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ESPC 2008 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Masoud - I am a grade 12 student who currently attends O'Neill C.V.I. in Oshawa, Ontario. My interests are mathematics, physics, and chess. I look forward to studying pure mathematics in the near future.
Simon - My name is Simon Yin and I am currently a grade 11 student at O’Neill C.V.I. in Oshawa, Ontario. I participated in the regional science fair with a project on the filtration of grey water. I entered this year’s science fair with a brand new idea on the recovery and reuse of wasted ambient heat. I have a strong interest in math and science as well as extracurricular activities such as chess and tennis. I plan to pursue my post-secondary education in the field of economics.

Masoud Zargar , Simon Yin

Thermoelectricity via Wasted Ambient Heat
Division:Sciences de la santé / Innovation environnementale
Ville:Oshawa, ON
École:O'Neill C.V.I.
Sommaire:To determine the applicability of the conversion of wasted ambient heat into useful electricity, a thermoelectric module was utilized. Based on the Seebeck Effect and theoretical predictions, the experimental data was carefully analyzed, graphed, and studied. It was concluded that the generation of thermoelectricity via the thermoelectric effect is highly applicable in future appliances in reducing energy consumptions and increasing appliance efficiencies.