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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Ada - Hello I am Ada Paloma Soto Brambila, am from to Guadalajara, Mexico, student of sixth degree of preparatory, am 17 years old, previously have participated in physics events, mathematics, of general knowledge, oratoria, and story with an excellent average of 100. I would like to coexist with this type of people in this event, to know more, to learn, to have an excellent participation and of course to amuse to me. This aid has been first in that I participate to international level, I have always participated to state level and national and luckyly he has gone to me very well with the triumphs, I hope and this opportunity opens new fields, visions and espectativas to me for my future life. And as I said, I have won like 12 diverse prizes in categorias. What I like to do in free times is to read, to practice futbol, basquetbol, to see interesting programs of television. In Mexico one gets used to listening to mariachi music, the folklor delights much to people, and the Mexican typical meals are a benefit. and I speak like a 70% of ingles
Edwin - My name is Fernando Lara Edwin Alvarado was born Mochis in Sinaloa the mind 14/12/88 current study in high school jocotepec my brothers 2 am I would like to be single pilot aviator

Ada Soto, Edwin Fernando

The Coriolis Effect and its Implications
Division:International / None
City:Jocotepec, Jalisco, , Jocotepec,
Abstract:We explain the Coriolis effect and demonstrate it on the basis of theories and physical laws using an experimental, dynamic scientific methodology. We also connect it with the environmental impact of global warming and its effects, noting that man and his technology have caused this uncontrolled situation with an impact that increases daily with catastrophic manifestations.

Awards Value
Silver Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Foundation Canada