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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Fred - My name is Fred Yin. I immigrated from China 6 years ago. I am currently attending Centennial Collegiate and Vocational Institute in Guelph, Ontario, in grade 11. I am working part-time as a computer associate at Staples Business Depot. During my spare time, I like to play guitar, swim and jog. This is my first time at CWSF. After high-school, I plan on going to the University of Toronto for Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical Science, then possibly enrol in medical school.
Arshia - I was born on January 21, 1989 in Tehran, Iran. My family moved to Canada in 1998 and came to Guelph after the Millennium. I have tried to do my best in school, and in doing so, I have always kept a 90+ average since grade 9. Furthermore, I participate in school activities such as mentorship, prefects, concert-band and sport teams. During high school, I took every science course available, which made me realize the passions and interests that I have in that field. Thus, I plan to go on to Medical School and learn to become a skilful surgeon. I took up piano when I was 9 years old and have completed my Grade 9 Conservatory examinations and am currently working on my Grade 10. Moreover, I enjoy competing in sports such as soccer, swimming, badminton and body-building. My interest in swimming has led me to work as an Instructor/Lifeguard for the City of Guelph. In the community, I volunteer as a teaching-assistant in "Persian Classes for Kids" on Saturdays and at an Animal Clinic on Fridays.

Fred Yin, Arshia Azizeddin

Using Phage in Fighting Infection
Division:Biotechnology / None
City:Guelph, ON
School:Centennial Collegiate & Vocational Institute
Abstract:Using a set of experiments to figure out when is the best time for applying bacteriophage during an bacterial infection (E. coli). E. coli will have lux gene integerated in them and as a result, a colony will emit bioluminescence. Using a special camera called Night Owl, we will be observing the intensity of the light after applying phage to the colonies.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sponsor: Rx&D Health Research Foundation