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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Logan Fuller, and I was born and raised in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I am currently in grade 11 at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School, and I am also enrolled in the International Baccalaureate diploma programme. At my school, I am the founder and president of the digital photography club. I am also the captain and driver for my school's robotics club/team. I am a volunteer at my local community TV station, run by Eastlink Television. During their live studio show I will alternate between many different positions, however I usually direct. I am also in the process of producing and co-hosting a new show. I am extremely interested in both aviation and engineering. I love to fly, and I love building and designing things. I am actually going to be getting my private pilot's license later this year. When it's not possible to fly in the large planes, I will fly my internal combustion RC plane. When I finish high school, I plan to take aerospace engineering at the university of Toronto. My short-term goal is to be an airline pilot, and my long-term goal is to be an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency.

Logan Fuller

The Effects of Parasitic Species on Fishing Vessels
Division:Health Sciences / None
City:Yarmouth, NS
Abstract:This project involved the design and creation of a water tunnel for the purpose of analysing the effects of barnacle growth on the drag experienced by fishing vessels. It was found that the primary source of drag was barnacle contamination on the front portion of the hull. Conversely, barnacle contamination on the rear portion of the hull resulted in much less drag.