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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Christian - I love to ski (downhill and water), barefoot, and other water sports. I also love soccer and basketball. A few hobbies of mine are writing letters, drawing, cooking/baking, and biking. Every Sunday I go to a church and every Tuesday I do hip hop at a dance studio. This summer (2008) I plan to babysit and do other activities to make money. I would like to start saving money for university.
Lauren - My name is Lauren Rainsford and I’m a grade seven student in Sudbury, Ontario. I play the piano and the alto saxophone as well as a variety of sports including soccer, dancing and cross-country skiing. Having participated in many cleanups around the community and owning two cats and three fish I would describe myself as an environmentalist and an animal lover. In my spare time I like to bike, play with a friend, draw, write, read, explore, cook, experiment, spend time with my cats and family, and create things. Another thing I love to do is travel and my favourite place to go is Britain where I have family and friends. A secret agent, chef, lawyer or veterinarian would be an ideal job for me. This is my first science fair but I have competed at the regional level for heritage fair.

Christian Murphy, Lauren Rainsford

Waste To Warmth
Division:Health Sciences / None
City:Sudbury, ON
School:MacLeod P.S.
Abstract:The aim of our project was to make an effective insulation out of shredded plastic bags. We tested it against fibreglass, extruded polystyrene and compared it to no insulation (cardstock). Our end results showed that our plastic bag insulation was more effective than fibreglass and about half as effective as the extruded polystyrene of the same thickness.