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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Alana Harrison is a Hazelton Secondary School student from the scenic Village of Hazelton in north-western British Columbia. To further explore her interest in photography and filmmaking, Alana has chosen to do a subliminal messaging science project - "Do You See What I See?", for which she achieved a gold medal at the regional fair, and also the SCWIST Award. Alana is a popular community volunteer at the local library, where she is the digital technology specialist and assists with both public programming and the pre-school story-time. Alana was president of her elementary school and is currently engrossed in leadership programs and activities at HSS. Alana played the lead in a school musical production of “Annie”, and continues to sing, act, choreograph, and dance in local theatre. She loves volleyball and snowboarding. A born entrepreneur, she started her first serious business “Alana’s Bandana’s” at the age of nine. Alana rarely misses The Simpsons, and other hobbies include reading, beading, and vegetarian cuisine. After high school Alana would like to travel to Ecuador to meet her foster child, then go on to University, with the long-term goal of a career in education.

Alana Harrison

Do You See What I See
Division:Life Sciences / None
Region:Pacific Northwest
City:hazelton, BC
School:Hazelton Secondary
Abstract:I tested 640 people in 33 tests to see if subliminal messages affect the decisions we make. I showed a video of a person with a "neutral" expression. In one video I flashed the word "happy". In the second video the word "sad" was flashed, and in the third (control) video "red" was flashed. A significant number of people were affected by the subliminal message.