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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Niki - My name is Niki Marie Beingessner, I am 13 years of age and currently attending Avonlea School. I live on a large family run grain farm near Truax, Saskatchewan with my mom and dad and my older sister and brother. I participate in most school sports some being volleyball, badminton and track. Other interests of mine are Ukrainian Dancing which i have been doing for 8 years, skidooing, hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, water sports, quading and animals. I have recieved a number of school awards, from Grades Kindergarten to Grade eight, one being the Mcdougal award which I won twice, this award is for leadreship and spirit. In grade 7 I recieved the class Proficiency award with an average of 90% and currently my average is 93.1%, these two averages placed me on the honour role. My post secondary career plans hopefully involve something to do with animals or being a Veteranarian. This year I attented the Filmore science fair and my partner and I won 1st in Physical Sciences and 2nd for the best overall project and now we will be attending the Canada Wide Science Fair.
Jolene - My name is Jolene Kirkpatrick. I am 13 years old. I live on a grain farm near Truax, Saskatchewan. I enjoy helping my parents on the farm. I also have an older brother and sister, and I attend school in Avonlea, Saskatchewan. I am currently in the 7th grade, with an average of 95%, for this past semester. In my class there are 13 kids. In the past years I have received four Mrs. McDougal Awards, this award is for leadership and spirit. I currently participate in school sports, which are volleyball, badminton, and track & field. This past hockey season I played hockey in Weyburn, SK., receiving most sportsmen like player on my team. Our provincial team won the South final, losing in the North final. (Placing second overall) I hope to play hockey in Weyburn next season. I also like to snowmobile, waterski, hunt big game, and quad. After I graduate I would like to attend secondary school, and become an Architect.

Niki Beingessner, Jolene Kirkpatrick

Smoke Detectors
Division:International / None
Region:Southeast Saskatchewan
City:Truax, SK
School:Avonlea School
Abstract:Our Science Fair project is about the safety of smoke detectors. Testing to see if the reaction time got longer the more they were set off. The alarms we used were a Hardwire smoke alarm and a Battery Operated Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm. Our results concluded that the more the smoke detector was set off the longer it took to detect smoke.