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2016"E-cigarettes: A Risk Factor for ALS?"
2016A "Net" Profit
2016A Biosensor for the Detection of Microbial Contamination
2016A Chocolate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Briggs-Rauscher Reaction & Antioxidants
2016A Computer Game Aimed at Improving Eye-hand Coordination for the Elderly
2016A Follower Robot
2016A Little Pep In Your Strep!
2016A Low Cost Phantom Model for Point of Care Ultrasound Training
2016A Multifunctional Innovation For Efficient CO2 Reduction
2016A Novel Inexpensive Alternative Approach to X-Ray Radiographic Tests
2016A Novel Method in Tree Biomass Calculation
2016A Perl Program for the Retrieval of Genomic Information
2016A Prototype "Water Coil" for Generating Electricity
2016A Study of Kugaaruk Youth Knowledge Regarding Syphilis
2016Active Solar Tracker
2016Advances on a Digital Microscope
2016Aging in Human Cells is Linked to BubR1 Expression
2016Aiding Biodegration by Limiting Carbon
2016Algae to Biofuel
2016An Inexpensive Medical Training Aid for Pericardiocentesis
2016An Investigation on Aeroelastic Flutter Reduction of Suspension Bridges
2016An Untapped Source of Energy: Creating a Water Hammer Arrestor/Energy Harvester
2016Analysis of Electrodermal Activity to Quantify Stress Levels in Autism
2016Analyzing the Bioadhesive and Toxicity Properties of Three Natural Biopolymers
2016Antibiotics Everywhere! Using Bacteria to Detect Antibiotic Residues in Meat
2016Antimicrobial Wound Dressing from Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles on Cellulose
2016Application of Tool Coatings to Address Tool Wear for Steel & Titanium Machining
2016Apprendre en s’amusant – une approche innovatrice face à l’apprentissage
2016Aquatic Osteoporosis: Remediating the emerging problem of lake calcium decline
2016Are You Cavity Free?
2016Aromatherapy Delays Progression of Neurodegenerative Diseases
2016At A Measured Step: An Orthopaedic Pressure-Based Rehabilitative Insole
2016Attention Athletes...Do You Know What You're Drinking?
2016Automated Theorem Proving
2016Balanced Learning: Yoga for Academic Performance
2016Barrel-ponics: Is it an improvement over traditional farming?
2016Bedded BB Bullets in Ballistics Blocks
2016Biomass Derived Carbon for Innovative Water Purification and Metal Extraction
2016Breathe In, Breathe Out
2016Building A More Ergonomic Keyboard
2016Building My Own Plotter Machine
2016CADSense: A Novel Biosensor Optimized For The Early Diagnosis Of Atherosclerosis
2016Caged In: A Novel Approach to Metal Extraction
2016CALM: A Computational Approach for Landslide Mitigation and Study
2016Camping Stove Efficiency For Summertime Alpine Hiking
2016Can a Train Be Faster Than a Plane?
2016Can Coagulants Reduce Heavy Metals in Leachate?
2016Can Ultrasonic Waves Aid Human Vision?
2016Can You See a Four Leaf Clover?
2016Can You See the Light?
2016Can Your Reflection Relieve Pain?
2016Canary Seed: A New Nutritional Crop for Consumption by Celiac Disease Patients
2016Cardiometabolic Effects of Dietary Probiotics and Gut Microbiota Supplementation
2016Carnivore ou végétarienne?
2016Cavendish Clones: A Solution to Sustainable Water Filtering
2016CDK5RAP2 Novel Approach to NSCLC Diagnosis and Therapeutics
2016Chaga Affects
2016Chaga: King of Medicinal Mushrooms
2016Characterizing RASGRP4 Mutations and Targeting ERK in R-CHOP Resistant rrDLBCL
2016Chemotherapy in a Nutshell
2016Chill Out
2016Chill Out 2.0
2016Chillin' with Hot Flashes
2016Climate Change: Time to be Enlichened
2016Color me: Excited?
2016Colour Confusion
2016Colour Psychology
2016Comment les bruants à couronne blanche de Gambel migrent-ils ?
2016Common Sensors: Impact Sensors for Helmets
2016Company in the Shower
2016Comparing the Harmful Effects of Bisphenol S to Bisphenol A
2016Comparing the Oral Microbiota Population and Diversity of Indoor/Outdoor Dogs
2016Comparison of Tractography in Mouse Models of Human Diseases
2016Contre les allergies, on agit!
2016Core Temperature Control Glove
2016Counteracting Cataracts
2016Cracher sur le cerveau
2016Creating Electrotrophs to Find Changes that Impact Extracellular Electron Uptake
2016Crooked Chemistry
2016Dancing Bacteria
2016DeBip : détecteur multidimensionnel de bipolarité
2016Découverte depuis l’espace
2016Decreasing the Formation of Carcinogens in Grilled Chicken
2016Delay in Fruit Ripening: An Approach to Reduce Ethylene Production in Bananas
2016Designing an Electric Skateboard
2016Detection of DNA Integtration in Tardigrades after Anhydrobiosis
2016Development of a UVC-LED Device for Water Sterilization
2016Disproving and Rederiving Betz's Law Through Theoretical and Experimental Method
2016Distracted Drivers
2016Does She See He Sees
2016Don't Waste Waste Water
2016Driven to Distraction
2016e-Scent-ial Oil
2016E-Walker: Formulating a Faster and Safer Stroke Recovery with Digital Sensors
2016Éclaire ton attention!
2016Effects of Cognitive & Sensory Function on Progression of Alzheimer's Disease
2016Effects of Peat, Vegetation & Disturbance on Permafrost in Fort Good Hope, NT
2016Effects of Polyphenols on E-coli Bacteria
2016Efficacy of Colloidal Silver
2016Efficiency Deficiency: Impact of Cervical Spine Curvature on Brain Efficiency
2016Energy Saver 202
2016Engineering Novel Reporter Gene Vectors for Improved In Vivo Cellular Imaging
2016Entomonoodles: An Exploration Of Entomophagy’s Applications To Refugee Nutriti
2016Enzymatic Hydrolysis by Decomposers
2016Equine Hydroponic Forage: Can it really benefit Equine Nutritional Needs?
2016Errance causée par la démence – sauver la vie des aînés
2016Est-ce que la poudre de curcuma est un antibiotique?
2016Ethanol: Heating Things Up
2016Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Flavonoids in Pomelo Peel Extracts
2016Evolution or Extinction? Time Will Tell for the King of the Arctic
2016Exploring the Effects of Twelve Herbs on Type 2 Diabetes and Their Components
2016Facebook: Fun or Folly?
2016FAK Metastasis
2016Farmland To Filtration: Improving Water Quality
2016Fertiorin Pills: solid fertilizer slow release based on human urine
2016Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Naturally
2016Filthy Water Cannot Be Washed: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
2016Filtrons l’océan!
2016Fish Fuel
2016Floating an Idea - Preventing Mysterious Drownings in Experienced Swimmers
2016Fogponics: The Future of Food
2016Four Minimums with One Maximum
2016From Plastic to Plants: An Open Source Approach to 3D Bioprinting
2016Fuel Vapour: An enhanced method for fuel efficiency
2016Garbage, Recycling, or None of the Above!
2016Gardening With Aquatic Weed: Pest to Profit?
2016Gas Sensor Applications with Photonic Crystal Fiber&Carbon Dioxide Sensor Design
2016Gender Imbalance: The Influence of the Stereotype Threat on Women in STEM
2016Generating Musical Accompaniment Using Machine Learning
2016Germline ATM Variants Identified in Long-Term Survivors of Pancreatic Cancer
2016Go With the Flow: Continual Monitoring of Pollutant Filtration
2016Gold Nanoparticles: A novel approach to tumour treatment
2016Good Fill, No Spill
2016Graphene Based Batteries/Supercapacitors
2016Graphene Sand Desalinator
2016Graphene: The Next Generation of Printed Circuits
2016Green Aviation = Today's Engines + Alternative Fuels?
2016Grey Water, Green Plants
2016Growing Pains
2016Guns to Heal
2016Halorhodopsin as Novel Industrial Biotechnology Host to Treat Absence Epilepsy
2016Hand Function Recovery Device
2016Headphones: A Catalyst or Scapegoat in Adolescent Hearing Loss
2016Hibernation meurtrière
2016HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour
2016Homemade Solar Cells
2016How Caffeine Affects Your Teeth
2016How Cold Affects Bacteria Growth
2016How Does Fertilizer and Hormone Affect Different Plant Root Growth?
2016How does the Soil Affect the pH of Water?
2016How Music Affects Horses
2016Human Growth Hormone and Diabetes
2016Human Sleep Patterns
2016Hybrid Supercapacitor – Battery System for Electric Vehicles
2016I Love Music
2016iDentifi: Using Computer Vision to Help Visually Impaired Individuals
2016Identification and Characterization of the Low-Gluten Gene for Celiac-Safe Wheat
2016ImmunoBEAM: A Novel Biomaterial Conjugate as a Therapeutic Vaccination Platform
2016Impact of an Oil Spill and Emergency Response on Thick-billed Murre Feathers
2016Impact Velocity
2016Implementing Biomarkers in Cardiomyocyte Cells for the use in Cardiotoxicity Scr
2016Improving Memory: Spatial vs. Rote Memory
2016Improving the Accessibility and Applicability of Water for Human Necessities
2016Improving the Methods of Detection and DNA Isolation of Bacteria in Milk
2016In Love with the Coco
2016Increasing S.I. Engine Efficiency Through Novel Combustion Chamber Geometry
2016Influence of Habitat on Cellobiase Activity in Mushrooms
2016Inhibiting Apoptosis with Caffeine
2016Inhibition of EZH2 in Neuroblastoma Cells
2016Innovative Helmet Design to Reduce Brain Injury
2016Interacting With Electronic Devices Using Eye Movements
2016Invisible Glass
2016IronMax: A New Source of High Iron Food
2016Irradier pour soigner!
2016Is the Media All the Hype?
2016Is Your House Killing You?
2016It's All In The Genes
2016It's Bright, but You Can't See It
2016It's Not Black and White: The Effect of Coloured Light on Lymnae Stagnalis
2016It's only Brain Surgery! Developing a Simulation Tool to Train Non-Neurosurgeons
2016Je meurs de chaleur
2016Jouer pour apprendre : ça aide!
2016Kleiber's Law Applied to Link Population Size With City Growth Aspects
2016La désalinisation illuminée!
2016La formation du Grand lac des Esclaves
2016La guerre des nerfs
2016La guerre froide
2016La loterie quantique
2016La maison pliante
2016La puissance des eaux grises
2016La salinité des courants d’eau communautaires
2016Lake Vostok
2016Landfill Reduction by Reusing Polyethylene
2016Launched by Leftovers: Generating Biofuels from Garbage!
2016Le plastique biodégradable
2016Le sucre... délicieuse drogue?
2016Learning from Flint: Is NaOH the Solution to Pb-Contaminated Drinking Water?
2016Leave the Gas, Save the Grass
2016Leeches Unleashed
2016Les ballons d’eau : la résistance et l’apparence
2016Les dents de la mère
2016Les effets de l’exercice sur la mémoire à court terme
2016Les enfants sales sont les enfants en bonne santé
2016Les épices au secours des infections alimentaires
2016Les limites de la mémoire
2016Less Mass Run Fast
2016Let Cancer Kill Cancer: A novel therapeutic strategy
2016Let's Do the Moringa
2016Let's Roll!
2016Light the Green
2016LRRK2 controls alpha-synuclein levels via microRNAs in Parkinson’s disease
2016L’aquaponie, est-ce l’avenir?
2016L’écosystème arctique
2016L’endroit idéal pour botter un ballon le plus loin possible
2016L’ultime équipe informatique
2016Macrophage Phenotype and Function: Effects of Islet Hormone Signaling
2016Magneto-Hydrodynamic Drive
2016Making Milk Less Allergenic
2016Malacostracology LC50
2016Maple Syrup can FIX that
2016Maple Syrup: A solution to assist the goal of self sustenance in space?
2016May the Phosphorus be Extracted
2016Measuring Information Processing of Images and Words at Varying Rates
2016Measuring Knee Stress with a Mechanical Model
2016Mechanical Boots
2016Memory Retention: Power Of The Senses
2016Merveilleuses légumineuses
2016Microbial-Film Power Generation
2016Microporous Silicon as an Alternative Battery Anode
2016Mold in Sandy Bay First Nations Homes
2016Muscle tes satellites
2016Music, Rocks and all that Jazz - How Music Affects Learning
2016Myriophyllum spicatum: A Threat To Habitat Biodiversity–An Invasive Species Pl
2016Near Field Communication Safety
2016No More Dehydration, Use the Solar Desalination
2016No Need for the Bead
2016Novel Camera-Based WSN in Fire Detection
2016Now You See Me
2016On the Pathway to Healing: Risk Factors of Alcoholism in Fort Resolution, NT
2016Oscar Sorting: Sorting the Waste Stream
2016Out of the Elements
2016Peat Moss
2016Personal Escape Pods : A New Emergency Breathing Apparatus
2016Phantom Sensations
2016Pi in the Sky
2016Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting From High Traffic Areas in the HRM
2016Piezoelectric Vibration-Sensing Shoe
2016Plant Pigments: A Novel Treatment for Cancer
2016Plants Choice
2016Plants on Drugs: Miracle Fluid - The Effect of Chemical Injection on Plants
2016Plastic Waters
2016Poopalicious: Changing the Microbiome with FMT
2016Pour Qui Notre Cerveau Peut Être Trompé Par Les Illusions
2016Pour Some Sugar on Me
2016Pourquoi suis-je psychopathe?
2016Power from the Simultaneous Burning of Hydrogen During Electrolysis
2016Power of Phi
2016Power Plants of the Future: Optimizing Plant Microbial Fuel Cell Design
2016POWER UP! Wind Turbine Efficiency
2016Powered By Spit
2016Print vs. Screens - Old School vs. Tech
2016Project LEAP
2016Pump Up The Velocity
2016Put Breaks On Neoplasia
2016Quand la TBE sort au resto!
2016Quand l’œil sert d’oreille
2016Qullik 2.0 La mise à jour sur la lampe inuit traditionnelle
2016Really Random?
2016Reconnaissance Sensory Space Glove Prototype
2016Red Light Green Light Fuzzy In-Between Light
2016Refuelling with Sugar
2016Regulation of Fibronectin Gene Expression in Fibroblasts by Scleraxis
2016Reversing Atherosclerosis: Development of a Biocompatible Solvent
2016Reward vs. Punishment: Which is the Better Motivator?
2016Role of ING1 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma
2016RuBisCO and RuBP: The Answer Behind the Enzymes
2016Safe Skies
2016Salivary microRNAs as a Novel Tool for Microfluidic Detection of Breast Cancer
2016Salt vs. Ice
2016Salt Water Electricity
2016Samqwan Muin - Tardigrades
2016Sauve ta peau!
2016SERT Genotype and Expression Do Not Align in Human Cancers or Cortical Extracts
2016Sexed Semen: Product for Today, Progress for Tomorrow
2016Should I Shovel My Solar Panel?
2016Slowing Down To Power Your Town
2016SMART Drone Technology
2016Smart Prosthetic-Smart Object: A New Approach to Interactive Control and Design
2016Smart Water Monitoring System: Using Microcontroller Technology
2016Soapless Water
2016Soil Sterilization
2016Soil Your Undies
2016Solar Siding: Harnessing the power of T.E.G’s
2016Solar-Potential Energy Storage and Water Purification Hybrid System
2016Solvent-Polymer Composite Deposition 3D Printing
2016Something in the Way They Mooove
2016Spruce it Up 2!
2016Starving the Cancer
2016Stop Being Bullied Part-2 (A Novel Approach To Ease Bullying)
2016Stop Light on Sweetener Street: Sweeteners and the Gut Microbiome
2016Stripping Down the Sugars
2016Styrofoam - A Problem We Need to (dis)-Solve
2016Sugar Science
2016Synthetic 3-D Printed Heart
2016Synthetic Limpet Teeth for Improved Joint Performance
2016Syphilis on the Rise
2016T1D Mouthguard
2016TAGUCHI Method Applied for Optimizing the Performance of a Trebuchet
2016Taking a Look at Peripheral Vision in Athletes
2016Teen Stress
2016Temperature Manipulation Desalination
2016Temperature Tangles
2016Temps et Gratzel : électrisant?
2016Terminal Damage
2016Testing the Acceptance of Phantom Limb in Non-Amputees
2016The Answer to Cancer: Could Triptolide Be The Cure?
2016The Audio Maze
2016The Bane of the School Bathroom
2016The Best Goggle Tint for the Dark
2016The Correlation Between Enhanced Neurological Function and Bilingualism
2016The Development of Adaptive Wheels
2016The Dog Intelligence Test
2016The Door Pedal
2016The Effect of Antacids on the Breakdown of Enteric Coated Pharmaceuticals
2016The Effect of Dissolved Oxygen and pH on Wetland Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity
2016The Effect of Incubation Temperature on the Viscosity of Yogurt
2016The Effect of Worms on the Decomposition of Food Waste
2016The Effects of Guanosine on Essential Neurotoxins in the Parkinson's Disease
2016The Effects of Nanosilver on the Ionic Silver Resistant Plasmid (pMG101)
2016The Fourth R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Regrow!
2016The Genius Genus: Aspen Adaptations
2016The Graphene Enhanced S.W.I.F.T. Unit
2016The Green Way: Making Use of Waste
2016The Identification of Natural Products from Cinnamon for Diabetic Treatment
2016The Impact of Modelled Exit Signalling Behaviour on Other Drivers In Roundabouts
2016The Impact of Restorative Yoga and Streching on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
2016The Key to Unlocking BCa
2016The Management of Diabetes in Northwest British Columbia
2016The Movement Patterns Of The White-Tailed Deer
2016The Power of Honey
2016The Quest for A Smart Autonomous UAV, Part One: To Engineer A Drone
2016The Raincycler: Hydroelectric Rainfall Generator
2016The Recipe for Electricity
2016The Remediation of Britannia Mine through Phytoremediation and Chemical Washing
2016The Role of Fabric in the Prevention of Nosocomial Illness
2016The Role of Panx3 and CCN1 in Intervertebral Disc Health in Mice
2016The Root of Ethanol Production
2016The Silver Bullet: A Novel Antibody-AgNP Complex for Cancer Treatment
2016The Sweet Spot
2016The Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Effects on Plant Growth
2016The Thermovoltaic Cell
2016The Ultimate Angle
2016The World's First Biological Power Plant
2016Thermo-electric generators to charge electronic devices in the wilderness
2016Thinking in Reverse
2016Time Flies
2016Tiny Titans: Silver Nanoparticles
2016To Gyro or Not To Gyro
2016To Study Synergy Effect of Medicinal Plants on Antimicrobial Activity of Garlic
2016Toxic Tampons
2016Transport de marchandises dans le Grand Nord canadien
2016True Colours: Exploring the Science of the Stroop Effect
2016Tumor-Specific TCR-pMHC Database
2016Turning LEDs Into Power: Considering if LED Power Generators are Possible
2016Un Minecraft... pour la santé!
2016Un pigment antioxydant
2016Uncovering the Thermal Response of Ferromagnetic NanoTherapy to Cure Cancer
2016Under Pressure! An Investigation of Performance Under Perceived Pressure
2016Une alternative verte
2016Une perspective nébuleuse
2016Using a Low-Density Field to Improve Water Vessel Speed and Efficiency
2016Using Genetic Algorithms to Create Safer Self-Driving Cars
2016Valeurs 2.0
2016Video Games Before Bed: Does it Affect my Sleepwalking?
2016Vitamin C: C for Captured?
2016Vote CDJ – une nouvelle façon de pratiquer la démocratie
2016Vous en saliverez!
2016VSV-EBOV contre Ébola
2016Walking Analysis: A Gait-Way to a Better Future
2016Waste Not, Want Not (Biofiltration of Household Greywater)
2016Wasted Water - Do We Really Need Watering Restrictions?
2016Water Saving Shower Head: Multi-iterative Design Incorporating Atomized Flow
2016Wearable Sonar Technology
2016What Amount of Arsenic Trioxide Helps Stop APL Cell Invasion?
2016What are the Beneficial Effects of Curcumin?
2016What is Virtual Reality?
2016What Kids Know About Global Warming?
2016What's Hot What's Not?
2016What's the Best Anti-Butt? Algae, Coconut or Banana - Designing Eco-Fliters
2016What's The Scoop
2016Where does the Head Rest Best?
2016Where's The Real Beef?
2016Wi-Fi: Our Well Being or Mind Deceiving
2016Wi-Tricity on Wheels: Solar/Hydro Hybrid Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
2016Wiggling Towards A Pollution Solution
2016Worm Wars: The Soil Awakens
2016Would you Eat these Peas?
2016XTreme Ultra Body Fuel with BDNF Protein Enhancers
2016You're Exposed
2016You're Out! An Electronic Baseball Umpire
2016Your Eyes Are...RED?
2016« Feuillez » y penser!
2016« Santé »-vous bien quand vous dinez?
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