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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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My name is Caroline Foody. This is my first time going to the CWSF and I am very excited for the whole experience. Outside of school, I compete both nationally and internationally in cheerleading. At school, I am an active member of the environmental club, Spanish club and junior varsity volleyball team. In the future, I hope to pursue a math and/or science related career (perhaps food science?) although I have no concrete hopes or specific plans.

Caroline Foody

The Medium Rare Hamburger: An E. coli Sandwich?
Division:Life Sciences / None
City:Ottawa, ON
School:Ashbury College
Abstract:This project looks at how to cook a medium-rare hamburger that satisfies recognized safety standards. Simple recommendations say that a hamburger should reach 165F to be safe, and stay below 135F to be medium-rare. I found that both food safety and degree of "doneness" are functions of time as well as temperature and that it is possible to cook a safe, medium-rare hamburger.

Awards Value
Dr. Michael Smith Innovation Award
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada