. Atom Smasher
2009Deaf By Music: Noise Induced Hearing Loss
2009Déchets électrisants II !
2009Designing a Novel SAM Mimic as an Inhibitor of AHL Synthase
2009Detecting Fraud Using Benford's Law
2009Détection de plomb dans une chaine alimentaire
2009Développement d'un modèle animal de l'amblyopie anisométropique
2009Digital Traffic Signal Recognition System: Saving Lives
2009Disappearing Oil:Enhanced Bioremediation of Oil-Contaminated Soil in Bioreactors
2009Do You Eat the Red Ones Last ?
2009Do You Know What You're Touching?
2009Do You Remember?
2009Do You See What "Eye" see ? - Optical Illusions
2009Does Honey have an Antibacterial Effect?
2009Dogs vs. Humans - Whose Mouth is Cleaner?
2009Don't Write on Your Hands
2009Down the Drain, Only to Resurface Again
2009Driven to Distraction - The Effect of Talking and Texting on
2009Dry Skin? We have a solution!
2009Dynamic Photovoltaics - The Sustainable SolArray
2009E-Z Glide Sliding Rail Anchor
2009Eco Eyes
2009Ecological Footprint - The Most Important Accounting Tool For The Planet?
2009Edible Antibodies
2009Effects of Second-Hand Smoke on the Lungs
2009Egg in the Hole
2009Electricity From The Waste Heat of An Engine
2009eMission Impossible: Detecting Pollution with Laser Light
2009Energy from Garbage
2009Energy From Mobility: Creating and Testing Kinetic Electrical Generators
2009Ethanol - Biofuel of the Future
2009Evaluation of Erosion Control Methods
2009Evaluation of Mangosteen Fruits and Extracts by HPLC and in Prostate Cancer Cell
2009Even Cleaner Even Greener
2009Extending the Operational Lifespan of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
2009Extra Pane Big Gain
2009Eye Spy Too: Exploring Peripheral Vision
2009Fabulous Fiddleheads
2009Fact or Foamy
2009Fast and Furious
2009Fast vs. Slow Perceivers: Ambiguous Stimuli Perception on Eyewitness Recall
2009Fear Factors
2009Fight Fire With Sound?
2009Finding a Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease
2009Fish Out of Water
2009Floodlight Illumination
2009Flow Characteristics and Viscosity of Fluids
2009Following the Rain
2009Fresh Water
2009From CO2 Sink to Biofuel Inc.
2009From the Bottom Up: Self-Assembly by Lateral Capillary Forces
2009Full Moons... Do They Affect You?
2009Garbage in... Not Garbage Out
2009Garlic-Induced Gene Expression Changes in Streptococcus pyogenes Predict a Reduc
2009Genomic DNA Quantities
2009Get Bent: How Black Holes Bend Spacetime and the Minds of Modern Physicists
2009Glim and Glow
2009Goderich Sustainable Home
2009Going Green Ski-Seff
2009Going Waste Free
2009Got Gas?
2009Grasping Water
2009Green Machine
2009Growing Up Emotionally Smart
2009H2O en péril !!!
2009H2O Running Your Home
2009Hands on the Wheel
2009Handwashing and Gloves: Making the Right Choice, Part II
2009Hazy Days: Measuring Atmospheric Haze Levels
2009Health is in Your Hands - Hand Hygiene in a School Setting
2009Herbal Products May Alter Drug Metabolism
2009High Speed Flash Exposure with Compact Digital Cameras
2009Homemade Organic Soil vs. Commercial Soil in Plant Growth: Which is better?
2009Horseshoe Crabs- Beneficial Blue Bloods
2009Horsy Matters
2009How Clean Is Too Clean
2009How Does Fear Affect Pulse Rate?
2009How Does Strategy Affect Total Sentence In The Prisoner's Dilemma?
2009How Media Makes Us Care: The Effect of Emotional Experience on Donations
2009Hunting with TGF-beta traps
2009Hydro Splitting
2009Hyper Heartbeat: The Effect of pH levels on Micro-organisms
2009Hyperphrenia: Your Brain on Media
2009I Scream for Ice Cream But...
2009I Spy With My Little Eye
2009Ice Cooties 2
2009Ikkii! It's Freezing!
2009Inhibition of Cell Growth by Polyamine Analogues in Breast Cancer
2009Innovative, Trailing Edge Winglet: Bent. Broken. Better!
2009Insulin of the Future
2009Irrésistibles, les phages ?
2009Is a Dog's Mouth Cleaner than a Human's?
2009Is it Safe to Make The Switch?
2009Is There A Solution To Pollution?
2009Is there an alternative to oil-based plastics?
2009It's "In" Lightning
2009It's A Bug's Life
2009It's All About The Moulting Cycle
2009It's Keen To Be Green
2009It's not Stinky Cheese it's Manganese
2009It's Time to Make a "Radon" the Basements
2009Jaw Dropping ... Pass It On !
2009Juniper Tree: Breast Cancer Free?
2009Just Add Water
2009KASPar SNP markers linked to Ascochyta blight resistance gene in chickpea
2009L'attaque juteuse
2009L'électroaimant vous attire ?
2009L'uni«ver» est au cheval !
2009La capsaïcine, mal sans point ou remède?
2009La circulation extracorporelle
2009La marche des Arthropodes
2009La Télérobotique... Notre Futur
2009La transformation écologique des déchets ménagers organiques en bioéthanol
2009La «Chaud-Frette»
2009Le bonheur du bruit: Quelles fréquences pour la croissance
2009Le caoutchouc au bon goût
2009Le diabète chez les Autochtones
2009Le fromage, un écosystème !
2009Le moteur de Dame Nature
2009Le Néodyme: utile dans le transport?
2009Les bactéries magnétotactiques
2009Les oeufs oméga-3
2009Les plantes dans un monde de couleurs
2009Let The Sun Shine
2009Let's Split for a Greener Future
2009Lighting the Way (Can You See The Light - Take II)
2009Logic Gates and the K'nex Computer
2009Magic Math
2009Magnet Generator
2009Magno-Car: The Ride of the Future
2009Make, Don't buy yo diesel! (biodiesel)
2009Mario from Scratch
2009Material Matters
2009Max Downforce
2009Microburst Spoiler
2009Mirror, Mirror...Who's the Most Renewable of Them All?
2009Mission Adhésion
2009MMM: Manoeuvering Metastatic Melanoma
2009Molecular Insights on DNA Uptake & Transit Pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2009Mood and Mobility in Multiple Sclerosis
2009More Solar Power
2009More to Light Than Meets the Eye Phase III
2009Moteur électrique éolien
2009Much Ado About Garbage...The Biogas Edition
2009Multi-Functional Mobility Aids: Improving Mobility, Autonomy and Efficiency
2009Music Effects on Intelligences
2009Music for Your Heart?
2009Musical Brain
2009Nature Shock: An experimentation of Naturopathic Treatments for Prostate Cancer
2009Ne vous stressez pas
2009Noise Pollution - is there a solution?
2009Observe N' Absorb
2009Oily Ocean?
2009Ommochromes vs. Pteridines
2009One Two Freeze Thaw
2009Only the Nose Knows
2009Optimization of Bicycle Training: A Multi-Variable Experiment
2009Ouch My Head
2009Overcoming Spinal Cord Injuries
2009Pedal Pumper
2009Pellet Power
2009PEPCID...Just One and Heartburn's Done!
2009Perception vs. Reality - Day vs. Night Speeds
2009Phase Inversion of Aqueous Ethylene Copolymers For Water Remediation
2009Photo-Carbo-Synthesis and Energy Storage
2009Phytoremediation: using Geraniums as hyperaccumulators in phytoextracting lead
2009Plugging Into The Sun
2009Pool Protection System
2009Poop + H20 = RNG
2009Potential Use of Microencapsulated Live Yeast Cells in Treating Kidney Failure
2009Pour neurones seulement ?
2009Power Your Car - From Your Dinner Table
2009Pratique musicale et infrarouge
2009Predicting Aggression Using Multiple Regression
2009Properties of Wood Phase Two
2009Pure H2O
2009Push Power Generator Exploring The Co-Relations Involved In Electromagnetism
2009Pykrete: Eco-Insulator
2009Quality Sounds ... or not?
2009Quit The Drips
2009R World
2009Remember to Think....Think to Remember: Preventing Alzheimers
2009Rhubarb to the Rescue!
2009Risky Sips: BPA in Your Bottle
2009Road Salts: Destruction or Relocation
2009Roots and Caterpillars vs Liver Cancer
2009Rx Neuropathy
2009SafeD Pet Solutions
2009Sample Size It
2009Save Money While You Sleep: Reducing Household Energy Consumption
2009Saving the Birds, One Window at a Time
2009Sc-Air Crow
2009Scraps for Laps
2009Scratch-Off Cards: Are You Being Manipulated to Lose?
2009Sensations sans frontières
2009Shhhhhhhhh - 3 (Into the Blue)
2009Skating on Thin Ice
2009SLS: Good, Bad, or Just Plain UglY?
2009Soil Amending Properties of Charcoal
2009Solar Separation: The Production of Eco-Friendly Fuel
2009Solar vs Wind
2009Sound Analysis and Comparison of Sound made by Mammals, Birds, Amphibians and Re
2009Souris sans carie !
2009Spices on Cancer
2009SpongeBob's Nemesis Plankton: Evil Genius or Omega-3 Super-producer?
2009Sprout Into Action
2009Steroids for Plants
2009Stirling Engine: Thinking Outside the Gas Pump
2009Stop the Flood
2009Strategic Stretching: The Effects of Stretching on Strength and Range of Motion
2009Sugar: Sickly Sweet
2009Suramin, Congo Red, and Antibiotic Resisance
2009Synthesis, Reactivity and Recycling of the Organic-inorganic catalyst
2009Table tactile
2009Talking Hands
2009Tap Water versus Bottled Water; Do you know what you're drinking?
2009Tasting Test
2009Tea As An Aid In Neuronal Growth
2009The "Mow Pod"
2009The Beat of Your Heart
2009The Bottom of the Barrel: The Stiffer Paradigm
2009The Chlorofilter
2009The Displacement of Copper Ions by Aluminum in Copper Solutions
2009The Effect of Different Kinds of Music on Mathematical Performance
2009The Effects of Energy Drinks on Teenagers
2009The Effects of Gender Identity on Short-Term Memory
2009The Effects of Probiotics vs Antibiotics on Common Bacteria
2009The Effects of Red Bull on a Daphnia's Heart Rate
2009The Hole Solution
2009The Last One Standing: SALT or SNOW?
2009The Maglev Challenge
2009The Medium Rare Hamburger: An E. coli Sandwich?
2009The Music Memory
2009The Paper Pellet Press
2009The Right Height
2009The Secret Life of Spice
2009The Skimmer 2000
2009The Solar Chef
2009The Sweeter, The Cleaner - Stevia
2009The Unnoticed Epidemic: Yawning
2009The Water Hornwort
2009The Woad to a sustainable blue. Phase 3
2009Therapie de Choc
2009Touchless Computing
2009Turbine Hydro-électrique
2009Ultraviolet Damage to Canola Plants: Macroscopic and Microscopic Observations
2009Un ordinateur gelé mais rapide
2009Under the Cellular Influence
2009Une antenne relais qui rassure!
2009Une mémoire bien reposée
2009Using Genetic Algorithms to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem
2009Utilizing Wind and Solar Energy
2009UV Radiation-Free, Naturally
2009Vampire Power: Watts Disappearing?
2009Vertical Windmills - How do they Work?
2009Vous avez dit nucléaire !?
2009Warm and Fuzzy; no More Scuzzy: Effective Small Scale Motor Oil Spill Cleanup
2009Waste Management
2009Watch Your Step
2009Watching Evolution
2009Water & Soil Contamination through Hydraulic Conductivity in the Red River Basin
2009We're Still Not Plastic Bags: Perfecting the Perfect Plastic
2009Weather or Not.....Site C-O2
2009What are the effects of Pomegranate Juice on Fruit Decomposition?
2009What is the effect of garlic when used as a biological seed treatment?
2009What Kind of Mind do You Have?
2009What Makes Calves Grow
2009What's Heating You?
2009What's the Buzz Now?
2009Which Bag Keeps an Apple Fresher?
2009Which is Best For Teeth Whitening?
2009Which Way is North?
2009Wii r XBOX surgeons...P/S u can b 2
2009Will Women's Wicking Wear Work?
2009Wind to Wheel
2009Wind Turbines
2009Wind Turbines - Let's Go Green
2009Winds of Change
2009Winglets, Wingtips, Wing-Whaat?
2009Wireless Power II: Characterizing Magnetically Coupled Fields
2009Would You Kiss This? Part 2
2009X-CoP 102 - "eXternal COntrolled Prosthesis"
2009Yogurt Trek: The Search for Probiotics
2009You are What You Eat
2009You Can't Hear That?!
2008"Air" It Don't "Wipe" It
2008"Sour Soil": the resiliency of nitrogen fixation capabilities of Rhizobia in a
2008(W)hole Geometry
2008...And Then There Were None: A Tale of a Land Mine Sweeper
20081950 Dooms Day Asteroid
2008A Breath of Fresh Air
2008À cheval vers la guérison!
2008A Device for Testing the Flexibility of Lower Limb Orthoses
2008A Fatal Fad
2008A Force: Drag On A Rocket
2008A Greener Road
2008Acid vs Lime
2008Aerodynamics of Swept Wings
2008Affected or Not Affected - That is the Question
2008AI game engine design
2008Alerte aux amas
2008All Packed Up: A Study in Random Close Packing
2008Altering the Gene Expression of Streptococcus Pyogenes Using a Natural Product
2008Alysha Light 24
2008Alzheimer's Disease: PARs to the Rescue
2008Amazing Algae
2008Amplification of hTERT cDNA For Transient Transfection with Mammalian Cells
2008An Investigation into Chaos Theory
2008An Unsolved Mystery: The Origin of Life
2008Analyzing Yeast Metabolism Under Aerobic & Anaerobic conditions
2008Ant Acids
2008Ant Colony Optimization
2008Antibacterial Activity of Canadian Honeys: Isolation of Active Constituents Usin
2008Antibiotic resistance
2008Appuyez sur le champignon!
2008Are Plastic Water Bottles Endangering The Human Race?
2008Are You Well Heeled?
2008Arrow Flight and Speed
2008Attacking cancer: the spicy way
2008Baa Baa Burrr "Hypothermic Lambs"
2008Barometer "The Weather Expert"
2008Bend it Like Pig
2008Bio-Mass Heating; Hot Topic or Not?
2008Biodiesel's New Dry-Clean
2008Biofixation of C02 Using Coccolithophorid Algae
2008Blowing In The Wind
2008Boning UP with Alfalfa!!
2008Branchées sur l'effet de serre
2008Breaking the Carbon Bond
2008Bright Future of Energy: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
2008Bringing the Greenhouse Effect Down to Earth
2008Bugs on Drugs
2008Busting a Bridge: Only the Strongest Will Survive
2008Bye-Bye Birdies
2008Camellia Sinensis as an Aid in Regenerative Nerve Therapy
2008Can You See The Light
2008Candy Anyone? An Experiment for the Rate of Growth of Sugar Crystals at Differen
2008Carbon Dioxide-The Death of Plants?
2008Cast Innovation: Reducing the Risk
2008Catch The Heat
2008Catch Your Breath!
2008Ceasing Seizures
2008Cell Cycle Control of Transformation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
2008Change is a Must(ard)!
2008Clay Advanced System For Cooling
2008Clean Energy from Scrap Tire Combustion
2008Climate Change--Nunavut's Impact 2
2008Climate Change: Symptoms and Solutions
2008Cloning Violets
2008Come and Get Your Coffee While It's Hot!
2008Come In Out Of The Cold
2008Come On In, The Water's Fine?
2008Comparing the Effects of Organic and Chemical Fertilizers on a Mesotrophic Lake.
2008Cones and Clones: Genetic Variation of White Spruce Seed and Clones
2008Control Innovations for Quadriplegics
2008Cottage or Castle-Which Was Warmer?An Evaluation of Mediaeval Building Materials
2008Crown Gall Prevention
2008Daphnia Lub-Dubs
2008Daphnia On Drugs
2008Déchets électrisants!
2008Des clous pour déjeuner
2008Detecting Atherosclerosis - Cytokine Profiling of Peritoneal Macrophages Exposed
2008Detection Inspection
2008Developing FiftyTwo
2008Diet Dilemma with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
2008Do Anti-Oxidants Boost a Plant's Dynamics
2008Do Different Colours of Light Affect the Growth of Plants?
2008Do Environmental Stresses Affect the Strength of Glue Bonds?
2008Do you know what you're drinking?
2008Do You See What Eye See?
2008Do You See What I See
2008Docteur Bob l'Éponge
2008Does The Angle Of Your Ankle Affect The Propulsion of Your Flutter Kick?
2008Don't Be Cold This Winter
2008Drag or Not to Drag: A New VAWT Design
2008Driving Tension and Hypertension
2008Drop Dead Gorgeous
2008Dying For A Sleep
2008Dynamic Testing of Strength and Vibration Properties of Hardwoods
2008Effect of Glucocorticoids on Nicotine Metabolism
2008Efficiency is the Key
2008Efficient Eating
2008Electric Sewage
2008Electrical to Kinetic Energy Conversion Efficiency
2008Electricity From Snow
2008Energy Drinks
2008Energy Drinks Versus Water
2008Energy Drinks- Do They Deliver what They Promise?
2008Engines That Power Themselves
2008EnRayons la soif!
2008Enviro Safe
2008Equations of state of hexane at geophysical conditions of the upper mant
2008Excel at Statistics
2008Eye Spy: Variables That Affect Peripheral Vision
2008Fabric Fever
2008Feasibility Evalution on Various Organic Acids Applied in Fuel Cells
2008Fertilizer Contamination in the Hydrologic Cycle
2008Fibre on Fire: Fabrics & Fire Safety
2008Filter Failure
2008Fourier Analysis on Violin Tone
2008Fuel Cell Bonanza
2008Fungi MB
2008Garlic Against Genotoxicity
2008Garlic's Potential as a Biological Seed Treatment
2008Gear Up For the Environment
2008Generating Electricity in Pipelines
2008Generating NURBS Surfaces through 3D Silhouette Scanning
2008Generation XL
2008Germy Hosts
2008Global Warming in Canada
2008Global Warming: Are Urban Trees the Answer?
2008Global Warning: UVB Rays Friend or Foe?
2008Go With the Flow
2008Golf Ball Drop
2008Gravity: Through the Looking Glass
2008Green Eggs and Beef
2008Green Plastics: Saving Our Environment One Bag at a Time
2008H2O Friend or Foe?
2008Hamster Power
2008Handwashing and Gloves: Making the Right Choice
2008Healing A Health Crisis
2008Health Behaviour Among Adolescents in Hamilton, Ontario
2008Heat Up the Hydrocarbons
2008Homosexuality: It's all in your head (Phase III)
2008Hot Dog Cool Solution
2008Hot Vs Cold
2008How Bright Is Your Light?
2008How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect the Human Brain and Body?
2008How Does the Throat Sing?
2008How Has English Vocabulary Changed Over Time?
2008How Much N2O is in Your H2O?
2008How Safe Are Our Children?
2008How to Help Goalies Make More Saves
2008How to Make Vegetable Oil into Diesel
2008Human Decomposition
2008Hydrogen Fuel Cell: Effect of Altitude on Energy Output
2008Hydrogen Storage Using Steel Wool
2008Hypericin Phototoxicity: A Novel Strategy for Cancer Treatment
2008Ice Ace
2008Ice Cold
2008Identifying Ciona intestinalis Via COX1 Primers
2008Impact of Microwaves on Plant Growth
2008Improving predictive text
2008Interaction of HIV-1 Transactivating Factor Tat and Mitochondria of Cos7 Cells
2008Investigating Blood Sugar
2008InVision: An Intelligent System for Automated Image Analysis
2008Is Arctic Ice Losing Its Cool?
2008Is PJ the Cure?
2008Jatropha Oil - Saving the Environment, One Drop at a Time
2008Jitter Bugs
2008Kick the Carbon Crave: Convert CO2 to Fuels
2008L'énergie dans les vaques-La source renouvelable sans impact?
2008L'orage électrique au cerveau
2008La chasse aux étoiles
2008La Maison "verte"
2008La protéomique: second souffle!
2008La thérapie génique
2008La valorisation écologique des déchets ménagers en biogaz
2008Larch Tea: An Antibacterial Solution?
2008Le béton idéal
2008Le compost améliore la santé des pommiers et réduit l'infestation des acarie
2008Le plasma: bien plus qu'un état
2008Lead in Lettuce
2008Learning Styles and Strengths of 7th Graders
2008Left or Right: Side Dominance
2008Left or Right?
2008Left? or Right? - Lateral Dominance in Cats
2008Lending a Hand: Bio Gloves
2008Les champignons et les antioxydants
2008Les commandes hydrauliques
2008Les courants océaniques
2008Les graines de la Saskatchewan: un apport assuré en sélénium
2008Let the River Flow
2008Let the Wind Blow - But Make Your Turbine Efficient
2008Let there be Light
2008Life or Death! Will the snowmobile float?
2008Likin' Lichen Protection
2008Lingering Herbicides
2008Lost inTranscription?The Effects of Mutations Through Eukaryotic Gene Expression
2008Magiques ou toxiques?
2008Making Bricks from Mine Tailings
2008Matter over Mind
2008Mechanics of Bioplastics
2008Microarray Profiling of Gene Expression in the Normal Aging Brain of Drosophila
2008Microbes At War
2008Mobility for the Disabled
2008More to Light than Meets the Eye Phase II
2008Mountain Pine Beetle: The Silent Fire
2008Musical Diaphragms?
2008Neural Networks: Image Recognition 2
2008Northern Lights
2008Nothing Is But What Is Not
2008Now you see it now you don't!
2008Nuclear Scintillation Spectroscopy and Cosmic Radiation
2008Ocean Power
2008Ocular pigmentation and longevity in Drosophila melanogaster.
2008Ocular Trauma
2008Oleophilic Bacteria....Creating a Greener Tomorrow
2008On the Level
2008On the Right Path
2008Opération Simulation
2008Optical Illusions: Can you grow out of them?
2008Orbital Forcing: An Astrophysical Solution to the Puzzle of Climate Change
2008Organic VS Genetically Modified Apples/Bananas
2008Origine: inconnue
2008Oups, j'ai oublié!
2008Our World On Thin Ice
2008Out of Thin Air
2008Papier recyclé : la nouvelle génération
2008Passing Wind
2008Perceptual Blindness
2008Perspicacious People
2008Petroleum Snackers: A Biological Solution to Oil Spills
2008Photonic Boom
2008Physics Of A Slapshot
2008Phytoremediation: Plant Power
2008Plant Coma: A New Tool For Forensic Scientists
2008Plantes et ondes radio : une curieuse combinaison!
2008Plastic Not Fantastic
2008Plastic-Safe or Not?
2008Plastics:Here Today, Here Tomorrow
2008Polar Ice: Electric Fields and the Effect on Ice
2008Polar Problem
2008Pollution Par Ignorance
2008Pop Goes The Kernel!
2008Power Ultrasonic Treatment for Atherosclerosis
2008Predicting Penalty Minutes
2008Prime Probability Paradox Through Parity!
2008Priming and exogenous treatments for salt stress in Phaseolus vulgaris.
2008Pykrete: the new concrete?
2008Quand la santé part en fumée!
2008Quit Buggin'
2008R U Full of Hot Air
2008Raindrops on Rotors
2008Remediation Sensation
2008Renewable Energy
2008Revêtement nature
2008Rotting Body
2008Salt and the Sustainable Environment
2008Sanitary Sunshine: Put to the Test
2008Saving Energy= Saving Our World/ Use Colour
2008Saving The World Never Tasted So Sweet
2008Se faire piquer, c'est du passé!
2008Seeing Science
2008Sense What You Can't Hear
2008Sewers: The Untapped Renewable Energy Source
2008Shhhhhhhh-2: Sound Absorption
2008Signalling Pathways Leading to Differential Neutrophil Degranulation
2008Sink The CO2
2008Slow Down and Save with Ethanol
2008Smoke Detectors
2008Some Like It Hot! Using Thermoelectrics to Recover Waste Heat from a Car Engine
2008Speeding Spins: The Physics Behind a Figure Skating Spin
2008Spendthrifts VS Tightwads
2008Spice up Your Life
2008Static Electricity and Shocks
2008Stimulus Strength and Reaction Time
2008Stocks: Predicting When To Sell
2008Straight Cut, One Cut, Two Cut, Which is the Best Christmas Tree Cut?
2008Submerged in Science
2008Subway Productivity Time Study
2008Surface Tension
2008Take a Slide down the Learning Curve
2008Taste the Rainbow
2008Tasty Teeth
2008Taxol and Flaxseed: A more effective treatment of Breast Cancer
2008Techno Worm
2008Teen Stress in the North
2008Tempest in a Tin Can
2008The ACELL System
2008The Ants Go Marching...
2008The Best Bounce For Your Buck
2008The Best Defenseman
2008The Better Browser
2008The Brilliant Brain
2008The Coanda Conundrum
2008The Coriolis Effect and its Implications
2008The Coriolis Effect and its Implications
2008The Curing Clove!
2008The Dilemma of Musical Allusions -uses and abuses of music
2008The Effect of Antibacterial Soap on Different Types of Bacteria
2008The Effect of Automation on Wild Rice Harvest
2008The Effect of Scarification and Acid Bathing?
2008The Effects of Bacillus thuringiensis on Non-Target Invertebrates
2008The Effects of Heavy Metals on Degesia tigrina
2008The Effects of Humanoid Avatar Gaze on Chat Communication in Virtual Worlds
2008The Effects of Microbubble Volume on Ship Hull Drag Reduction
2008The Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers on the Bioremediation of Oil
2008The Effects of Parasitic Species on Fishing Vessels
2008The Effects of Zizyphus jujuba var. spinosa Extract on Various Cancer Cell Lines
2008The Fat In Your Fries
2008The Flex on Hockey Sticks
2008The Future of Recycling Plastics
2008The Impact of a Distracting Environment on Memory
2008The Incredible Bridge
2008The Leaching of Bisphenol-A from Polycarbonate Bottles
2008The Missing Piece of Global Warming
2008The Pandemic Ventilator
2008The Photoelectric effect
2008The Power of Polymer
2008The Power of Wind
2008The Pressure Is On!
2008The Return of the "Alter-Leg"
2008The Rollator Wheelchair Hybrid 2: Attaching The Freedom Of Independent Mobility
2008The Slingshot: Improving the Modern Hockey Stick
2008The Socio-Thermology of the Mi'kmaq Sweat Lodge
2008The Spice of Life
2008The stem cell race
2008The Stroop Effect
2008The Survival of the Marigold
2008The Unseen Benefactors
2008The Upright Silo Deicer
2008The Winds of Change: The Superior by Nature Energy Plan
2008The Woad to a Sustainable Blue Colourant, Phase Two
2008The World's Best Paper Airplane: A Test
2008Thermoelectricity via Wasted Ambient Heat
2008Think Fast!
2008To Bernoulli or Not to Bernoulli? - that is the question...
2008To Dye For
2008Tracking the sun
2008Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia with LPATH
2008Trip the Light Fantastic
2008Tropical Alberta: Microvertebrate Paleontology
2008Turn Down The Heat
2008Un Bras Robotique c'est Quoi?
2008Un lavage pour sauver une vie
2008Un moteur écologique
2008Un train magnétique: un mode de transport propre II
2008Understanding the Immune System
2008Viral Load Testing under Influence of HIV HAART Treatment
2008Virtual Fencing
2008Viscosity: Developing & Testing a New Technique for Measuring a Liquid's Viscos
2008Visual vs. Auditory
2008Vitamin C Loss in Fruit Juice
2008Voice Activated Navigation for the Blind
2008W.C.A.R. Wireless Controllable Autonomous Robots
2008Waste To Warmth
2008Wasting Away
2008Water Me, Naturally
2008Watts the Alternative?
2008We're Not Plastic Bags: The Perfect Plastic
2008Weather Observation UAV
2008What Causes A Brain Freeze?
2008What is the Diameter of the Earth's Core?
2008What's The Buzz?
2008What's the Point?
2008Which Bridge Structure Holds the Most Weight?
2008Which Golf Ball to Use: A Study of Bounce Height and Drive Distance
2008Who Are You?
2008Wii Will Rock You
2008Willow Water as a Rooting Accelerator
2008Wind Power
2008Wind Swept
2008Windmill Blades
2008Winging it- A study of how air temperature affects the efficiency of flight
2008Wireless Electricity
2008Would Wheat? Wheat Wood!
2008X-CoP 101 - "eXternal COntrolled Prosthesis"
2008You are Not a Beautiful and Unique Snowflake
2008You are Under Fall-Arrest
2008Your life or your car? AirCrumble lets you have both.
2007"Burning" Calories
2007"McFries to McFuel" Biodiesel
20078 Seconds Safe II
2007A breath of Fresh Air
2007A Day In The Life Of: Stepper Motor Control Systems
2007À l'intérieur de la dépression
2007A new Spin On Power
2007A River Runs Through It - Phase III
2007A Twist on Twisting Curves
2007Acid Rain: Is It Gone Or Just Forgotten?
2007Aerodynamic Drag
2007Aerodynamic Efficiency: Reducing Fuel Emissions thru Innovative Aircraft Design
2007Agents that Destroy Vitamin C
2007Airfoil Design vs Stall
2007Alfalfa: Potential Source of the Health Ingredient Lutein
2007Aluminum Technology Owes An Apology To The Health Ecology
2007Ames Test: Chemicals to Cancer
2007An Analysis of Local Climate Change in Relation to Traditional Knowledge
2007Anciennes cultures, nouvelles technologies
2007Antennas to the heavens
2007Aquatic Pathway
2007Arctic Plant Medicine
2007Are We Destroying Our Teeth?
2007Are We Genetically Different From Other Species?
2007Artificial Intelligence Turtle
2007Asleep at the Wheel
2007Association Between Fingerprint Pattern and Hair Colour, Eye Colour and Gender
2007Attention aux "Dents G"
2007Au fil des toiles?
2007Autoroute H2O
2007Backpack Bugs
2007Backpacks: A Pain in the Back
2007Backstage Manipulator for Cosmic Evolution of Galaxy Clusters
2007Balanus Balanoides as Bioindicators
2007Be Alarmed
2007Big Lungs? Big People?
2007Bio-Gly-Kool II
2007Biodiesel: Does it make Cents?
2007Blood Brain Barrier Breached!
2007Blood Pressure and Pulse
2007Blowing Down the Walls of Jericho
2007Body By Influence
2007Brand Name vs. No Name
2007Bras de fer: axolotl vs cancer
2007Bread... Makes the Grade
2007Breathe Easy...CO2 can be Green!
2007Breathin' Easy
2007Bug Off!
2007Bzzz Balm - The Healthy Lip Explosion
2007C.A.R.- Controllable Autonomous Robot
2007Catch me if you can!
2007Catching No ZZZZZZ's: A Sleep Deprivation Study
2007CD127 Influence in Protecting CD8+ T-cells from Apoptosis
2007CH4 Optimization of BioWaste
2007Children's Programming: Education or Just Entertainment?
2007Chromatography and Organic Components Cretaceous Fossils
2007Cleaner Fuel, Cleaner Air, Cleaner Engine
2007Climate Change: Nunavut's Impact
2007CO2 at the Drive-Through
2007CO2 Reduction
2007Colour Confusion: Can You See the Taste?
2007Condamné à perpétuité
2007Contribution to Sustainability in Cement and Coal Production
2007Cool It
2007Copper or Coincidence?
2007Cosmic Radiation
2007Could This be Random? Probably!
2007CravingTooMuchJunkFood? TestingTheLinkBetweenTasteSensitivityandBMIPercentile
2007CSI Cold Scanning Investigations
2007Cultivating Cultivators
2007Cure it Naturally!: Spices & Herbs: The Best Wonder Cure!!
2007Des ondes qui passent ou qui cassent
2007Developing Codeform: A Syntax Highlighter
2007Dietary Fats: Friend or Foe? 2
2007Dissolving Buildings:The Effects of Acid Rain on Limestone Structures
2007Dissolving the Pain
2007Distributed Robotics: An Intelligent System
2007Do Contact Lens Solutions Keep Your Contact Cases Bacteria Free?
2007Do You Know Your Cat? Left Pawed? Right Pawed?
2007Do You See What I See?
2007Does Listening to Rock, Rap and Classical Music Affect One's Concentration?
2007Does Microwaving Water Affect Plant Growth?
2007Does More Money Mean More distance in Golf Balls?
2007Does Snow Affect Sound?
2007Dual Tomography
2007Duel antibactérien
2007Eat Dirt & Live Longer
2007Effect of Pollution on Aquatic Life: Part 2
2007Effectiveness of Fog Lamp Colors
2007Electrifying Algae
2007Embryonic Stem Cells and Viral Internalization
2007Energy Burst or Energy Thirst
2007Ergonomics Within the Workplace
2007F1 vs F2
2007Feel The Flow 2: Microbubbles
2007Ferrum Corrumpitur Quod Aer
2007Fertilizing Growth
2007Fighting Flames Frugally
2007Fighting for Deer Life
2007Fighting the Clone Wars
2007Finding f(x) with Genetic Algorithms
2007Finding the Fit for Your Knee
2007Flower Power
2007Fluoride: Formula for Destruction
2007Flying Straight Genetically
2007Food for Mood
2007Food For Thought
2007Forget Me Not
2007From The Orthic Triangle
2007From Trash to Cash
2007From Walker to Wheel Chair: A Mobility Aid Combination
2007Fruit Peel Detergent
2007Fuel of The Future
2007Fuel of the Future: Biodiesel
2007FWB: The Impenetrable Fabric/ Testing Claims
2007Game Theory and Human Behavior
2007Gas Production, Waste Reduction
2007Gåsö flora inventory
2007Gene Therapy for Cervical Cancer
2007Generating Muscle Power
2007Ginger root extraction
2007Go With the Flow Phase II
2007Green Hydrogen
2007Growing Leaders, Growing Grasslands
2007H2O to Energy
2007Hair Dye...Or Hair Die?
2007Hexa Lifter
2007Hot COCO2 The Energizer Reactor
2007Hot Pants - Recycled Polyester Insulation
2007How Exotic: The Presence and Effects of Exotic Matter in Nature
2007How Hungry Are Your Slugs ?
2007How Pocket PCs Affect Reading Comprehension
2007How Tall Before They Fall?
2007Hungry For Hydrocarbons
2007Hydrogen - Fuel of the Future
2007Hydrogen Power
2007Hydrogen: Fuel Of The Future
2007I See You
2007I-Kill-O-Watt Power Plant
2007Ideal Sensor Patterns
2007If "Eye" Only Had a Brain
2007Illuminating Photosynthesis
2007Infuenza Invaders!
2007Insect Immigration to Canada- The 21st Century Threat
2007Insulation Investigation Searching for Alternatives
2007Investigating Yeast Power
2007iPODemic: Noise Induced Hearing Loss and the Use of Personal Listening Devices
2007Is Bigger Really Better?
2007Is Bug Wood Boggy?
2007Is my Yukon tap water safe to drink?
2007Is Your Fruit Really Clean?
2007Islands in the Sun
2007Isotopic Fingerprinting of Human-Emitted Methane
2007it is supposed to be Fun
2007It’s Worth A Shot
2007J'ai d'la veine, c'est piquant!
2007Jeu de con«sciences»
2007Journey from Waste to Useful Resources
2007Juicing It Up
2007Just Add Honey
2007Killer Caffeine
2007L'amerture, c'est dans les gènes!
2007L'effet Meissner frappe encore
2007L'électrolyse et les piles à combustiles: l'eau comme source de combustible
2007La maison passive
2007La réduction écologique des déchets ménagers
2007La Super Colle
2007Laser Liquids
2007Le chercheur d'eau
2007Le code de l'avenir
2007Le Diabète
2007Le somnambulisme
2007Learning Behaviour of Rats
2007Left or Right?
2007Left? Right? Or Balanced?: The Effects and Applications of Cerebral Dominance
2007Les biocarburants renouvelables
2007Les catapultes
2007les éoliens
2007Let's get moving with Thermodynamics
2007Levitate This!!
2007Liar, Liar, Your Stomach's on Fire
2007Life After Death II
2007Light Bulbs In The Flesh
2007Llama Tea Revisited: The Organic Alternative
2007Looking Out for Number 1
2007Lord Kelvin's Electrostatic Generator
2007Making $$ Green $$ from Greenhouse Gas
2007Making Yesterday's Water Distiller More Efficient
2007Managing the School Reindeer Hunt
2007Meatless for a Month
2007Mechanical Properties of Hardwoods: A New Test
2007Meltdown: A Lesson in Heat Tolerance
2007Mercury in Phoca hispida Vibrissae
2007Message of the Rings
2007Metabolic Efficiency of Parabuteo unicinctus
2007Methtropolis: The Youth Epidemic
2007Micro Hydro Potential: Margaree Watershed
2007Microbial Fuel Cell
2007Microbial Mining, An Innovative Approach
2007Miroir: deux soleils
2007Modern Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine: Partners in fighting Breast Cancer?
2007More To Light Than Meets the Eye
2007Mussels: Pollution Solution?
2007Mycological Medicine
2007Mysteries of Life: Phylogenetic Analysis of mRNA & Protein
2007Natural Fibre-Reinforced Cellulose Acetate Composites
2007Naturellement potable
2007Navigation for the Blind
2007Need a Lift?
2007Neural Networks: Image Recognition
2007Neuroprotection of L-Theanine in an In-Vitro Stroke Model
2007Nutrition Fruition
2007Object Recognition
2007Onion Power
2007Opération décontamination, la décontamination naturelle du lixiviat du bois
2007Opération Haricot
2007Operation MESV: The Spy 2
2007Parasitic Contamination
2007Patheogenic Bacterial Elimination:Bact. Lysis Through the Appl. of Muramidase
2007Pathogenicity of a New Alberta Microbe Against Grasshoppers and Mealworms
2007Peeling Away Problems
2007Phenomenal Glow
2007Pinky and the Brain
2007Polar Bear
2007Poop Power
2007Popsicle Stick Bridge
2007Power Generation
2007Power It Clean - a Photoelectrochemical Cell
2007Predicting E. coli induced beach closures using artificial neural networks.
2007Prime Spine Mechanics
2007Project Paintball
2007Project Poker
2007Propriétés physiques du violon
2007Putting the Bite on Rabies
2007Quand la couleur nous échappe
2007Quantum dots & cancer labeling
2007Quantum Key Distribution Simulator
2007Quel est la qualité d’air dans les différentes régions de Yarmouth, Nouvell
2007R we @ rsk? The relationship between instant messaging and editing skills.
2007Ready? Set? React!
2007Relation of AtomicMass,Density and Crystal Structure to Elasticity
2007Renewable Resources
2007Restrain Yourself
2007Rings of Time
2007Risks of Diabetes
2007Riverbank Bio-engineering
2007Rotten to the Core
2007Sachez chasser ce sel!
2007Sandra Ski
2007Sanitary Sunshine: Phase Two
2007SDFA Storm Drain Filter Apparatus
2007Send in the Reinforcements
2007Shhhhhhhhhh! Sound Absorption
2007Shining a Light on a Toxic Issue
2007Shocking Growth
2007Shortcut Connections in Artificial Neural Networks
2007SISIA, sans surprises!
2007So You Think You Can Sing
2007Solar Cooking
2007Solutes Affect the Time and Temperature at Which Liquids Freeze
2007Solving the Stink Pipe Problem--Part 2
2007Sommes-nous en «pér'Îles»?
2007Sound: How Do We Hear It?
2007Soy Solution: Initial Moisture Effects on the Injury Resistance of Soybeans
2007Splice of Life
2007Spud Gun
2007Stairway to Heaven
2007Steering Wheel Safety System Senses Driver Fatigue
2007Stevia: Beneficial Effects; Post-Meal Test
2007Structurer pour le succès
2007Suffit d'y repenser
2007Sugar and Yeast: How do They Mix?
2007Sugars in the Shadows
2007Sun + Wind = Energy with a Spin
2007Sun and Wind can be Twinned
2007Survival of the Batteries: Effect of Extreme Temperature on Alkaline Batteries
2007Sweating the Small Stuff
2007Sweet Tooth
2007Take Control of Arthritis
2007Take Root
2007Talk to the Hand, It'll Talk Back!
2007Taxe$ a Pain! Taxus a Cure! Genetic Variation & Propagation of Taxus canadensis
2007Techniques for Measuring Robotic Movement
2007Telomeres and Human Cancer
2007Testing a Novel Activity of the Merlin Tumour Suppressor
2007The Abandoned Truth
2007The Actuator: a New Wheelchair Designed to Prevent DVT
2007The Amazing Alter-Leg
2007The Best Drinking Water Quality
2007The Carom Physics Engine
2007The Degrading Effects of Low pH on Seven Polymer Materials
2007The Dig on Logs
2007The Economizer: Harnessing Waste Heat Using a Stirling Engine
2007The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Global Warming
2007The Effect of Cell Phone Use on Reaction Time
2007The human memory
2007The Missing Link: An Investigation into JAK 2 Phosphorylation
2007The Mysteries Of Memory
2007The Myth of Multitasking
2007The New Seed Cleaner
2007The Nose Knows
2007The Not So Eggciting Truth About Brushing!
2007The Physics of Show Jumping
2007The Reflex Race
2007The Shelf-life of Canadian Active Honeys
2007The suicidal brain
2007The Tap, the Boiled and the Microwaved
2007The Visual Field of Men vs. Women
2007The XBOX Factor
2007The Zeolite Exchange
2007Thermoelectricity: A Cool Idea Or Hot Air?
2007Tic-Tac-Toe: A JavaScript Application
2007Time for your medicine
2007To Buy or Not to Buy (the Water Dilemma)
2007Tomorrow's Way
2007Too Hot To Handle 2
2007Toxic Teeth
2007Training analytical perception
2007Training System for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
2007Transmutation in Plasma Electrolysis
2007Trapped - Reducing Trapped Fluids in an Aluminum Beverage Can
2007Treading In Murky Waters
2007Troubled Waters?
2007Tseycum: est-il propre?
2007Turning a kind eye
2007Two Sides To A Speaker
2007Une bonne tasse de thé
2007Using Phage in Fighting Infection
2007Using Wind Turbines is a breeze!
2007UV eye protection
2007Voila les Voyelles: French Vowel Pronunciation in a Victoria High School
2007Waste to Energy
2007Water Clarity in the World's Largest Freshwater Ecosystem
2007Water Power
2007Wave Alert!
2007Wave Goodbye to Microwaves
2007Weather Predicting
2007What "milk" makes the best natural plastic?
2007What Do Worms Like?
2007What Lies Beneath
2007What Makes A Scary Sound Scary?
2007What's The Beef?
2007What's Your Shade
2007Which Mouthwash Best Reduces Oral Bacteria?
2007Who Will Save the Electric Car?
2007Will Counting Your Steps Change Your Attitude And Physical Health
2007Wind Energy
2007Wind turbine blades...a 'hole' lot better.
2007Woad-is-me: Finding a permanent dye from sustainably grown plant derived indigo
2007Wood, Water and the Winds of Southern Alberta
2007Would You Like Omega-3 With That?
2007Wreaking Havoc on Rust
2007You Be the Judge
2007Your Solution To Lawnmower Pollution
2007¿Heads or Tails? II: Memory at its Finest
20063D Scanning of Osseous Matter
20068 Seconds Safer
2006A "BIT" More To Chew On
2006A 2nd Scoop of Llama Poop: Improving Wheat & Barley Growth
2006A Bloody Network: Traffic Control for the Arteries
2006A Concrete Solution to Scrap Tires
2006A Curve in the Road
2006A Dynamic Analog Concurrently-Processed Adaptive Chip
2006A hole in a wing: not always a bad thing
2006A Leechy Situation (Chemosensory in Peril?)
2006A Mathematical Model of the Acoustical Properties of the Transverse Concert Flute
2006A Memory Like a Horse
2006A Potential New Approach to Chemotherapy in Brain Cancer: Disruption of Connexion 43 Particle Arrang
2006A Question of Taste
2006A River Runs Through It - Phase 2
2006A Sphagnum Solution for Safe Water
2006A Wrinkle In Spacetime
2006A-peel-ing Apples
2006A.W.A.P.S. - Automobile Wildlife Accident Prevention System
2006Ability to Focus With Distraction
2006Affecting Aging: Protection of cSOD-deficient Drosophila from Oxidative Stress
2006Airships for Airheads
2006Aliens Amongst Us!
2006All You Can Eat Shrimp
2006All's Well That Ends Well: The Effect of Cadences in Incidental Music
2006Allergenic Characterization of Two New Penicillium Species – A Step Towards Allergen Vaccines
2006An Educated Guess
2006An Icy Life
2006Analysis of Crown Gall Disease in Plants
2006Antibacterial Toothpaste - Do Not Swallow
2006Antidépresseurs, bonbon?
2006Antioxidant vs. Virus
2006Antiperspirants and Aluminum
2006Archie's Equation And The Variable "m"
2006Are Skins Warmer than the Boots
2006Arsenic: Leaching in our Midst II
2006As Nutritious as Fresh
2006Aspirin - A Heart's Best Friend
2006Attaque antibiotique: résistance bactérienne
2006Bacteria Bites
2006Bacteria Calls
2006Bacteria That Bites!
2006Bacterial growth in bottled waters
2006Balancing Native Grassland Conservation with Economic Activity
2006Battling Batteries - Which Rechargeables Should You Use?
2006Beat the Breathalyzer
2006Beyond Genesis
2006BHE: la barrière à franchir!
2006Bio-Electromagnetism II
2006Bio-Power Plant
2006Biodiesel on Ice
2006Bird flu - Who knew?
2006Birds In My Back Yard
2006Black Eccentric Magic
2006Blame it on Your Parents? Part II: Temperamental Trait Investigation
2006BLASTing Influenza Viruses
2006Blind Navigation
2006Boisson de sport maison
2006Boning Up On The Latest
2006Can an Antioxidant-Rich Diet Reduce Oxidative Stress and Promote Functional Recovery after Stroke?
2006Can Education Affect the Brain
2006Can You Taste The Difference?
2006Caribou Skin Clothes vs Modern Clothes
2006Code 3 for the Diabetic Emergency
2006Cognitive Development: The Adolescent Years
2006Communiquer avec nos sens
2006Comparing the Vitamin C Level of Common Fruits
2006Conductive Heat Loss
2006Cones and Clones
2006Consomption de carburant
2006Converting a Homemade Cathode Ray Tube into a Laser
2006Cortisol Circadian Rhythms
2006Cytokine Regulation of IL-7 Receptor Alpha Gene Expression
2006Deal or No Deal?: A Study of Online Gaming Randomness
2006Determiniation of the Factors that Maximize Agro. Vir Gere Expression
2006Dietary Fat: Friend or Foe?
2006Different Folks, Different Soaps
2006Different Growth Rates in Young-of-the-Year Mountain Whitefish in Southern Alberta
2006Dîner glacé
2006Distractions and Reactions
2006DNA Damage Induced Cell Death in Breast Cancer Cells That Differ in p53 Status
2006Do Gases Affect the Freezing of Liquids?
2006Don't Get Whipped
2006Drinking the Ocean: The Desalination Model
2006Dune't you worry?
2006Dwarfism in Cattle
2006Early Stages of Development
2006Eelgrass - The Complete Package
2006Effect of Temperature on Magnetism
2006Effects of a Vacuum Chamber on Bananas
2006Effects of Chemotherapy Agents
2006Electric Brushes
2006Elementary Proof for Blundon's Inequality
2006Engineering A Cure for Diabetes
2006Enzymes in Action
2006EPA Omega-3 Fatty Acid: Friend or Foe in the Battle Against Leukemia
2006External Laptop Cooler
2006Eyewitnesses: Are they Accurate?
2006Feeding Fish
2006Feedlot Filtration System III
2006Feel The Flow
2006Fenêtre D.E.L.'Avenir
2006Final Cut
2006Fixed Link or Fantasy
2006Flies' Eyes and DNA
2006Flow Simulation of L-Coronary Artery
2006Fluoride: Friend or Foe
2006Fontaine de vie ou de mort
2006Friction ou réalité
2006From A Brick to a Bread
2006From Feather to Feed
2006Fuel Cells
2006Fuel of the Future
2006Functional characterization of angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitory peptides produced by enzym
2006Fungus Among Us
2006Gas Identification Using a Resonance Tube
2006Generate As You Brake in Gas-Fueled Cars
2006Generating Osteoblasts From Murine Embryonic Stem Cells
2006Generation Sensation
2006Genetics: The Game of The Future
2006Germbusters: the effect of antibacterial vs. regular soap on bacteria
2006Giving Glucagon
2006Global Warming
2006Glowing Galore
2006Go For Baroque
2006Go With The Flow
2006Golf Ball Compression
2006Gone with the Wind
2006Gone With the Wind
2006Good Tips for Wood Chips
2006Grapes of Math
2006Grotesque Growth
2006Harnessing Wind Energy
2006Heads or Tails: A Return to Chemical Memory
2006Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: Earphone Listening Levels and Noise Exposure
2006Heating It Up: Optimal Temperatures for Overwintering Koi and Waterplants
2006Help! Can Anyone Hear Me?
2006Hemisphere Dominance
2006Homosexuality: Is It All In Your Head?
2006Hormonal Therapies Improving Cell Destruction in Prostate Cancer
2006Hot Alternative Energy
2006House-Hold Radiation: Benign Rays Or Malevolent Bullets?
2006How Clean is Your House: Exploring Microbes in the Home
2006How do O2 and CO2 conditions affect aquatic plant growth under different wave lengths of light?
2006How Fast do you React?
2006How is styrofoam recycled?
2006How Many Loaves of Bread Can I Make with a Chessboard?
2006How to keep the polar bears from drowning
2006How To Maximize Your Concentration & Brain performance.
2006Ice Cream: The Meltdown - Are all ice creams created equal?
2006ICI: Glycine Max (Imbibitional Chilling Injury of Soybeans)
2006In The Line Of Fire: Phase 3
2006Infrared Analysis of Equine Tears
2006Inhibition of C. difficile
2006Instruments Tops How Wood Choice Affect Sounds
2006Interesting Insulators
2006Investigating the effect of electromagnetic field on bean sprouts
2006Is Fenugreek the Answer to Aching Joints?
2006Is it Worth the Risk?
2006Is Yawning Contagious and Is Gender a Factor?
2006Isochore Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana Chromosomes
2006It Takes Your Breath Away
2006Its a Small World
2006Jennifer Alert!
2006Junk Food Energy
2006Keep the Heat, Lose the Loss
2006Kermit's Fridge n' Sauna
2006L'impact du divorce sur les enfants
2006L'OGM "des gênes" RALF
2006La micro pour senseur sensé
2006La Science du Boomerang
2006Le biodiesel
2006Le décodage décodé
2006Le Jardin de Kyoto
2006Le moulin à vent
2006Leaping Leotards
2006Left Write Left, But Are They Right?
2006Lefty Prodigy? : Are left- handers more creative and intelligent than right- handers.
2006Les Gènes et l'ADN
2006Les impulsions, il y en a des options!
2006Lift VS Angle Of Attack
2006Light Up My Life
2006Line Following Robot
2006Living in the Sydney Tar Ponds; an analysis of the microbial community
2006M.R. Fluids
2006Mach 1: The Speed of Sound
2006Macronutrients:Assessing the Average Teenage Consumption
2006Magnetic Buttons
2006Making Fast Food Healthy
2006Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Constructed Wetland Model: Part 2
2006Manitoba Saskatoons: A new source of antioxidants
2006Math Assessment Preparation Techniques as Homework
2006Medieval Arches on Shifty Ground
2006Menu Please
2006Metabolism and its Processes: In Vitro
2006Mets de l'ordre dans ta bouche
2006Miroir imparfait de l'univers
2006Mise au point d'une formulation chimique pour un bioherbicide
2006Myofibroblasts As Agents of Cardiac Wound Healing Post MI
2006Nature's Disappearing Act: What are the Best Methods of Controlling Soil Erosion
2006Nitrates/nitrites? Non merci!
2006Nitrogen Lasers
2006Nothing But Net
2006Nouveau souffle pour l'asthme
2006Novel Tumour-Specific Apoptosis-Inducing Peptide Derivatives of Apoptin
2006Now You See Me Now You Don't
2006Nutrient Removal
2006Ocean Bandage
2006Oil Spoils
2006Olfactory perception
2006Omégas 3 et 6: l'équilibre
2006One Shade Too Dark - Tale of Condensed Tannins in Faba Bean Seed Coats
2006Open Wide: A Bacterial Investigation of the Mouth
2006Out of the Blue
2006Oxygen: The Queen of Gases
2006Paint Program
2006Paresse de musicien
2006Parlons-Les téléphones cellulaires et le rayonnement
2006Pay Attention!
2006Photodynamic Therapy: A Red Light for Cancer
2006Pine Beetle Blues
2006Plants Under Pressure (Treated Wood)
2006Pollution-Free Hydrogen World
2006Pollution? Solution...
2006Poly(vinyl chloride) Bioplasticizers
2006Potentiel de la production de méthane suite à la codigestion du matériel bovin hydrolysé et du p
2006Power From the Throne
2006Prairie Puddles
2006Predominantly Recessive?
2006Prime Time
2006Probiotics vs. Pepto-Bismol: Combat in the Gut
2006Projectiles and Gravity
2006Propulsion par le Vent
2006Put a Spin On It
2006Radar Telescope
2006Radical Eradication: Piercing the Darkness of the Neuronal Network
2006Rain of Terror
2006Ready Steady ...Cut?
2006Recycling Sounds Great
2006Remote-Controlled Alarm System
2006Renaissance du neurone!
2006Robots In The North
2006Run of the Mill
2006Running Scared:Can We Beat The Flu
2006Safe Drinking Water at High Altitudes
2006Safe Streets: Preventing Drunk Drivers
2006Sanitary Sunshine / Sante et Soleil
2006Save a Watt, Save a Lot!
2006Save and Reuse: PET Plastic vs. Epoxy Resin in composites
2006Save Your Water: Mathematically Optimizing Sprinkler Irrigation
2006Scents: What Scents?
2006Scrapie A Fatal Disease In Sheep
2006Set a Light Trap - the Penrose Puzzle
2006Set Body Weight & Eat All You Want
2006ShakeLess Structures: Designing an Earthquake Resistant Building
2006Shallow Blue: A Tic-Tac-Toe Playing Robot
2006Shedding the Lights From Landfill Sites
2006Shift Happens
2006Shock The Grey
2006Site Directed Mutagenesis of Conserved Tyrosins in ER Alpha and ER Beta
2006Skiing on Legumes
2006Skin to Blood
2006Sleuthy Solutions
2006Slicing the Temperature
2006Smart Shelter
2006Smart Stuff 2-Multiple Intelligences & Human Cognition
2006Smiles, Darned Smiles and Statistics
2006Soaking Up Spills
2006Solving the Stink Pipe Problem
2006Something Fishy
2006Sounds into Syllables II-Windows to the World of Childhood Autism
2006Stairway to Energy
2006Stars: The Furnaces of Light
2006Step Climbing Wheelchair
2006Stereoscopic Vision and 3D Imaging
2006Stressful Science
2006Substandard surfaces: Northern leopard frogs avoid man-made and disturbed surfaces in autumn migrati
2006SUMAC: Cure of False Allure?
2006Sun Shines on Wind Power
2006Superconductors: Resistance is Futile!
2006Superior Soy
2006Suppressor of Cell Growth
2006Surface Tension in Different Liquids
2006Survival or Extinction: A Virtual Simulation
2006Talking Danger
2006The "Solution" to LSS-Induced Cell Cycle Arrest
2006The Bacterial Growth on the Lids of Popcans Which have been Stored and Packaged Differently
2006The Bermuda Triangle
2006The Crop Murder
2006The Dirt on Mud
2006The Effect of a DC Field on the Germination and Development of the Alaska Pea, Pisum Sativum
2006The Effect of Temperature on Ascorbic Acid
2006The Effects of Smoking
2006The efficacy of corn gluten meal, fatty acids, acetic acid and glyphosate on Vincetoxicum rossicum
2006The Factorial Factor
2006The Five Second Rule - Is It True?
2006The Flip On Teflon
2006The Future of Fuels: Biodiesel
2006The Goldeneye Project
2006The Hands-Free Vise
2006The Hierarchical Clustering System: Finding Similarities in Data Using Hierarchical Clustering
2006The Hype on Hypertension!
2006The Improvement that Makes a Difference in the Company!
2006The Indestructible Home:2006
2006The Look and Say Sequence
2006The Mean Green Reducing Machine
2006The Nerdy Tree
2006The Next Pandemic
2006The O.K. Corral
2006The Outback Boot Heater
2006The Perfect Bridge
2006The Pinhole Camera - Space Camera
2006The Polybrick
2006The Role of Phytopharmaceuticals in Cell Division
2006The Stroop Effect
2006The Tesla Coil: Transmission of Radiant Energy
2006The Tortoise or a Hare?
2006The Winds Have Changed
2006The Wizard of AUS
2006The Zone Strikes Back!
2006Thermocouples: Exploring Seebeck
2006Thoughts on 'Bots' 3: Quadruped Robotics
2006To Freeze or Antifreeze
2006To Smell or Not to Smell
2006Tsunami Safer Structures
2006Turmeric - The Miracle Herb
2006Turn Down the Music!!!
2006Ultimate Blade Design - Wind Turbine
2006Un moteur pour le futur
2006Un nouveau membre en route pour un future meilleur!
2006Underground Resistance
2006Veggie Power
2006Vitamin C - Amount and Stability
2006Volts par le vent
2006Warm Battery For A Cold Climate
2006Water Quality: Monitoring the Hunter-Clyde Watershed
2006What are the possibilities of harnessing naturally occuring forces for perpetual motion?
2006What Are Your Odds?
2006What Makes a Good Rocket?
2006What's the Spatter?
2006When the Earth~Quakes
2006Which Cleaning and Hygiene Products Are Most and Least Effective in Killing Germs
2006Which Toboggan is the Best?
2006Who Needs Fossil Fuels?
2006Who we are and what we remember
2006Whose Coat is Warmer?
2006Wind energy - the wind turbine
2006Wind Generators - Harnessing the Power of the Wind
2006Winter Activity Levels of Lepus Americanus in Various Forest Types
2006Writing on the wall
2006X Marks the Pill
2006X-raying and Geometry
2006Yuck! Do Hand Sanitizers Work?
2006Zap It: An Investigation of Photocatalysis
20052,3,7,8 Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin: Targeting Toxins
2005288 Hours With a Killer
20053D Macro-Invertebrate Sampling Technology (MIST)
200550 Feet or Bust - Water Rocketry
2005A Helping Hand
2005À la rescousse de nos lacs
2005À la rescousse du Parkinson
2005A Medieval Bow in the Twentyfirst Century
2005A Pollution Solution: The Municipal Waste Recycling Plan
2005A River Runs Through It
2005A Rotten Idea
2005A Slippery Slope? The Bioethics of Stem Cell Research
2005A Whale of a Wing
2005A `Bit` To Chew On
2005Absorbent Sorbents
2005Accurate Analysis
2005Achieving the Best Possible Lettuce Growth in a Cold Water Recirculating Aquaponics System
2005Achoo! Is it the Cold or Flu?
2005Actuating Hydro Electric Station
2005Aerodynamic Efficiency
2005AIs and the Travelling Salesman Problem
2005All Up in Smoke
2005All Washed Up
2005Allergen Alert
2005An Arm That Gets On Your Nerves
2005An A“Maize”ing Plan for the Planet
2005An Educated Guess?
2005Analysing the NHL Economic Dispute
2005Another Brick in the Wall
2005Antibacterial or Not
2005Apple Versus Algae
2005Are Weather Forecasts Accurate?
2005Arsenic: Leaching in Our Midst
2005Artificial Intelligence: AI
2005ASA: Can You Stomach It?
2005Ash or Crash
2005Attaining Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Alternative Proctor Test Method
2005B Cell Tolerance in Novel Chimerism Strategies
2005Backpack Overload
2005Barbequed Chicken
2005Bataille des bactéries: Guerre des désinfectants
2005Biodiesel: The Boater's Choice? The Effects of Biodiesel and Diesel in a Lettuce Seed Bioassay
2005Biopolyurethane Rigid Foams Based on Isolated Lignins
2005Biosecurity in Effect
2005Blame it On Your Parents?
2005Blood Pressure
2005Blowing Away Energy / L'energie s'essouffle
2005Body Acoustics
2005Boiling Science
2005Bouncing Balls
2005Boy Can Golf Balls Fly
2005Bread to Brick
2005Breast Feeding and the Biomarkers of Heart Disease
2005Bubble Gum: Yum or Dumb?
2005Butterflies and Knees
2005Bye, Bye, Butterfly!
2005Ça clique?
2005Can A Solar Powered Motor Really Work?
2005Can Athletic Performance be Enhanced Naturally?
2005Can Natural Substances Better Chemotherapy?
2005Can Water Freeze and Boil at the Same Time?
2005Can we recycle? Yes we can!
2005Capacitors: Battery of the Future
2005Carbon-Aided Leverage
2005Cathodic Protection
2005Change of Heart
2005Chilly Spilly Oil
2005Chlorine and Hair
2005Cognitive Development: Nature vs. Nurture
2005Colour Me Memory
2005Comparative Analysis of the Human Face and Medical Disorders
2005Cool Cloth
2005Cooler Wrap
2005Corn Board
2005Crevette contre cholestérol
2005Cruising: From Plot to Plot
2005CSI: Cell Survival Investigation
2005Dam Ice: The Frost Factor
2005Dark Matter: Missing Mass Investigation
2005Decreasing Urban Heat Islands
2005Detection and Correction
2005Developing a Complex Theory
2005Do You See What I See? Look Again!!
2005Does Age Affect Bacterial Growth on Feet?
2005Does cold weather effect our hemodynamics?
2005Does exercise affect the human body's blood pressure?
2005Does Gender Affect How People Taste Sugar?
2005Does Gender Affect Observation?
2005Does Long-Term Headphone Use Affect Hearing Ability?
2005Does Music Make You Smarter?
2005Don't Look Now
2005Don't Touch This!
2005Dr Virus
2005Drip Drop Save a Lot
2005Dropping Like Flies
2005Drugged Out Daphnia
2005Dual Transmission System
2005Dynamic Noise Cancellation Using Wave Superpositioning
2005Éclaire-moi soleil
2005Economically Feasible Tsunami Detection system
2005Efficacy of Eye Drops on Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca After Swimming
2005Einstein vs. Water Flea
2005Electric Rocks
2005Energy Efficient Ethanol
2005Enviro Pots
2005Equine Laminitis in the Kootenays
2005Ergonomics Today
2005Every Drop Helps
2005Exploring Genes Related to the Effects of Ficus microcarpa Extract on Seed Germination and Growth
2005Exploring the Cost of SUV Exhaust
2005Faites entrer l'accusé RALF
2005Fascinating Foxes
2005Faults to Landslides: Making Waves
2005Fenêtre sur le futur
2005Fiery Fibres
2005Fighting Acid Rain
2005Filling the Energy Resource Gap
2005Fishy Business - The Effects of Herbal Remedies on Intensively Managed Fish
2005Flammable Fabrics
2005Fluorescent vs. Incandescent
2005Fluoride: Friend or Foe
2005Flying Faster Further
2005Flywall 2
2005For Better or For Worse
2005Fun with Fungus - Factors affecting the growth of Mushrooms
2005Future Climate Change in Canada
2005Gap Junction Inhibition Causes an Increase in Apoptosis in C6 Glioma
2005Gene Expression in Sinorhizobium meliloti Affected by Plant Exudate
2005Genetic Traits In First Nations Populations
2005Germination Determination
2005Gimme Some Space!
2005Go Water Down Under
2005Go With the Flow: River Bank Stabilization
2005Gobar Gas Plant
2005Going for a Ride
2005Gone in 60 Seconds
2005Goodbye Mr. Sniffles
2005Got Gas?
2005Gram Positive Gram Negative
2005Grands maux, petits remèdes
2005Greasy Secrets
2005Green Inspired Green
2005Ha! Ha! Savonnez-vous!
2005Hard As Nail
2005Harmonic Analysis of Tides and Sea Level Prediction
2005Heart & Keystroke: Simulating the Human Circulatory System
2005Heat Pumps: How to Heat a House with Cold Water
2005Heating the Hydrogen Fuel Cell
2005HIV/AIDS: A Global Pandemic
2005Hold Your Breath
2005Hormonal Insecticides
2005Hotel Soap Cycle
2005How Distractions Affect Student Efficiency
2005How Does Your Reaction Measure Up?
2005How Fast Can You Go?: The Study of Factors that Affect the Rotational Speed of Motors
2005IBD... A Pain in the Gut
2005Image Guided Robotic Needle Insertion
2005In the Brain of the Game
2005In the Line of Fire
2005Infinitely Simplified: Elementary Proofs via Infinite Products
2005Internal Asthma Controller Phase II
2005Intoxicated Web Weavers
2005Inuit Climate Control
2005Is Your Cow Cool?
2005It's Raining… Carbon?
2005Julia and The Magic Nitrogen Beans
2005Kepler's Quest
2005Knockdown of BNIP3 Gene Expression by RNA Interference
2005Knot Theory
2005Kooky Caffeine
2005L'éclair, une énergie puissante
2005L'espace, ça reste
2005La production d’énergie
2005La Pyschologie: Le développement du Langage
2005La solution... dans l'embryon?
2005La thérapie génique
2005La Thermodynamique
2005La Virologie de la Grippe
2005Latex Mixes for Concrete Fixes
2005Le chaud se trappe
2005Le décodage linguistique
2005Le développement de siARN pour réguler l’expression de Na+, K+ - ATPase
2005Le Génie Génétique
2005Le Roadeater Bike
2005Le test stress
2005Learning Without Knowing
2005Leech Bot
2005Les biopuces
2005Les organogels: voie du futur!
2005Les reins; base de la vie
2005Les toxines dans les extraits de graines de Brassicées
2005Lift Off
2005Light Effect on Autotrophic Lifeforms
2005Lighting the Way - Chemiluminescence Predicts Cell Growth
2005Limit of Tolerance to MSG
2005Lip Balms Away!
2005Liquid Fabric Softener: Flaming Comfort?
2005Lobitonin In Cancer Treatment: Phase 2
2005Longitudinal Suspension System: An Innovation In Automobile Safety
2005Look What's Lurking in My House!
2005Lose a Tonne: It's Easy!
2005Magnetize This
2005Making a Magic Herb Against SARS
2005Man's Best Friend Your Next Blood Donor
2005Managing Greenhouse Gas Exchange in a Constructed Wetland Model
2005Matoo: We've Got You Covered
2005Matrix Probe System - Evolution,Spatial Co-registration of Digital Mammography and Breast Ultrasound
2005Measuring the Charge of Electrons
2005Mechanical Muscle
2005Medieval Siege Weapon
2005Menstrual Synchrony
2005Metals and Their Weldability
2005Monkey See, Monkey Do
2005More Accuracy at a Lower Cost?
2005Mulch Mania !
2005Multi-function Climate Controlled Greenhouse
2005Music and Memory
2005Muskrats Are Missing, The Effects of Hydro Flooding
2005New Cancer Gene?
2005None for the road: The effects of small amounts of alcohol on driving skills
2005Nous sommes dans les `patates`
2005Nouveau Garbage
2005Nuke It!: The Truth About Microwave Ovens
2005Nutrition Nation
2005Object Avoiding & Heat Seeking Robot
2005Oh Deer!
2005Oh-Dee: Orbit Determination
2005Oil Spills
2005One's Bigger But... The Other Will Ketchup
2005Operation Distillation II
2005Ouille! Mon Lit de Clous
2005Pancreatic Cancer - The Silent Killer
2005Papier biologique vs recyclé
2005Parabolic Reflector
2005Parrondo's Paradox
2005Particulate Matters, or Does it? Phase II
2005Peripheral Vision
2005Perpetual Motion: The Energy of the Future?
2005Pesticides Stricken?... Think Chicken!
2005Phytoremediation (A Second Modern Method to Hydrocarbon Clean Up)
2005Picture This Election
2005Pine Marten Habitat Suitability
2005Planets Guarded by Satellites
2005Plant Defence Pathogen Siege, A Microplot Story
2005Plug in the Sun
2005Polysaccharides in Exotic Mushrooms and their Health Benefits
2005Pop Bottle Rockets
2005Power and Money: The Truth about Batteries
2005Power Surge 3
2005Pressure's Up On Fuel Cells!
2005Problems Popping Up
2005Project Entomopter
2005Project Feeder Watch
2005Protection Against Eye Damage From UV Rays
2005Protective Pants
2005Protein Eaters
2005Read to Achieve: Yes, boys can too!
2005Reflexion ou refraction
2005Remote Controlled Mower
2005Road Ice Detector II
2005Robotic Vision Gait Coordination
2005Rooting for a Cure…
2005Safe Ice Melt
2005Salt Tolerance: Will Biotechnology Help?
2005Sanitizing Sydney: Technologies to Clean Up the Tar Ponds
2005Saving Tsunami Salted Soil
2005See, Hear or Do
2005Self-Made Bed
2005Should You Look A Gift Horse in the Eye? The Validity of the Equine Eye In Assessing Character
2005Silencing Earthquakes with Magnetorheological Fluid
2005Silent Witness
2005Slip, Sliding, No Way!
2005Smart Stuff
2005Smell and Memory
2005Smell That Energy
2005Smoking Sucks
2005Smoking Trends
2005Snip n Dip
2005Snow Goggles
2005Soap Bubble Science
2005Soap Sense
2005Sodium Polyacrylate: The Power of Polymers
2005Soil Solarization
2005Solar Energy: Hot or Cold
2005Subliminal Messages
2005Sunglasses - Catch Some Rays?
2005Superior Spill Spoiler
2005Sure Fits
2005Surface Swing'n
2005Survivor: Proteins - The Effects of 2,4-D & Glyphosate on Photosynthetic Proteins of Citrus mitis
2005Sweet Heat
2005Sweet Yeast Feast
2005Symsearch 2.0 - Computers & Cognitive Neuroscience
2005Take a Spin
2005Take a Spoonful of Honey and Call Me in the Morning
2005Take Off Eh!
2005Taking Apart the Wiring of the Subconscious
2005Taxes a Pain! Taxus a Cure!
2005Teen Girls
2005Test Anxiety
2005Test My Line
2005Test Tube Taters
2005The Antioxidant Mystery: The Effects of Antioxidants and Free Radicals on Seed Germination
2005The Attraction of Repulsion
2005The Backseat Driver
2005The Carbonator
2005The Cooling Effect of Solid CO2
2005The Cutting Edge
2005The Darkness Effect
2005The Detection of Mutations in Human Chromosome 8
2005The Effect of Deficiencies and Supplements on Plants Grown in Hydroponic Solutions
2005The effect of different light colours on the growth of green beans
2005The Effect of Fuel Cell Engines on the Hydrologic Cycle
2005The Effect of pH on the Growth of Marigolds
2005The Effect of Pseudoephedrine on the Heart
2005The Effect of Rising Water Temperature on the Fish's Respiration Rate
2005The Effectiveness of Environmentally Safe Herbicides on the Invasive Vincetoxicum rossicum
2005The Effects of Aerobic Pseudomonades on Diesel Contaminated Soil by using Bioremediation
2005The ePoC
2005The Force of Magnetic Repulsion
2005The Great C8 Debate
2005The Green Machine
2005The Hottest Band in Town
2005The I.V. Plugger-Upper
2005The Kinetic Keyboard
2005The Mathematical Perception: A Unified Theory
2005The Need For Race
2005The Operating System Comparision Project
2005The Positive/Negative Implications of Wearing Ankle Weights
2005The Refractive Issue
2005The Salsa Solution
2005The Solar Collector
2005The Sound Of Stress
2005The Tap Water Test
2005The `Alarming` Cane
2005Think Fast! A Study on the Effects of Gender on Hand-Eye Coordination
2005Tired Concrete
2005To Tell the Tooth...
2005To Win with Less Loss
2005Too Hot to Handle?
2005Toothbrushes: Friend or Foe
2005Touch Sensitivity: Two-Point Discrimination
2005Traps to Modulate Infection
2005Trebuchet Physics
2005Tree Bark vs. Bacteria
2005Tsunamis: Generation, Propagation and Shore Interaction
2005Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
2005Un poumon pour toit!
2005Using Viruses to Kill Cancer
2005Vapour Injection
2005Vert l'avenir!
2005Vibrato: Quantification of an Aesthetic Feature
2005Visual Vectors Calculator
2005Vitamin C in Orange Juice
2005Water for a Thirsty World
2005What Insulates the Best?
2005What You See Is What You Don't Get - An Application of Cognitive Psychology
2005What's in a Kiss?
2005What's Your Style?
2005Wheat Burner
2005Where the Rubber Meets the Road
2005Where Under the Sun Are You?
2005Which Allergy Medicine Provides the Fastest Relief?
2005Wind - A Renewable Energy Source
2005Wind Energy
2005Wind Energy and Canada Part II
2005Wind Turbine
2005Winding the Way to the Top
2005You've Got Mail
2005`Band-aid` biologique
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