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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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My name is Johanne Jensen-LeBlanc. I am Danish and Acadienne. I love competitive cross-country skiing. I train 3 times a week and teach once a week. I love to race and have done sprint races (400m) to Loppets (7.5km). I usually do races every weekend at my ski club. I also do highland dancing and play the flute. I hope to one day be in the olympics for cross country skiing. I also would like to be a pediatrician. I would hope to go to UNBC and take physics, mathematics and transfer Cambridge University in england like my dad. At school, I am in the leadership program. I was also on the school Volley-ball team and hope to be on the relay team once again. I am in the french immersion program. I enjoy math and music. We have a music program at Ecole College Heights Elementary and its a very fun program. I hope to continue my studies on my meteor detector to explore the other meteor showers and hours of more meteors.

Johanne Jensen-LeBlanc

CBMeteor Radio II
Division:International / None
Region:Central Interior British Columbia
City:Prince George, BC
School:College Heights Elementary
Abstract:My project, I decided to detect meteors. I took a old FM radio and programed it 97.5 in Fargo, North Dakota. The signal from fargo attempts to get to Prince George, but the Earth is round, so the signal can’t reach Prince George. When a meteor passes, the tail acts like a mirror and reflects the signal to my antenna and I get a reading.

Awards Value
Award for Excellence in Astronomy
Sponsor: Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Honourable Mention - Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Sponsor: Encana Corporation