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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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I am a grade 8 honors with distinction student in the Integrated French Program at Bible Hill Junior High. I spend a lot of time playing hockey in the winter. In the spring I run track for my school, my specialty is the 100m. I golf and swim during the summer. I have won a number of awards in hockey, being named as MVP and to various Allstar teams in tournaments in which I have played. During our district's Historica Fair I won the Honourable Laurier L. LaPierre Medal in recogniaiton of exceptional enthusiasm and dedication to History and Heritage for my project on Berwick United Church Camp. I was the winner of the Chad Chaisson Memorial Award while at a recent hockey school for hard work and dedication. As the winner of the Junior Division of our regional science fair I am looking forward to representing my district at the National Fair. I have played trumpet since grade four and am now learning to play the guitar. I love going to the beach and travelling with my family. I would like to be a Crown Prosecutor when I get older.

Benjamin Lynds

How Clean Is Too Clean
Division:International / None
Region:Chignecto Central West
City:Valley, NS
School:Bible Hill Junior High School
Abstract:To determine what effect different liquid laundry detergents and repeated washings have on the flame resistance of material that could be used to make children’s sleepwear. Would flame resistance decrease more rapidly in some fabrics than others?