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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Nelson - I am Nelson Gladders. I am a grade twelve student at High Level Public School. My hobbies and interests include reading/writing, running, hiking and martial arts. I am involved in many extra-curricular activities such as an after-school Ju Jitsu Club, the Royal Canadian Army Cadets and the Northern Actors Guild. I have accrued several awards during my time with cadets, including the top cadet in my field engineering course. I was also given the Junior Citizen of the Year Award in my home town of High Level. Finally I received a paid internship position at the University of Alberta from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical research. I am an avid science student and have enrolled at he University of Alberta and I am very anxious to begin my career in science and to attend CWSF 2008.
Kenneth - Born and raised in High Level, a small rural community in northern Alberta, I have long been interested in the military and plan on serving as part of my career later in life. Extracurricular activities throughout my life have consisted mostly of cadets, Ju Jitsu, wrestling, music (primarily flute), swimming, acting and science fair. A few of the most memorable experiences in my life are receiving the "Best in Fair" award at a regional science fair competition, having the opportunity to attend nationals twice, receiving my Basic Military Parachutist Qualification, and taking the lead role in a relatively large scale, small cast stage production.

Nelson Gladders, Kenneth Ernst

Homosexuality: It's all in your head (Phase III)
Division:Life Sciences / None
Region:Peace Country
City:High Level, AB
School:High Level Public School
Abstract:This report will proceed to demonstrate, through a comprehensive examination of pertinent scientific research and consultation with leading professionals in the field, that a genetic and biological connection to homosexuality is not only plausible but highly probable.