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ESPC 2008 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Theron - My name is Theron Hlasny. I am 14 years old and in grade 8. I go to a small school that is located in northern rural Saskatchewan. I like hunting and have went to nationals in fencing. I also am in bowling and went to provincials. Overall, I like animals, sports and enjoy reading.
Raef - My name is Raef Given. I am 13 years old and in grade 8. I am in Air Cadets and am going to provincials for target shooting. I play hockey in the winter and dirt bike in the summer. I live on a farm so I operate machinery, riding lawn mowers, trucks and tractors. Thank god I'm a country boy.

Theron Hlasny, Raef Given

Hot Vs Cold
Division:Internationale / Aucun
Région:Prince Albert & Northeast Saskatchewan
Ville:Prince Albert, SK
École:East Central School
Sommaire:Does cold air create more lift on a paper airplane than hot air when velocity and angle of attack are constant? Our findings show cold air to have 25% to 80% more lift at two different angles of attack and constant velocity than hot air. Our experiment proves that cold air creates more lift than hot air on a paper airplane.