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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Oliver - My name is Oliver Hatheway, and I am from Bridgewater, a town about an hour's drive from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is my second year at CWSF. My hobbies are piano, surfing, wake boarding, sailing, running, hockey and snowboarding. I run cross country and track & field at my high school, as well as play on the varsity hockey team, and also will be a member of the jazz band and combo next year, playing the piano. I am also a full I.B. diploma candidate. My community activities consist of teaching sailing at the local yacht club, and volunteering at my church as an altar server. Notable awards consist of the bronze medal my partner and I won at last year's CWSF, and also the Royal Conservatory of Music silver medal for outstanding pianist of the year, in the Atlantic Provinces. I hope to continue to study science in university, majoring in physics, while still maintaining my musical career.
Darren - I am a member of athletic clubs such as the division one hockey and soccer teams at my school. I am also involved in school clubs such as the Robotics East club, and I am a co-president and founder of the school science club. I am involved in my community in various ways. I have participated in a Curl for Cancer event, in which I raised money through fundraising, and I also canvass for the Canadian Cancer society every year. I am also an active member of my church, where I enjoy serving food during meal events. In the summer, I work as a swimming instructor, and play summer soccer for the Valley United tier one soccer club as a goaltender. I have many hobbies and interests including fishing, model rocketry, art and astronomy. My favourite area of science is theoretical physics because I enjoy trying to understand the most basic and complex structures in our universe such as black holes and superstrings. After high school, I hope to pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering, and someday work for NASA.

Oliver Hatheway, Darren Rodenhizer

The Economizer: Harnessing Waste Heat Using a Stirling Engine
Division:Health Sciences / Automotive
Region:South Shore
City:Bridgewater, NS, New Germany, NS
School:Park View Education Centre
Abstract:The purpose of this project was to explore multiple technologies in order to harness wasted heat energy in a novel way. This was accomplished by constructing a Gamma Stirling Engine, which runs on a temperature differential. The engine converted heat to kinetic energy, then into electrical energy. The engine was then incorporated into an automobile design. In conclusion, it is possible to harness heat-energy.

Awards Value
Petro-Canada Peer Innovation Award - Senior
Sponsor: Petro-Canada
Honourable Mention - Automotive
Sponsor: AUTO21