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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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My name is Philip Riessner. I live in Fort St. John, BC. I have participated in the science fair for the past eight years and have been selected for the National Science Fair twice. The previous time my project was Aerodynamic Efficiency. Over the years my projects have revolved around GPS, alternative energy, and aerodynamics. I am currently interested in aerodynamics, reading, designing and playing video games, and skiing. I desire to university to get a Master’s of Business Administration.

Philip Riessner

Aerodynamic Efficiency: Reducing Fuel Emissions thru Innovative Aircraft Design
Division:Health Sciences / None
Region:Northern British Columbia
City:Fort St.John, BC
School:Bert Bowes Jr Secondary
Abstract:In Aerodynamic Efficiency II, I tested four of my own aircraft designs against the standard one for both lift and drag at various angles of attack and wind speeds to find one which would lower emissions being produced by being more aerodynamic. A lift-drag ratio was used to find which plane performed best overall. The teardrop shaped plane turned out to be the most efficient.

Awards Value
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Gold Medallist - $2000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$2 000.00
Gold Medal - Engineering
Sponsor: Youth Science Foundation Canada
$1 500.00
Total$3 500.00