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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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I attend a very small school (83 students from K-9) in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, which has a population of about 1200 people. I now live in town but spent most of my life on a family farm. I enjoy sports of all kinds including hockey, baseball, golf, basketball, curling, badminton and volleyball. I am the Student Representative Council co-president at my school, which includes duties such as planning extracurricular sports activities. Some day, I hope to become a teacher.

Robert Cey

Golf Ball Drop
Division:International / None
Region:Northwest Saskatchewan
City:Wilkie, SK
School:St. George School
Abstract:This project compared several golf balls of different brands to see which one had the highest bounce when dropped from a given height. A home-made apparatus was built to drop the golf balls. The experiment was videotaped. The golf balls with only two layers inside performed much better than the ones with three or more layers.