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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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The only sport I play is curling, but I enjoy it. I like to play baritone saxaphone in jazz band, and piano in jazz combo. I also play flute in concert band, and I take lessons in Lunenburg. I've been playing for 4 years. I love to play piano, as I have been playing for 7 years. I am in RCM level 8. One thing that concerns me about going to Winnipeg, is that I will not get to practise for a week. This year in music festival, I recieved top honours for piano and flute adjudication. I also do very well in school, as I have recieved A's in every subject for all of junior high so far. When I grow up, I would like to be an interior designer or architect. Last year (2008) I was also at the regional science fair, and received a silver medal.

Kathryn Wagner

Sugar: Sickly Sweet
Division:Life Sciences / None
Region:South Shore
City:Lunenburg, NS
School:Bayview Community School
Abstract:My project discusses why the human body requires sugar, and the difference between good and bad sugars. It explains how natural sugars are utilized more effectively than processed sugars. It investigates the historical consumption of sugar, the amount of sugars in the food we eat, and the health related illnesses caused by sugar.