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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Trishia Migwanas Hazlewood. I am sixteen years of age and will soon be seventeen on June 21st. I was born in Redditch, England, as my father is from the United Kingdom. My mom is North American Native which makes me have dual nationality. My mother and I are registered under the Long Point First Nation community, also known as Winneway, Québec. This is an Algonquin community located in Abitibi-Témiscaming region of Québec. My interests and hobbies include reading and writing, along with my traditional hobbies which include going to powwows across Ontario and Québec. I also make wire-wrapping jewelry. I am interested in learning a veriety of different subjects such as Science, History, English and Environmental issues. I am also interested in the arts (vocals for singing and presenting), the visual arts (photography), and theatre drama. My career plans are to become a director because I believe it would teach and entertain many people of how we can save the earth from global warming and other earth issues. My goal in life is to continue to expand on my studies on renewable resources.

Trishia Hazlewood

How to Make Vegetable Oil into Diesel
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / Environmental Innovation
Region:Aboriginal Québec Autochtone
City:Belleterre, QC
School:Amo Ososwan School
Abstract:My goal is to invent a new renewable resource and do further research to preserve our natural resources. Biodiesel can be used as a substitute for mainstream petroleum products within vehicles and home appliances. Comparing Biodiesel to petroleum fuels, Biodiesel is more economical to the consumer and less hazardous to the environment than current, costly petroleum products.