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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Metara - Metara Rehman lives in Montreal, Quebec. She is a grade 11 student at Villa Maria high school and will soon be graduating. After she graduates, she will pursue her education in Health Sciences, at Marianopolis college. She wishes to one day enter the field of Medicine. Science and biology has always been her favorite subjects. She is still not sure where she wants to go in the vast field of medicine. However, she thinks she may want to do something related to neurology. Aside from school and education, Metara loves to play badminton, basketball, and volleyball. She also loves to read whenever she has spare time. This is the first time Metara is participating in the Canada Wide Science Fair. Hopefully, it will be noteworthy experience.
Sanjida - My name is Sanjida Natasha Hoque. I was born on the seventh day of July 1991in Montreal, Canada. My parents, however, come from Bangladesh, which makes my younger brother and I proud Bengali-Canadians. As for my future, I am certainly interested in the medical field and would love anything that involves helping people out. Traveling of course, is a must. For now, I attend Villa Maria High School and yes, this is my graduating year. Like any eager graduate, I am looking forward to the life of college. Nevertheless, I will indeed miss the people I will leave behind at Villa. My main motive is to try to make the most out of life and enjoy myself wherever I am. I love running, reading, rock climbing, cross-country skiing and playing sports (absolutely any sport). This Canada Wide Science Fair experience is probably the most notable one of all. To me, it is a true symbol of the dedication and persistence my partner and I have put into science fair. I am very grateful to be able to attend such a prestigious level of competition and I am definite that it will remain memorable.

Metara Rehman, Sanjida Hoque

Techno Worm
Division:Health Sciences / None
City:Montréal, QC
School:Villa Maria
Abstract:A robot was used to stimulate trace fossil patterns of Precambrian worms. It was found that, in comparaison to previous research involving more complicated parallel controllers, a simple sequential behaviour-based controller could result in patterns similar to those found in fossil records.