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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Xingyu Zhou is currently a grade 9 Advanced program student from Walter Murray Collegiate Institute in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is involved with many school activities such as Model UN, Debate, and of course, science fair. She enjoys learning as much as she can, and has a strong desire for more knowledge in all subjects. Her hobbies include math, hanging out with friends, surfing the web, tennis, pingpong, badminton, chess, music, reading, writing, games, video games, etc.-basically anything she has ever done. She has won many awards for math competitions, often placing in the top ten nationally at her grade level. She often volunteers with her community library, and helps to canvass for charity. Xingyu is planning to become a doctor when she grows up because she wants to help people in the most direct way possible.

Xingyu Zhou

Peeling Away Problems
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences / None
City:Saskatoon, SK
School:Walter Murray Collegiate
Abstract:This project studied the health benefits of commonly found tree bark left behind in the wood industry. I measured the total polyphenol amounts, antioxidizing activity, microbial inhibition, and antimutagenic effects of four types tree bark. The results showed that tree bark–often considered a waste product–is abundant in polyphenols and antioxidants, and also shows antimicrobial and antimutagenic effects.

Awards Value
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Silver Medallist - $1500 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$1 500.00
Silver Medal - Life Sciences
Sponsor: Pfizer Canada
Total$2 200.00