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ESPC 2008 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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My name is Justine Tarini and I am 17 years old. I was born in Sudbury, Ontario and I have been attending Lockerby Composite School for the past 3.5 years. I have been playing the piano for 12 years, dancing at Claire’s school of dance for the past 3 years, working at Deluxe 17 Drive In for 2 years and playing the French Horn in the Lockerby Music Program for 4 years. I have been working with the music programs Music Council for 2 years as well as the music programs Band Yearbook for the past year. I volunteer at the Sudbury Regional Hospital during the summer months, which is something that I really enjoy doing. Next year, I will be attending Nipissing University in order to get a BSc in biology and eventually get a master and perhaps a PhD in biology. I am still indecisive on what career path I would like to go, but I believe I will eventually get a job with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Justine Tarini

Plant Coma: A New Tool For Forensic Scientists
Division:Sciences physiques et des mathématiques / Aucun
Ville:Sudbury, ON
École:Lockerby Composite
Sommaire:This project was a study of plant coma - found in the dandelion family in order to determine if their are specific microscopic characteristics unique to the species. This could help link a suspect to a crime scene, or determine the original crime scene. In conclusion, I discovered that I could create two dichotomous keys from their unique characteristics.

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