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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Evan - My name is Evan Grohn. I am in the grade seven Academic Challenge program at Sir George Simpson Junior High School in St. Albert, Alberta. Our class has only 11 students, so we know one another well. I have participated in the Edmonton Regional Science fair three times before and have won an award every time. This is my first CWSF as I am in grade seven. I enjoy being a goaltender in hockey and defenceman in outdoor soccer. These are two of the many physical activities that I do. My science teacher, Mr. Savich, makes our classes fun with lots of hands-on projects. Another passion of mine is computers. I also like photography and wish to continue with it. As I am interested in mechanics, my current project is to “fix” my little sister's pink bike and put a small engine onto it. A future hobby would probably be flying a plane. I am really looking forward to CWSF 2008, and am sure it will be an opportunity of a lifetime.
William - William Mazurek has a decent experience in science. He has participated in the Edmonton regional science fair for the last two years in a row and won the Edmonton Regional science fair last year. He enjoys various sports such as scuba diving as well as skiing and triathlons. He was on a slalom team last year although he specializes in mogul bowls. William plays the guitar and loves Apple computers. He is currently learning javascript, sql and php. This is William’s first CWSF, and he hopes to do well.

Evan Grohn, William Mazurek

Passing Wind
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / Environmental Innovation
City:St. Albert, AB
School:Sir George Simpson Junior High
Abstract:This project studied the feasibility of wind power in a central Alberta urban location and compared the efficiency of horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines. Home designed turbines were first tested in a controlled environment. The conventional horizontal turbine was found to be superior, but each type had advantages. Site testing demonstrated that wind power is not a reliable power source in this location.