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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Ramy - My name is Ramy Botorous and I go to Collège catholique Samuel-Genest. I'm part of a program called "concentration scientifique" since I love science. Also, I’m on the school senior soccer team. As of community activities, during the summer, I’m a monitor for the kids at church and also, I play soccer within a club. My main objective in life is to become a dentist, even though I heard it takes many years of studying, I’m a perfectionist or I try to be, and why not put my work in people’s teeth. As of awards and achievements; the regional science fair is one of my greatest success, my partner (Joe Hanna) and I, won first place in the category science and environmental engineer and we both got invited to a conference held by Direct Energy in May.
Joe - I am a young innovative student who likes hands on type of work. i usually get ideas in the middle of my work or after I've started to work on something. i really enjoy building or designing prototypes or actual working items and i enjoy using the computer to create some designs. i have lots of skills in computers from software to hardware, i can diagnose a personal computer and most of the time find the problem and fix it. Also, i have a huge knowledge in audio/visual setups and manipulation since i am a DJ myself and have made many successful parties, weddings, birthdays and even big shows including the control of over 10 microphones and 20 instruments. I do lots of community work and most of that is the volunteering at my church. I'm not quite sure what i will be doing in the future yet but i will most likely attend university in the engineering domain. I have won many awards over the years witch most concentrate on school achievements and science related projects such as the first place award for the "environmental science and engineering" at the regional science fair two years ago.

Ramy Botorous, Joe Hanna

La Maison "verte"
Division:Health Sciences / Environmental Innovation
City:Ottawa, ON
School:College catholique Samuel-Genest
Abstract:Notre projet consiste d’un prototype fonctionnel d’une maison «verte». Nous avons faient un prototype d’une maison qui sera auto-suffisante, donc, elle va consommer une petite quantité de ressource provenant de la ville. Il y aura un système de recyclage de l’eau de pluie, système de filtration et d'énergie (électricité), en plus de cela, nous allons profiter du soleil pour rechauffer l'eau de la maison.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Environmental Innovation
Sponsor: EnviroExpo, Presented by VIA Rail Canada