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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Lucas - My name is lucas lemieux. I like to play lots of different kinds of sports. I dont want to tell u cause it would take to long to say all of them cause im going to play road hockey soon. I am also a good friend of Baruch Watters. I do ok in school when i want to but my average is in about the 70%. Me and Baruch usually hang out or play road hockey with our other friends.
John - My name is John Vlanich and I am fourteen years old. I live in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. I was born in Calgary, Alberta and when I was seven I moved to Trail, British Columbia. While I was there I completed elementary school. I raced for the Red Mountain Racers and I really enjoy downhill skiing. I lik eto draw and play sports. I am on my school wrestling team and track and field teams. This year I won the silver medal for Territorials. I am currently in grade nine.

Lucas Lemieux, John Vlanich

Energy Drinks- Do They Deliver what They Promise?
Division:Life Sciences / None
City:Inuvik, NT
School:Samuel Hearne Secondary School
Abstract:Abstract - John Vlanich and Lucas Lemieux Project Title: Energy Drinks- Do They Deliver What They Promise? Our project was designed to test the effects of energy drinks on physical, mental and eye hand coordination. We felt tests conducted before and after drinking energy drinks would demonstrate that there is an effect. All tests conducted after drinking energy drinks showed improved results.