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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Conor James McKenna was born in February 1995 in Winnipeg, MB. Since then, he has lived in 4 different time zones including Nottingham, England. He is the eldest of three boys. He has traveled on three different continents including a safari in South Africa. He currently resides in Deep River, ON and attends St. Mary's School as a Grade 7 student. He was home schooled for the first 5 years of his education. He has successfully completed the Davis Dyslexia programme. For the last two years Conor has won his school's grade level Science fair awards and last year he won the grade 6 regional engineering gold medal. He is an avid sailor, who hopes to attain White Sail 3 this year and an archer. He has been a member of the Scouting movement for the last 6 years and currently holds the position as Patrol Second in the 1st Deep River Scout Troop. He enjoys audio books, fishing, camping, mountain biking, WWII model airplanes and model rockets. His ultimate goal is to study physics and hopes to participate in future space missions to Mars.

Conor McKenna

A Force: Drag On A Rocket
Division:Health Sciences
Region:Renfrew County
City:Deep River, ON
School:St. Mary's E.S.
Abstract:An experiment to discover what angle of nose cone, on a model rocket, would produce the least amount of drag. The forces on a rocket; thrust, weight and the aerodynamic forces of lift and drag; are presented and discussed in detail. While conducting the experiment, Newton's 3 Laws of Motion were researched and applied to model rockets.