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YearProject Title
2019Aww Shucks, Let’s Talk About Oysters
2019Grey is the Way: Developing a Residential Greywater Treatment
2019No Harm, No Foul: Eco-friendly Anti-fouling
2018Delve Into Dimensions
2018Roadside Vegetation: It’s Not Easy Being Green
2018The Wear and Tear of Bleach Dyed Hair
2016La guerre froide
2016Pour Some Sugar on Me
2016Safe Skies
2015Micro Hydro - Do a Lot, With a little
2015The Scholar's 3-D Printer
2015The Skies of Tomorrow
2015The Ultraponic Gardening System
2014Computers Can Learn Too
2014Does the stimulus of the modern chair elicit a sedentary response?
2014The Friendly Fire-Retardant
2014To Steep, Or Not To Steep
2013An Efficient Solution to Free Hot Water
2013Healing With Resin
2013Money Down The Drain: Mastitis in Dairy Cattle
2013Sow With Gypsum; Grow With Gypsum
2012An Efficient Solution to "Free" Hot Water
2012Can Tires Provide an Alternative to Furnace Oil?
2012Can You Give Cleaning A Greener Meaning?
2012Eenie Meenie Miny Mo
2011Designing an Intelligent Classifier for Diagnostic Reasoning
2011Emergency Measures Access Plans; E-MAP
2011La Viabilité d'Utiliser Le Pouvoir Solaire Chez Moi
2011Smart Slime
2010"Pine"-ing "Fir" Hydrocarbons
2010Achieving Copenhagen's International CO2 Targets with a Bees Inpsired OA & ANNs
2010Emergency Measure Access Plans; EMAP
2010Fledglings and Fleas
2009A Bee Inspired Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm For A Greener Tomorrow
2009A Healthy Alternative to Road Salt
2009It's A Bug's Life
2009Tea As An Aid In Neuronal Growth
2008All Packed Up: A Study in Random Close Packing
2008Camellia Sinensis as an Aid in Regenerative Nerve Therapy
2008Turn Down The Heat
2008W.C.A.R. Wireless Controllable Autonomous Robots
2007C.A.R.- Controllable Autonomous Robot
2007How Exotic: The Presence and Effects of Exotic Matter in Nature
2007How Tall Before They Fall?
2007Micro Hydro Potential: Margaree Watershed
2006Birds In My Back Yard
2006Good Tips for Wood Chips
2006Living in the Sydney Tar Ponds; an analysis of the microbial community
2006Underground Resistance
2005An A“Maize”ing Plan for the Planet
2005Ash or Crash
2005Longitudinal Suspension System: An Innovation In Automobile Safety
2005Project Feeder Watch
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