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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Intekhab Hossain and I am from Saint John High School, New Brunswick. I am currently in grade 9 and looking forward to full pre IB for next year. I have a 96% average in school and I have skipped grade 5. I have volunteered at the public library over the summer and plan to volunteer again this summer. My interests are videogames and sports. That’s what I do during my free time. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. I have received many awards in both education and athletics. When I grow up, I plan to be a doctor and this is why I did my project on the human brain this year so it helps me in the future. I have been quite successful in my life so far and I plan to carry that on and keep achieving new heights.

Intekhab Hossain

The Brilliant Brain
Division:Life Sciences / None
City:Saint John, NB
School:Saint John High School
Abstract:This experiment was done to determine what age group has the best short term memory. A visual and audio testing was done to figure out this question. Overall, teenagers had the best short term memory due to everyday use of their brains because of high school.