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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Hannah - My name is Hannah Janzen and I live on a broiler breeder hatching egg farm in the Fraser Valley. On Saturdays I pick eggs; I pick 3 out of the 6 barns. In the community I help out with a kids club program at the local church; I run the games component of the program. At school I am a house captain leader; I plan fun events for the students at my school and I promote worthy events such as food drives. I also have joined the volley ball and basketbal team at school. For the past 4 years I have been involved with the Friday night basketball,Athletes in Action. In my free time I enjoy watching TV, playing on the computer, riding dirt bike, bike riding, and cheering for the Vancouver Canucks. Science has been a strong emphasis at my school, and I have enjoyed the experiments and studies of science.
Julia - I am Julia, I enjoy horseback riding, shopping, and just hanging around with my friends. I live on a chicken farm and solar energy is becoming very popular. I do as much as I can in school to keep up beneficial grades, and to stay as active as imaginable. In the community, I do a Christian organization called "kids club" in yarrow, since I love to be around kids. I also care about saving the environment. I love our environment because without it what would we do? I always try to be green as much as possible. Two things I may want to pursue for a career could be a teacher (so I can be with kids) or anything to do with animals or the environment. As you can see, I am quite out-going and I love to do anything to help!

Hannah Janzen, Julia Martens

It's Keen To Be Green
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / None
Region:Fraser Valley
City:Abbotsford, BC
School:Barrowtown Elementary
Abstract:Our project was on solar energy, to find out which light would compell the most light and run the longest. We tested 3 different lights, the Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED. The Fluorescent was by far the brightest and most energy-saving while using solar energy. The LED light would have lasted the longest but because in barns we need light, the fluorescent is the best!