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ESPC 2008 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Hello! My name is Jory and I'm a grade seven student in the province of British Columbia. I play three instruments (piano, drums and flute) and am fluent in both french and english. My goal in life is to visit every continent, including Antartica, and even every country in the world, if possible! I like to live life for the moment and try to be the best possible person that I can be. I am very outgoing and am involved in public speaking, track and field, sports teams, band, volunteering, babysitting, hiphop, church activities, piano lessons, and, as you can see, science fairs!

Jory Smallenberg

Do you know what you're drinking?
Division:Génie et sciences de l'informatique / Aucun
Région:Fraser Valley
Ville:Abbotsford, BC
École:Chief Dan George Middle
Sommaire:The purpose of my project was to find out, in general, which drinking water is the 'best'? I tested several different drinking waters, such as bottled and tap waters, for taste with 60 testers, young and old, and for pH, conductivity, E coli and total coliform. Clearbrook WaterWorks won 1st place, 69% avg. taste, fairly neutral pH levels, no E coli, coliform, and low conductivity.

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Mention honorable - Sciences de la terre et de l’environnement
Sponsor: Pétro-Canada
100,00 $
Total100,00 $