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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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I am 13 years old and a grade 8 student at D.P.Todd Secondary school in Prince George, British Columbia. I have been a member of the Barracuda Swim Club for 7 years. My favourite and best stroke is butterfly, but I also enjoy breaststroke and the individual medley(a race with all four strokes). I love horses and ride once a week at an equestrian centre. I enjoy reading, skiing and am a member of my school choir and band. After graduation I plan to continue swimming and hope to study equine health and hydrotherapy. I am really looking forward to travelling to Ottawa for the CWSF.

Claire Shrimpton

Submerged in Science
Division:International / None
Region:Central Interior British Columbia
City:Prince George, BC
School:D P Todd Secondary
Abstract:Movement in water is resisted due to viscosity. I wondered if swimming pools might differ in viscosity and affect my swimming performance. I measured viscosity from four pools in Prince George, BC and also distilled, tap and salt water samples. I was surprised to find that the warmer waters had lower viscosity, but there was little difference between the waters at the same temperature.