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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Hayley - Hi, my name is hayley jones. I was born in 1993 at markham stouville hospital. When i was 7 years old, I was involved in a boating accident, and received the "Commissioner's Citation for Bravery" for my "life-saving actions." I am currently in grade eight, and am president of this year's students' council. This year, i participated in the destination Imagination tournament in toronto, and our team placed 2nd in Ontario, qualifying us for global finals in Tennessee. I also participated on the cross country, baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer team, of which i was the captain. Other than sports, I enjoy reading, dancing, writing, and archery.
Sara - Hi, my name is Sara Simmons and I am 14 years old. I was born at the newmarket hospital on January 1st 1993. I enjoy many things, but my favourite things to do are read, and play the piano. I am curentlly in grade 8 and am the spirit director of this years students' counsil. Curentlly I was in the Destination Imagination tournament in toronto where our team of 7 placed 2nd giving us the opportunity to go to globals in Tenesse. Alhough our team turned down the oppertunity for it was the week of our graduation trip, we did learn alot and meet many people. I am not very athletic but this year I was on are school's soccer team where I played mid-feild. Living in a very bussy enviroment I love to learn and experience all the great opportunities life brings to me.

Hayley Jones, Sara Simmons

FWB: The Impenetrable Fabric/ Testing Claims
Division:Health Sciences / None
City:Sutton, ON, Pefferlaw, ON
School:Morning Glory P.S.
Abstract:The purpose of our project, was originally to create a fire, water, and bullet proof fabric of our own, by combining goretex, nomex, and kevlar. however, due to a time limit, we were only able to test the claims of said companies. we tested to see if kevlar truly was bullet and fireproof, and if goretex was better at repelling water than a rainjacket.