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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Paige - My name is Paige Friesen. I attend Kirkcaldy Heights School and am 14 years old. I have four horses, which I barrel race with. Last year, I was third in the Manitoba Barrel Racing association with my horse Rich. I have thirteen cats. I have three house cats, three indoor/outdoor cats and the rest are barn cats. I also have three dogs; one rotwieller, one bull mastiff and one yorkshire terrier. Volleyball is my favourite sport, and play twice a week on the club team. I play the clarinet and the piano. I just started playing clarinet this year in band and have been playing piano since I was in grade three. I am now in grade five piano. I love animals and love to get involved in fundraising for the Brandon Humane Society. I like to hold at least one fundraiser per year. I am on the student council, a canteen worker and am on the yearbook commity. I have been on the honour roll since grade five. I plan to attend Neelin High School and take part in the IB program. When I graduate, I am going to go onto receive a Degree in Cosmitic and Surgical Dermatology.
Charlee - I'm a 13 year old girl in grade 8 at Kirkcaldy Heights School in Brandon Manitoba. I'm an honour roll student and my favorite subjects are math & science. I play 1st clarinet in our band program and play the electric guitar in our jazz band. My musical interests also include taking private lessons in electric & acoustic guitar and drums. I'm very active and enjoy paticipating in the school sports teams of volleyball & badminton. I'm very artistic and love drawing, arts & crafts, sewing, and woodworking. I'm very fortunate to have a home in the city and in the country. I love nature and all aspects of being outdoors. I enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, boating, dirtbiking, skidooing, horseback riding, and going for long nature walks. With having a farm, I have and love many animals including horses, llamas, sheep, pot-bellied pigs, dogs, cats, and rabbits. I also like the creepy crawlies and you will often find me snake-hunting. I have a salamander, turtles, and hermit crabs. I take riding lessons and am very dedicated to participating in shows and events with my horses. I plan on obtaining a post-secondary education in the field of veterinary/equine/animal sciences.

Paige Friesen, Charlee McLaughlin-Ventnor

Baa Baa Burrr "Hypothermic Lambs"
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences / None
Region:Western Manitoba
City:Brandon, MB
School:Kirkcaldy Heights
Abstract:How do lambs that suffered from hypothermia, grow and develop when different variables are used to sustain their lives? Using the different variables we believed that the ewe fed lamb that was also bottle fed will excel in growth. In a four week period we weighed and measured the lambs every second day. We concluded that our results matched our hypothesis finishing our experiment.