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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Kaylyn Stark. I am 13 years old and in Grade 7. I live in Hines Creek, Alberta with my mom, dad, my older sister, and younger sister. I go to Hines Creek Composite School.My favorite subject in school is math. I enjoy art, reading, and sewing in my free time.During the winter months I spend three nights a week figure skating and go to number of completions. I hope some day to be able to be a skating coach. When I finish school I would like to be a high school teacher.

Kaylyn Stark

Saving Energy= Saving Our World/ Use Colour
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / None
Region:Peace Country
City:Hines Creek, AB
School:Hines Creek Composite School
Abstract:For my science fair project I wanted to see if the colour of a consumer's roof can change your heating bill. I performed an experiment showing how the colour of fabric can affect the temperture increase when subjected to 30 minutes of intense heat. This technique has had a huge impact on builders and buyers.