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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Rachel is currently a grade 8 student at St.Gabriel school in Ft.McMurray Alberta. In her spare time she likes to hang out with her friends. When she's not doing that she is Tapping doing ballet,modern,hip hop or jazz. Rachel also plays the violin. This is her first time at the fair and she hopes to have fun.

Rachel Bonney

Rotting Body
Division:Life Sciences / None
Region:Wood Buffalo
City:Fort McMurray, AB
School:St. Gabriel School
Abstract:My project is about how smoking affects your body. So it's kind of an anti-smoking project. It's includes a number of research information, graphs and charts, and an experiment I did that shows the lung capacity of smokers and non smokers. I did this experiment on numerous people of different age and weather they were a smoker or non smoker.