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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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I became interested in science through my parents. When I was young they would buy me "imponderables" books that would answer random questions about our world. This prompted me to become interested in how our everyday world works. Over time this caused me to become interested in chemistry, which developed into physics which became quantum physics, and now here I am. I am involved in numerous extra curricular activities. These include the Interact club, Junior Achievement, Fencing, concert band, jazz band, Air Cadets and I am on my school's student council. I also have many ambitions outside of school which include obtaining my private pilots license next summer through cadets, owning my own business, writing a novel and making short films on activist issues. My plans for after grade school are to obtain a bachelor of science and a concurrent bachelor of business administration. I will do a double honors in physics and chemistry and a major in marketing. After that I plan to obtain a masters in quantum physics and then a Ph.d in Cosmology. From there I plan to start my own independent research company. Above all, I would truly like to win a Nobel prize someday.

Joseph McNeil

How Exotic: The Presence and Effects of Exotic Matter in Nature
Division:International / None
City:St. Peters, NS
School:Richmond Academy
Abstract:My project is a study of exotic matter as it is theorized to exist in nature. I attempt to correlate data from multiple sources and derive conclusions about the nature of exotic matter based on the information that I've collected. This sort of work is not common in the field and thus I have been able to extract some exciting results.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Sponsor: Encana Corporation