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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Elizabeth Hass is a Grade 8 student at Red Deer Lake School. She participates in Leadership and the school play and manages the girls volleyball team. Her favourite subjects are math and science. Elizabeth loves animals and tends to many at her house including horses, dogs, cats, kittens and a lizard. She would like study to become a veterinarian, marine biologist or a teacher after high school.

Elizabeth Hass

Health is in Your Hands - Hand Hygiene in a School Setting
Division:Life Sciences / None
Region:Chinook Country
City:Calgary, AB
School:Red Deer Lake School
Abstract:Health is in Your Hands: Hand Hygiene in a School Setting examined the most effective hand hygiene method in a school setting. Hand washing and hand sanitizing were tested to determine which method could effectively reduce bacterial counts on hands. Results show that hand hygiene in general is effective. Hand washing and hand sanitizing are statistically significant at decreasing bacterial counts on students' hands.