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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Christine Leanne - My name is Christine Dyck and I am 16 years old. Currently I am in grade 11 at Herbert School in Saskatchewan. I am involved in our youth group and in the school community through peer support, canteen manager, and other various activities. I enjoy photography, travelling, and love the outdoors. Once I have finished school, I plan on attending university and pursuing a career involving math and science.
Brittany Renae - Hello, my name is Brittany Mathies. I am the daughter of Ron and Cindy Mathies. I have two older siblings Chris and Nikki who are both married. I am 16 years old in grade 11. I live in a small town called Herbert Saskatchewan. I do a few school sports such as volleyball, badminton, and track and field. My favorite is high jump, which i usually do very well in. Last year i made it to provincials and got 9th place. I attend a Youth Group in Herbert about twice a week. My hobbies are drawing, spending time with my friends, going to the lake, camping, quading/dirt biking, and much more. In February 2008 i went to Encounters with Canada in Ottawa for the theme RCMP. I enjoyed every moment being there and would recommended the trip for everyone. After high school i want to go to the University of Regina to take education. I would like to be a high school teacher.

Christine Leanne Dyck, Brittany Renae Mathies

Antibiotic Susceptibility
Division:Biotechnology / None
Region:Saskatchewan Chinook
City:Herbert, SK
School:Herbert School
Abstract:This project tested the effectiveness of four separate antibiotics on gram positive and gram negative bacteria as well as determining the difference between these types of bacteria. Through research and experimentation, these differences were discovered. Experiments were also performed to find out which type of bacteria we are exposed to more often. Results showed that gram positive bacteria were more prevalent.