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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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I am a grade twelve student and I keep myself busy with sports, school, and friends. I am just an average girl but there is nothing I enjoy more than Sunday walks picking up litter around my community. I am highly involved in sports such as hockey, softball, archery, and handball. I have future ambitions to travel the world and go to university; always learning as much as I can along the way and meeting as many new people as possible! This fall I will go to Asia for nine months to volunteer while my boyfriend ships off to Afghanistan. I just try to keep my life laid back and enjoy each moment for what it is with the people I have had the opportunity to be with!

Lauren Gamble

H2O Running Your Home
Division:Health Sciences / Environmental Innovation
City:Regina, SK
School:Winston Knoll Collegiate
Abstract:My idea is to incorporate micro hydro generators into the drainage systems of homes. Water is wasted at alarming levels in North America and catching the gravitational energy of the water falling down drain pipes is one way to limit that waste of a resource. I have built my own model to demonstrate the effectiveness of this idea.

Awards Value
Petro-Canada Peer Innovation Award - Senior
Central Canada
Sponsor: Petro-Canada