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ESPC 2009 - Winnipeg (Manitoba)

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I was born “as the sun was rising,” according to my mother, on October 13, 1994, in White Rock, BC. I currently reside in the rural community of Emerald Park, just outside of Regina, Saskatchewan. I consider myself somewhat nomadic, with the amount of moving we have done. Greenall High School, where I am a 9th grade student, is my 7th school so far, and I am living in my 8th home. Most recently, we were in Northern BC, and this is my first time living outside out of that province. In school, I am a straight A student. I play in both concert and jazz band, and have been a part of several school plays. I am an only child. I take piano lessons, have two horses that I adore (boarded near our home), and a dog named Tessa. I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time on the computer. After high school, I plan to go to university, become a writer, and settle down on a nice horse ranch.

Allie Fenson

Perception vs. Reality - Day vs. Night Speeds
Division:Internationale / Technologie automobile
Région:Qu'Appelle Valley
Ville:Emerald Park, SK
École:Greenall School
Sommaire:This project studied the relationship between vehicle speeds during day and night hours on both residential roads and highways. It also compared these results to public perception of the need to adjust driving speeds due to decreased lighting at night. The study found that while people believed reduced speeds were appropriate at night, there was actually an increase in speeds of highway traffic after sunset.