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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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I was born, and still live in Ottawa where I am a grade 7 French immersion student at Fisher Park Public School. I enjoy many sports including volley ball, basket ball, soccer, unicyling and downhill skiiing. This summer I am looking forward to trying out white water kayaking at a camp. I have made the school honour role in my first 2 terms this year and plan to keep working hard at school to maintain my academic achievements. Although I enjoy both science and math, my favourite subjects at school are art and phys ed. I think that I would like to become an architect or an industrial designer.

Greer Stanier

What "milk" makes the best natural plastic?
Division:International / None
City:Ottawa, ON
School:Fisher Park P.S./Summit A.S.
Abstract:Most plastics we use today are synthetic, but there are some forms of natural polymers. During my experiment, I was testing to see if I could make the casein protein in milk polymerize to make a natural plastic. I then experimented with a variety of milks - skim, whole, goats and soy to see which plastic was the strongest and hardest.

Awards Value
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Award
Sponsor: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada