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ESPC 2008 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Seetha - My name is Seetha Venkateswaran. I am currently enrolled in grade 11 at the Agincourt Collegiate Institute. I am grateful and appreciate of having very supportive and intelligent parents and my dog Eccles who always makes me feel better. I am a person with numerous amiable qualities, being perseverant, cooperative and approachable as well as being respectful of everyone. In my spare time I enjoy pursuing many activities such as biking, cooking and playing soccer,as part of the school team and in the JFK and Azzuri soccer clubs. Apart from these aspects, school has been one of my favorite places, as it is filled with knowledge and opportunities for learning. My favorite subject has always been science, every since I identified my strength, and now it also includes Chemistry. In the future I hope to pursue a degree in medicine, to become a Cardiologist or Pediatrician as I enjoy interacting with children. I am very outgoing and I approach each day with confidence and bravery facing the challenges set before me. Last but not least I am grateful for the opportunity that was given for me to attend the Canada Wide Science fair.
Jenny - I'm currently attending Agincourt Collegiate Institute in Toronto. I'm in the environment club and is an advocate for the protection of our environment for future generations. In my spare time, I usually catch up on reading books. I'm a fan of mystery and thriller novels. I plan to go to a university in the future, though I'm still uncertain of which field is best for me.

Seetha Venkateswaran, Jenny Tian

Daphnia Lub-Dubs
Division:Sciences physiques et des mathématiques / Aucun
Ville:Toronto, ON
École:Agincourt C.I.
Sommaire:The experiment focused on the effect of three common pain/cold medications, on heart rate of Daphnis, a crustacean. Results revealed that Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen increased heart rates, while Benylin decreased the heart rates. As Daphnia share certain similarities in anatomy with humans, further studies can be conducted to test prolonged usage of medications.