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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Back when I was a little lad I used to race riding lawnmowers, I got kind of old for that and I wanted something new and faster so I got into drag racing. I love to go to the track and drag race with my go-cart and what fun times I have! I have lots of fun with all of my toys. One thing I do around home is cut the neighbour's grass and I also do their snow removal. Last spring I bought myself a new riding lawnmower with zero turn. I also like working with my hands; wood working is one of my favourite things to do. In the winter time, I play hockey and I have lots of fun out there on the ice, this year we got first place in our division.

Garland Conley

Stop the Flood
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / Environmental Innovation
City:Frankford, ON
School:Stirling Senior P.S.
Abstract:My project is in the form of a model allowing trials to test the qualities of various sandbags materials and the aggregates within them. I also am investigating to see if the way sandbags are stacked, vertically or horizontally, makes a difference to their effectiveness and if the various materials used affect the quality of the water which leaches through.